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Trial of Catalan Police Leadership During the 2017 Independence Referendum Week 1, January 20, 21, 22 and 23

26 Jan

Josep Goded

The trial of the Catalan police leadership during the 2017 independence referendum begun on Monday in Spain’s National Court. Former Catalan police (Mossos) chief Trapero, the former police director Pere Solerand the former secretary-general of the Catalan interior ministry César Puig are charged with rebellion, whilst former Catalan police superintendent Teresa Laplana is charged with sedition.

Former Catalan police chief Josep Lluís Trapero

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Trapero defended his actions during the 2017 independence bid, as well as the actions of other members of the former Catalan police leadership. He denied any cooperation with the independence bid, or any “close relationship” with the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont.

Trapero affirmed that the Mossos (Catalan police) didn’t facilitate the referendum and instead applied criteria of proportionality in the actions to not cause greater damage. The former police chief assured that it was “impossible to stop 2.3…

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Guest Work

21 Jan


Another painful part about this life is the difficulty trying to resolve entertaining people at home and yet struggling to do so; especially those wonderful people I would like to see and be around.

Over the past decade the number of visitors and guests we have had in our home have declined considerably such that it is rare to see anyone come to our home aside from the postman and door to door advertisers.

It is hard to explain to people, especially people that you love, that most days it is a real struggle to even move let alone entertain friends and loved ones. I often don’t want to be seen at my worst because of the embarrassment I feel about many of the physical issues I live with. I know I shouldn’t and that only makes me feel worse because I do.

It would be wonderful if people who…

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Jailed Catalan Leader Oriol Junqueras Prepares an Appeal to the General Court of the European Union (EGC)

19 Jan

Josep Goded

The defense of jailed Catalan leader Oriol Junqueras is preparing an appeal in the General Court of the European Union (EGC) against the decision of the European Parliament to exclude him as Member of the European Parliament (MEP). Precautionary measures will be required for the EGC to suspend the decision of David Sassoli, President of the Euro-Chamber, and the court will have to determine whether to accept it within a few hours after the appeal is presented.

The General Court of the European Union (EGC) is a constituent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). It hears cases against institutions of the European Union by individuals and member states.

According to article 263 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), any citizen can file an appeal against the acts of European institutions that directly affect him/her. The procedure for this appeal may take several months…

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Blog break

18 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s time for a break. As you probably know if you’ve seen the wee text along with the most recent dugcast, I’m off on my much belated honeymoon. Americans get seriously crappy holiday entitlement so my husband and I were not able to go away on a honeymoon after we got married in 2018. Due to how the Home Office processes visas, he had to get over to Scotland almost immediately after he was granted his spouse visa allowing him to live and work in Scotland, and had to come over here with just a couple of suitcases. We’re going back to his home state to pack him up properly and arrange to ship his possessions over to Scotland, and then are visiting the West Coast of the USA for a couple of weeks to get away from it all. We’re back in Scotland on 17 February when blogging service…

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The twin cheek of the twin cheeks

16 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

lisanandy“Now is the time to look outwards, paint with broad strokes and set up an international commission, led by and for Scottish people, that seeks to learn from the few examples where at times in modern history the cause of social justice has beaten divisive nationalism.”

So said Labour leadership contender Lisa Nandy on Monday. Now if anyone has any idea what she meant, please let the rest of us know because we’re genuinely struggling. What Lisa tweeted is one of those sentences where you understand each of the words individually, but when you put them all together they make absolutely no sense at all. Perhaps Lisa is indulging in some Dadaist art project cunningly disguised as a Labour leadership campaign? Or maybe it’s one of those motivational posters, only written by someone out of their tree on meth.

If we were perplexed and faintly amused at the start of…

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The Broken Buckle

15 Jan

Talented young man. Calum, that is!

Wee Ginger Dug

callumHe’s a busy man and talented man is Callum Baird.  When he’s not editing The National, editing the Glasgow Evening Times, and being interrupted by me during the Wee Ginger Dugcast, he’s been off recording his long awaited new album.  Called The Broken Buckle, you can download it from iTunes or Spotify or whatever it is that young people today do for music bah humbug etc etc. In my day we stuck a microphone in front of a transistor radio when the week’s Top 20 presented by a creepy DJ serial child abuser came on so that we could record the Sex Pistols and Souxie and the Banshees on a hissy cassette tape – and we thought we were as cool as all get out.  OK so we were stupid.  Downloading is so much less hassle.

Follow Callum on the Twitters @callumbaird1
or on Facebook –

You can listen…

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The stick to beat the bully

15 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s been a bit of discussion recently about how to circumvent the refusal of the UK government to concede to another independence referendum. Yesterday in the Herald it was reported that Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil has suggested turning the 2021 Holyrood elections into an effective referendum on independence. The idea is that the SNP and other pro-independence parties would be using these elections, not to seek yet another mandate for a referendum that Westminster could ignore, but rather to seek a mandate for independence itself. In other words, to turn the 2021 Holyrood elections into a plebiscite election.

I’ve always favoured the idea of a plebiscite election as the option of last resort. Other options should of course be explored, but if there comes a time when all these other options fail then it’s a back up plan which can guarantee a recognised and legal independence ballot in which…

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Section 30 Order Denied

15 Jan

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

BORIS JOHNSON, the British Prime Minister, today denied the formal request of the Scottish government for a Section 30 order – the transferal of power from Westminster to Holyrood which would allow for another legal referendum on our constitutional future. Already, the Scottish National Party has rejected calls for a ‘Plan B,’ an option, which if accepted, would give us the opportunity to move ahead on an independence referendum without the consent of the London government. It seems as though we have gone and painted ourselves into a corner. All is not lost, however. But before looking at the still available alternatives, we should at least attempt to gain a better understanding of the situation in which we now find ourselves.

Back in March and April last year, in the depths of a serious Brexit political crisis, the British state was in disarray. While the SNP…

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We won’t be trapped in the shortbread tin

14 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

Well you didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see that one coming. A month on from Nicola Sturgeon’s letter to him, Boris Johnson has finally been arsed to reply to the First Minister’s demand for a Section 30 order for another independence referendum and for the necessary powers to be transferred to Holyrood permanently. As everyone, their granny, and their granny’s cat knew he was going to, he said no. Scotland had its democracy in 2014.

Johnson cited what he described as Nicola Sturgeon’s and Alex Salmond’s “personal promise” in 2014 that the referendum that year was a once in a generation vote. He lied. It wasn’t a personal promise, it was an observation and they made it clear that it was their personal opinion and not a binding commitment. Neither Alex Salmond nor Nicola Sturgeon ever said that they swore a solemn vow to the people of Scotland that…

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The wicked word

14 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

Almost eight years ago the then Tory MP Zac Goldsmith tweeted about Nick Clegg’s proposals to reform the House of Lords saying, “Seedy lists of party apparatchiks appointed by power hungry party leaders & insulated from any democratic pressure for 15 yrs? No thanks.”

Zac, who’s an Etonian posho pal of that other Etonian posho Boris Johnson, was appointed as Secretary of State for the Environment after the fnaughing one won the Conservative party leadership. The Brexit supporting Zac contested his heavily remain voting seat of Richmond Park in December’s general election, and got his jotters from his constituents, voted Zac out and replaced him with the Lib Dem candidate. His rejection by the voters in what was a rare example of the Lib Dems taking a seat off the Tories might not be unconnected to the racist campaign that he led when he was standing as candidate for the…

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