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Lies, damned lies, and accounting tricks

22 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug


Yesterday was GERS day, and as was entirely predictable it produced the usual cringefest of anti-independence campaigners gloating about how poor Scotland supposedly is. The “news” that Scotland is supposedly responsible for over half of the UK’s annual deficit was gleefully leapt upon by anti-independence politicians who were all over social media like a cringing rash. However it’s utter nonsense, and is nothing more than an artifact of the way that the GERS figures are constructed. They were deliberately constructed that way in order to paint Scotland in as poor a financial light as possible and to reinforce the claim that the wealth of the UK is produced by the financial sector in London. GERS wants us to believe that Scotland is a beggar at the table of a City of London bankers’ banquet.

There are several ways in which the GERS figures underestimate Scottish revenues and artificially increase Scottish…

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Happy GERSmas day

21 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug

The annual GERS figures are due out on Wednesday 21 August, but I am off to Dundee to speak at a Roadshow event for The National.  I published a version of this blog post last year, but since we’re going to go through the exact same thing this year as we did the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, I thought there was no reason not to publish it again – albeit with some minor revisions. It’s not like anything will have changed, the exact same arguments will be trotted out, the same graphs flourished on social media with a Cringing glee.  GERS day is the groundhog day of Scottish politics.

It’s GERS Day, Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland, the Scottish version of Groundhog Day. It’s the day when a certain anti-independence blogger goes around on social media showing off his graphs. It’s…

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Are You Listening Now?

20 Aug

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Back in January when, in clear violation of the Good Friday Agreement, British military personnel were being deployed to search suspected Republican safe-houses in the north of Ireland I commented on social media that, according to the Provisional IRA’s own manual of operations, “British soldiers are now legitimate targets.” This was not mere opinion. This, considering the nature of the armistice, is a simple matter of fact. Brexit threatens to undermine the terms of the Anglo-Irish peace treaty and the Irish peace process. The closure of the British imposed border between the Republic and the occupied counties – as promised by a hard, no-deal Brexit – would constitute Britain breaking the treaty, resulting in a resumption of the war.

Rather than taking these valid observations seriously, the unionist press in Scotland and the SNP’s Maree Todd decided to twist what had been said – and not…

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Get off my f***ing backstop

20 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug


It’s now clear what Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s game plane is. He’s written a letter to the EU demanding the removal of the Irish backstop but offering no solutions to replace it, all so that he can blame the EU for a refusal to renegotiate the Brexit deal. Then either following a no-deal Brexit, or following the refusal of the Commons to allow a no-deal Brexit, he can call a General Election and blame everyone else for his mess. Just as he does in his personal life, so he does in his political life.

As expected, European leaders have dismissed the letter. It’s “Get off my fucking laptop,” but on a European wide scale – the response to the letter from Europe is the entirely predictable, “Get off my fucking backstop.” How else could they reply? The letter from the Prime Minister offered nothing new, just a series of…

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Twas The Night Before GERSmas…

20 Aug

The Mammoth Whale

Merry GERSmas! Well maybe not yet, but it’s worth generating a positive mood in what will turn into a Hell hole on Twitter.

Tomorrow is Scotland’s yearly release of the Government Expenditure Revenue Scotland report that estimates our economy as part of the UK. Following the annual release is a huge rammy of social media between supporters and opponents of Scottish independence, specifically on Scotland’s deficit figure.

Many independence supporters will argue that GERS is just estimated data, perhaps even poor, so we must take it with a very large pinch of salt.

Many unionists will argue that the GERS data is just fine and that the deficit figure is a devastating blow for independence supporters.

The data argument behind GERS no longer interests me for two reasons. First, when debating how accurate the GERS data is independence supporters are naturally forced in a position where they have to argue…

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The Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs Fabricates a Dossier of 70 Pages Full of Distortions and Falsehoods to “Combat” the Catalan pro-Independence Movement Abroad

20 Aug

Josep Goded

Spain Global, a body of the Spanish Foreign Ministry led by Josep Borrell has prepared a dossier of 70 pages full of falsehoods to combat the Catalan pro-independence movement abroad.

