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More Brexiter lies: No – the Revoke Art. 50 petition is NOT being faked by Russian bots or fraudsters

22 Mar

Pride's Purge

According to leading Brexiters, the petition to revoke article 50 (sign here) allows people to sign multiple times, allows non-Brits from abroad to sign it and is being boosted by “armies” of fake Russian bots:

petition 3All lies.

The extraordinary success of the petition (over 3 million and still counting at the time of writing) has got panicking Brexit leaders rolling out porkies to their easily hoodwinked supporters to rival those written on the side of a bus.

LIE 1: the petition allows people to sign multiple times.

It is possible to sign the petition multiple times but the signature will only be counted as a genuine signature and added to the petition count once it is verified by email address. And each email address is verified as valid and unique to each signer’s name after the IP address and identity has passed through anti-abuse measures by no…

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Metrosplaining the euro

22 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

There was a fascinating development in gender politics this week. We discovered that it’s still mansplaining when a man contradicts a woman even when the woman in question happens to be factually incorrect. This will come as a huge relief to the descendants of Emily Wilding Davidson who now know that their famous suffragette ancestor did not throw herself under King Edward VII’s horse during the Epson Derby in vain. No, she succeeded in establishing the principle that Kay Burley is always right about everything, even when she’s wrong. And most especially, Kay Burley is always right when she’s metrosplaining to a recalcitrant Scottish person, and she’s especially always right when she’s wagging her finger at the time.

The incident in question occurred a couple of days ago when Sky News decided to take a wee break from the constant parade of swivel eyed Brexists, vox pops from Leave voting…

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Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed.

20 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

Back in 2017 during the general election, when Theresa May announced her U-turn on what Labour had successfully described as the dementia tax, she stood before the assembled press and intoned, “Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed.” We know now that this wasn’t a mere attempt to brush away a politically embarrassing change in course by downplaying its significance, the kind of thing politicians frequently do, it was an insight into Theresa May’s soul. There are abandoned cars with no wheels or engines rusting away at the back of a scrap yard which have greater agility than Theresa May. There are fossils trapped in rocky sediments buried deep underground which have more life in them. The reason she loathes the EU’s principle of freedom of movement so much is that she’s incapable of movement herself.

Today, Wednesday, Theresa May stood before the House of Commons and yet again submerged herself…

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The security and stability of a constitutional crisis

19 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

Well that’s buggered that then. Today in the House of Commons the Speaker John Bercow blindsided Theresa May by telling her in no uncertain terms that her government can’t just keep bringing the same deal back to a vote in parliament in the hope that it will eventually get a different result to the two rejections it has already received. His decision has blown what passed for Theresa May’s strategy out of the water. That strategy was one of taking all the options off the table, until eventually MPs were left with just her deal. The speaker has now taken her deal off the table. Her tactic involved running down the ticking clock until enough MPs were alarmed into voting for her deal. John Bercow just silenced the clock.

A meaningful vote that has no effect other than to make the Prime Minister bring her deal back for yet another…

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Taking the Plunge!

18 Mar

Sounds blissful!


It’s been a few months since I last blogged, a lot has occurred in those few months, mainly that I made the move from Aberdeen to Sutherland.

There were a number of reasons for doing so, but the main reason being that this part of the world is just one giant playground.  As a father of three young children, it makes me happy knowing that they have the freedom of the country as their playground.

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The BBC’s Pickle Nick

18 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug


It’s now been confirmed what those of us who were paying attention had known all along. During the independence referendum campaign of 2014, senior journalists within the BBC saw their job as being to discourage and belittle the independence campaign, and not as being to report fairly on the biggest constitutional question facing Scotland for three hundred years. During that campaign, the BBC, a supposedly public service broadcaster, wasn’t acting as a public service. It was acting as a state service acting in the interests of the British state.

First of all was the news that the BBC’s Inside the Indyref documentary was to feature the story that the BBC’s senior political reporter Nick Robinson had taken over a news item first presented by BBC Scotland correspondent James Cook. James had presented a fairly balanced and nuanced report on a speech from the governor of the Bank of England, Mark…

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Attacks against Catalans in the Aftermath of Saturday’s Historic Demonstration in Madrid

17 Mar

Fascist Spain at its best.

Josep Goded

Users of social networks have reported aggressions in Madrid in the aftermath of the historic rally held by pro-independence organizations on Saturday against the trial of the Catalan political prisoners and to defend the right to self-determination.

a.PNGTweet: In front of me, they have broken this banner and the Estelada at the head of a colleague, in front of us. It was a group of 5 or 6 fascists.

At least two buses returning from Madrid received the impact of a rock, which broke one of the side glasses of the vehicles. One of the rocks would have been thrown from one of the bridges of the Spanish capital, located above the road where the vehicle was circulating, when was leaving the city.capturaaa2Tweet: Two buses – so far – with a broken glass at the exit of Madrid after receiving the impact of a stone. One from Canet and…

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Scotland’s Constitution submits for Scottish Parliament approval

16 Mar


It is the finest Constitution in existence in the world today. And it is the first to be wired with distributed ledger technology, across the entire span of future public services. Welcome to Scotland’s Constitution.

Scotland is now set to become an independent country, with ability to become one of Europe’s wealthiest countries. The Constitution defines the architectural underpinnings, to deliver revolutionised and necessary change across the span of society, social care, and the entire political system. It paves the way, as a celebration of Scotland’s culture, beginning the future journey to achieve a listing in The World Happiness Report.

In the world today, it is only New Zealand, Israel, and the nations of the UK that don’t actually have a written constitution.

Scotland is also to be enabled with capability in tandem, to potentially become the world’s most advanced digital society. Inspiration for this has come from Estonia, one…

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In the Mold of Sturgeon

16 Mar

Grouse Beater

368Lawyer Joênia de Carvalho, elected indigenous federal MP. (Photo: Nicoló Lanfranchi)

Regular readers will know I rarely lose an opportunity to compare Scotland with existing states if there are obvious comparisons or parallels. Studying how other nations govern themselves, or are governed by those they wish gone, is good practice. You learn their techniques of survival and winning battles

Where the nuts come from

Today, I look at a small area in Brazil, the world’s fourth largest democracy, about to turn decidedly sour. Rather far away from Scotland, I concede, but then we did try to set up a trading post in the Panama Isthmus some years back. (The backers of that adventure went from rich, to struggling, to rich again, compensated for backing England by selling it Scotland. “Buy it while it’s a bargain, ladies!”)

Brazil is in the grip of a neo-fascist, Jair Bolsonaro, friend to the powerful…

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Jacob Rees-Mogg backs activists cited by New Zealand mosque murderer

15 Mar

Pride's Purge

Jacob Rees-Mogg openly supports a right-wing group called ‘Turning Point‘:

Turning Point is a US import into the UK, headed by a right-wing US activist called Candace Owens:

Candace Owens was cited by the main New Zealand mosque terrorist as his main influence:

Rees-Mogg backs the motivators for murderous terrorists.

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