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The Union is not an option!

16 Jan


Peter A Bell

Imagine I had the power to decree that your vote only counts if I agree with it. Imagine I had the power to stipulate all that your democratic choices are always conditional on my approval. Imagine I told you this stipulation would be enshrined in the constitution. Would you,

  1. Laugh in my face
  2. Spit in my face
  3. Punch me in the face

While the last of these would surely be considered excessive, and the second socially unacceptable, none of adverse these reactions would be deemed irrational. Generally speaking, it would be considered quite natural that you should forcefully reject such an anti-democratic proposal.

And yet this is precisely the situation that British Nationalists insist we accept. As a voter in Scotland, you are expected to meekly accept that your vote only counts on those occasions when it coincides with the vote of your counterpart in England. We are told we…

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In Danger of Losing Independence

16 Jan

Totally agree. We have to move on independence today.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

FRUSTRATIONS ARE MOUNTING in the independence movement with the SNP’s continued dalliance with what is fundamentally an English – and therefore foreign – political project. Rather than seeing tonight’s almost unprecedented failure of the British government and the present trajectory of Brexit for what they are; a real and present threat to devolution and the whole campaign for independence, the SNP is continuing to play cross-party collegiate games at Westminster in the hope of mitigating the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union after the people of Scotland resoundingly rejected any form of Brexit in the 2016 referendum. Almost two-thirds of the Scottish electorate, a base comprised of independence supporters and unionists, voted to remain in the EU – giving the Scottish government a mandate and an obligation to defend the democratically expressed will of our nation.

We have almost reached the end of the Article…

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The great defeat

16 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

After delays, prevarications, and attempts to sideline Parliament, Theresa May finally put her deal to the House of Commons on Tuesday. Theresa May never wanted this vote. She wanted to ram her deal through Parliament without any vote at all. Today we discovered just why she was so reluctant to put the matter to a vote, this Prime Minister who preaches to us about respecting democratic votes. The government achieved 202 votes. Her opponents got 432.

The majority by which Theresa May lost was greater than the total number of MPs who backed her. 118 Conservative MPs voted against their own government. It was one of the greatest defeats for a government in the history of the British Parliament.

If Theresa May had had her way this deal would have been forced upon the UK without any meaningful say from that House of Commons whose sovereignty Brexit was supposed to…

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Tories issue licences to property developers to kill protected robins, starlings, blackbirds, sparrows, bullfinches

15 Jan

The tories will destroy anything for money.

Pride's Purge

Natural England and Natural Resources Wales have mysteriously given the go-ahead for protected species such as robins, starlings, blackbirds and bullfinches to be shot.

I say mysteriously, because the reasons given are very strange.

When asked why these licences have been granted, Natural England simply claim the birds are a “threat to public health and air safety” and the slaughter is to “prevent serious damage to livestock”.

It’s somewhat hard to imagine how starlings and robins could ever be a danger to the public or herds of cows.

Of course, the fact that these protected nesting birds are one of the biggest problems facing property developers (*see information below) when they attempt to develop brownfield sites for residential housing is nothing at all to do with the decision.

As, I’m sure, is the fact that the Chair of Natural England, Andrew Sells, also happens to be one of the founders of Linden Homes, a property development…

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Independence: Here’s My Plan

15 Jan

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

WITH A FEW NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS, it appears that we Scots are incapable of escaping the fact we have been conditioned into believing we need permission to have what we want. As 29 March draws closer – too close now for comfort – and as we edge perilously close to falling into the Brexit trap, the real concern is that we will not have a referendum in time to save our democracy and secure our independence. The result, as we see everywhere across the movement, is that independentistas have become paralysed. Understandably, we are caught like a rabbit in headlights – we don’t know what to do. We’re not used to doing things on our own. We’re not used to rocking the boat. We have gotten used to the idea of being led by the hand – we’re waiting on Nicola Sturgeon to give us permission, afraid…

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The Voice.

15 Jan


It seems to me now that people will often reveal their true feelings and life experiences in the manner which they speak and act. Often times it pervades all we do and see, and the way we speak about them.

For example, I grew up around someone that was unhappy with their life and many of the events that had occurred, as a result his conversations were almost always about himself and his speech was marked by a monotone and heavy atmosphere. It was difficult to converse with him and I would often avoid try to avoid it.

Another person I knew had not liked many of the events in her life and she felt an underlying anger and resentment towards the hand that life had dealt her, as a result her conversations would generally be sarcastic, bitter and she enjoyed gossiping about others constantly. It was hard for me…

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The Great British Pseudocracy

14 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

Theresa May is currently engaged in a competition with Donald Trump to see which of the two of them can get away with the most lies. If she is in a competition with Trump, she’s narrowly in the lead. It’s the only plausible explanation for the Prime Minister’s curious lack of attachment to reality. It’s either that or she’s a sociopathic liar who has as much respect for the truth as Jacob Rees Mogg does for thrash metal music. Still, at least no one could accuse her of being secretly an agent for the Kremlin. Just being an agent for the Daily Mail, which is arguably worse.

Welcome to life in the UK in the 21st century. Welcome to this British state where Scotland was assured it would be respected and valued as an equal partner in the most perfect union of nations in the history of the multiverse. Only…

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Different views

14 Jan

Food for thought.


I recently watched an interesting and informative video about parents who were raising an Autistic child. They explained that in order to best help their son they had to look at the world from his perspective.

They went on to say that by seeing the world through his eyes they had a better appreciation for his challenges and were able to help him more. It also made them more grateful for their roles and helped them understand how important their behavior was when they were around him. They also said how rewarding it was to have him in their lives.

People watching these videos, including myself, get a profound sense of admiration and appreciation for this family and we feel it opens our hearts and minds when we watch such informative videos. I felt like I had grown in many ways.

We see a family joined by love and appreciating…

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Leslie Evans & Judith Mackinnon – Is there a Conspiracy to Destroy the SNP Government by Innuendo? or Are They Just Incompetent?

14 Jan


Image result for Leslie Evans

Leslie Evans

Born in Northern Ireland in 1958. Relocated to Sheffield. Attended High Storrs Comprehensive School 1970-76. Gained a degree in Music from Liverpool University. Married Derek McVay 1990. One son.

At School: (her own words, nearly)

Absorbed lots of knowledge. Music important – soft spot David Bowie, likes reggae and dub, Bach + Bartok. Rereads Jane Austen, theatre lover, views Shakespeare regularly. Learnt to like poetry – Sylvia Plath, Jackie Kay, John Donne.

Loved history – fascinated with Gender politics. In particular her feminism and yes she is a feminist. Dated back to learning about Elizabeth 1st’s speech at Tilbury,

“I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king”.

Not just knowledge absorbed – learnt to ask not just what or why? But – really? Experience shaped her politics and values, and views about diversity, equality and…

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Scenting blood

13 Jan

Love this!

Wee Ginger Dug

The Scottish media pack has got itself a bone, and it’s going to chew it. And chew it. Lost amonst the vast tundra-like acreage of the Scottish media’s coverage of Alex Salmond, there was an article this week entitled Alex Salmond Is Looking For Blood. And I thought to myself, clearly, he’s not the only one. You could say the same about the vast majority of the Scottish media. Today there was yet another column, this time entitled It’s Not Going To End Well. And indeed it’s not, although I suspect that it’s not Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon who need to be worried in the longer term.

Despite the MeToo movement, despite what seemed to have been a new consensus that allegations of sexual harrassment should be taken seriously and treated with sensitivity, that the feelings and voices of the alleged victims should be central to the…

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