The document includes a list of 45 “habitual” pro-independence movement “slogans” which the Ministry for Foreign Affairs classifies as “fakes.” The document contradicts each case with falsehoods.

For example, the document only acknowledges three injuries during the October 1, 2017 independence referendum. However, the official data provided by the Catalan health department puts it at 1,066 people, many of whom needed medical assistance and some evenhospitalization.

The dossier also suggests that the “Catalan pro-independence movement” is not peaceful and considers the peaceful demonstration in front of the Catalan Department of Economy on Sept. 20, 2017, (in which nobody was injured) a “seige.” Numerous organizations have pointed out that this demonstration was just a…

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The Great British whoopee cushion

19 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug

Politics, like every other specialism, has its suite of technical terminology. For example there’s the sovereignty of crown in parliament, briefing paper, acquis, reserved matter, universal sufferage. To these terms we can now add another, AAAAIIIIEEEEWWWW!!!! This is the screaming sound we’ll all make when Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson takes us all over the Brexit cliff. The scream will shortly be followed by a splat that lasts for many, many, months, the sound the UK’s balloon of grandiose imperial nostalgia trip crashing onto the rocks of reality, where it will deflate like a whoopee cushion farting out the blame for its demise upon the EU, remainer MPs for not believing in Britain, Scots for being ungrateful, foreigners, and the Irish.

Over the weekend, a leaked government report was published. Called Operation Yellowhammer, it details the government’s contingency planning for a no deal Brexit. It makes for sobering reading, it’s…

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19 Aug


The emerging global #BlockchainDemocracy platform providers are very obviously up against pressures from the existing commercial providers of archaic paper voting systems. The financial viability of new global democracy is at stake. 

Governments are intrigued by the new possibilities that blockchain’s distributed ledger technology is going to bring. But which country will be the first to take that bold step, and deliver nationally?

Over the last year, YesDayScotland has been in ongoing development discussions with democracy platform provider Horizon State. Specifically, about delivering a pilot platform to showcase these new global potentials. In context, Horizon State was selected as 2018 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, joining the ranks of AirBnB, Google, Kickstarter and Spotify.

YesDayScotland was working on this project voluntarily, as always. Horizon State were aligning capability, without charging any costs. The overview was that simply, of highlighting global blockchain for future social good. Furthermore, the ability to showcase…

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19 Aug

I think I’d rather pity them for their narrow, biased, bigoted minds which have been brainwashed by Westminster and its elite.


(Reading time: four minutes)

Diarmuid Breatnach

Some might say it more of a democratic duty!

A recent article of the Belfast Telegraph, a British-Unionist paper, reports that nationalist youth have built a bonfire and decorated it with, among other things, a banner representing the Parachute Regiment and another representing “Soldier F”. The article reports that the Police Service of Northern Ireland are treating this as “a hate crime”.

August 2019 Soldier F Bonfire The bonfire preparation referred to in the Belfast Telegraph article (Photo source: Internet)

The newspaper comments also that this bonfire is associated with “anti-social behaviour” the nature of which however they neglect to specify. Although the article treats the PSNI statement as unremarkable and neglects to interrogate it as responsible journalism should do, the police statement is actually not only totally inaccurate in terms of law but also discriminatory and oppressive.

One definition of “hate crime” from an on-line dictionary…

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Prince Andrew Scandal should be the End the Monarchy…

18 Aug


Before anything, let me express my sympathy and support for the women and girls who were enslaved and abused. Virginia Giuffre ( formerly Roberts) and other girls / young women – your innocence, your vulnerability were exploited by powerful men, and you deserve justice.

In speaking out you are heroic, courageous and to be supported. I believe what your saying and am in awe of your resilience.

Beyond the personal trauma this criminal episode, exposes the whole monarchy, not just Prince Andrew.

The Questions that need answered….

Did the Royal Family / the government / the Queen know about Prince Andrew’s visits to Epstein’s island ? To his mansion in New York ?

Who did his security detail ( who we pay for ) report to and what did they say ? (“Prince on island with lots of teenage girls and sleazy men. Some of girls may be underage.” ?)

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