The Bah Hah Men

15 Jun

Over my feckin’ dead body!

Wee Ginger Dug

timetochooseThe National is reporting that the Scottish Conservatives are urging whoever becomes the next Tory PM to undermine the devolution settlement even further than this UK government has done already. Ruth Davidson’s acolytes seek to run a coach and horses through the Scotland Act, and to unilaterally overturn the will of the Scottish people and the promises and commitments that they themselves made to Scotland as part of the Better Together campaign in 2014. We shouldn’t be surprised. The Conservatives opposed devolution in 1979. They opposed it in 1997. They still oppose it to this day. Now this minority party seeks to impose its will on the whole of Scotland on the back of the votes of MPs from elsewhere in the UK. A Scotland within the UK is a Scotland that will do the bidding of the Tories, whether Scotland consents or not.

This week the 13 Tory disgraces…

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The Extreme Centre

15 Jun

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

SCOTTISH UNIONISM AND THE FAR-RIGHT – which are essentially expressions of the same reactionary thinking – don’t excite my homunculus nearly as much as the centrists of the independence movement. Nothing is more inimical to a political cause or movement than centrism. In every movement in modern history the centre has always been the weakest link, the vulnerability most easily exploited by its opponents, the likeliest segment of the community to produce witting and unwitting fifth columnists. Our simplistic understanding of the political spectrum, one suspects, is the problem. We picture a left-right or an us-and-them band of opinion stretching in gradation from one extreme through the centre to the other. Everyone with an opinion, with a dog in the race, is situated somewhere on this line, and those in the centre we tend to think of as the moderates – those most likely to listen…

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What democracy is all about

13 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

democracyissimple“You don’t get a referendum for free, you have to earn it. So if the Greens and the SNP – and the SSP or any other parties who’ve declared an interest in independence – get over the line and make a coalition, make a majority, get the votes in the parliament, then they’ll vote through a referendum, and that’s what democracy’s all about … it is perfectly simple.”
Ruth Davidson, May 2011

Ruth Davidson has changed her tune. If you’re surprised by that you’re probably also surprised that British TV sports commentators keep hyping up the England team and patronising the Scotland team when they notice it at all. After saying that “of course” Westminster shouldn’t block another independence referendum, Ruth is now basing her choice of Tory leadership candidate on the basis of which of them most vehemently refuse to allow Scotland to ask itself about its own future…

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Licensed hostility

13 Jun

Peter A Bell

I seldom comment on particular cases such as the one involving Cyntia Lencinas and her husband Charly Garcia. I have found that it pays to be cautious as there is often some aspect of the story which is not being told. One can all to readily find oneself having defended, or protested on behalf of, someone who may not be as deserving as had been supposed.

It is, however, exceedingly difficult to imagine what as yet unrevealed circumstances there might be which could possibly justify, or even explain, British officialdom’s behaviour in this matter.

The specifics of the Home Office’s treatment of Ms Lencinas may be inexplicable. But it is all to easy to discern the underlying cause. The British government’s ‘hostile environment’ policy was always going to empower those with a hostile attitude towards ‘foreigners’.

Not for the first time in recent years, the British political elite has unleashed…

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Normal Rules Don’t Apply to Them

13 Jun

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Riding “the Buffalo” back in the mid-1990s – a two-colour Ryobi press, my class-political education began with Mick; a cousin of my faither’s who worked “the Beast” – the massive four-cylinder Komori at the other side of the factory. Michael was an excellent printer, meaning he read the paper for most of the day with an ink stained tea towel hanging out his manky overall pocket. You see, a “good machinist” doesn’t need to be tinkering with his machine. It’s running like a dream, clank-clank-clanking away, churning out tons of printed sheets of SR-A2 paper. It was an entirely different story for me. I was a grafter. I didn’t have a scooby what I was doing. Nothing ever seemed to go right. The anti-offset was blowing in my face, giving me the look of a cocaine baron after a narcotics raid. The aluminium plates were coming…

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On one of the continents, abroad

13 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

In an interview today with Tory supporting LBC radio presenter Iain Dale, Esther McVey gave us all a masterclass in political idiocy. Railing against giving foreign aid, she spoke about an airport that can’t be used because it was built in the wrong direction and windshear means planes can’t take off or land safely. What a terrible waste of UK aid money. Money that could be better spent on weapons of mass destruction, tax cuts for rich people, and paying the army to mount barricades against rioters protesting that the supermarkets are empty because of a no deal Brexit.

So where is this airport then, she was asked. “It’s on one of the continents … eh … abroad,” she stated confidently, safe in the knowledge that all foreign aid goes to one of the continents abroad. She might as well have said, “It’s on planet Earth.” Actually she’d have been…

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This Friend Of Mine…

13 Jun


A friend of mine is currently supporting their family member through a very difficult health time, which also includes being newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. He is doing an amazing job but he is filled with the worries and questions that many good supportive family members have for their loved ones.

I would dearly like to provide all the answers he desperately seeks but there are so many challenges in doing so that I feel as though my help may be proving just as difficult as the disease/diagnosis itself.

Here are some of the hurdles to helping this dear friend.

Firstly, and mostly importantly, is the fact that I am not a doctor and so in any case of someone struggling with symptoms and terrible challenges, although I may identify deeply with the person, I can never assume the role of a doctor. Although I may relate to many…

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How about we tell them to do one!

12 Jun


I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick of being dictated to by a bunch of drugged up public school boys and girls. In the last few days these public servants have tried to outdo one another in the “I did harder drugs than you, therefore I am much more able to make a complete cock up of running the ‘country’ than you.” Although to be fair, Theresa May’s only wayward act was to run through a field of wheat and she managed to cock up spectacularly. So maybe it doesn’t really matter if you are off your face on cocaine, or you smoked marijuana. You are just as capable of bringing the United Kingdom to its knees as anyone who didn’t do drugs.

Thank god we have the SNP in government up here, they may have their faults but at least they have not cocked spectacularly, yet…

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Britain’s War Mythology

12 Jun

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

ON 8 MAY 1945 – Victory in Europe Day, when people all over the world were celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany, the relief in Britain was absolute. Since June 1940, with the flight of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk and the Fall of France, the island of Great Britain lived under the constant threat of invasion, cities from Glasgow and Belfast to London endured the near relentless Blitz bombing of the German Luftwaffe, and not a family was untouched by the loss and anxiety of the war effort. The British sense of relief on VE Day was not a triumphal celebration of victory. There was no feeling that Britain had won the war. Britain’s relief was that Nazi Germany had been defeated, that the war was – at long last – over. When Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a monster in his own right…

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Delusion and delirium in the UK’s end of days

11 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug


The Tory leadership contest has, entirely predictably, become a reflexion of the Brexit process. It’s delusional. When the UK was given the six months extension to Article 50, the EU warned the British Government to use the time wisely. The British Government promptly went on holiday. From common sense. Although it’s not unreasonable to point out that you can’t really go on holiday from common sense if you never lived there in the first place.

According to reports in the press, the other EU states are exasperated with the British Government. They’re not the only ones. Now they know what it feels like to be Scottish. The EU is losing patience, and more EU governments are coming round to the hardline position of the French President Emmanuel Macron, who argued against giving the UK a long extension because it would just be wasted. Now those who had argued in favour…

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