The Sorrow and the Shame

22 Apr

Scotland’s history – I never got taught about this at school.

Grouse Beater

508Vast tracts of the Highlands offer arable land, fit for modern farming methods

If clearing people from their land by force is not cleansing what is it?

The term ethnic cleansing to denote over a hundred years of clearing Scots from their land is a phrase rejected by those who see Scotland by weather, strange culinary habits and language, a little too inclined to be chippy. It is full of tiresome complaining people. In any event, ‘cleansing’ is condemned for being out of context, erroneously contemporaneous, too emotional because it many cases it was Scot against Scot.

Well, I have news for slimy proselytisers. It was Jewish guards given temporary preferment who hustled Jews to the gas chambers less their belongings and clothes. Who would dare not call that barbarity a cleansing?

Evictions, deportation in all weathers cause deaths, especially of children, pregnant mothers and the elderly. Many Scots died from the vicissitudes that…

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We’re all bastards from Newsnet now

21 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

When independence campaigners who are compelled to pay a licence fee on pain of criminalisation complain about how the BBC doesn’t reflect their views, and demand that the Corporation refrain from its anti-independence bias, they’re accused of trying to silence journalists and being enemies of democracy. It now transpires that it’s the BBC which has been silencing journalists, and if silencing journalists makes you an enemy of democracy then that would be the BBC.

The broadcaster and comedian Hardip Singh Kohli has reported that during the independence referendum campaign that he was told by a BBC Radio Scotland manager that his name appeared on an email list of Yes supporting individuals whom the Corporation would not invite onto its news and current affairs programmes. There is naturally no bar on appearing on BBC news and current affairs programmes if you oppose independence, because opposing independence isn’t bias at all. Oh…

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Increasing the immigration statistics by one

19 Apr

The Dug’s getting married! ❤

Wee Ginger Dug

I thought I’d write a more personal blog article this time, so that you can all know what my plans are for the coming months. Readers, I’m getting married. My partner Peter and I have set a date, the wedding will be on Friday 26th October and will be celebrated on the coast of the US state of Maine, where most of Peter’s family come from originally. He’ll be coming back with me to Scotland afterwards for a week, and we’ll be having a second celebration here in Scotland for our friends and family on this side of the Atlantic who aren’t able to make it to the USA. Then he’ll have to return to the USA, and we’ll start on the arduous and ridiculously expensive process of getting him a visa to live with me here in Scotland. All going well we hope that can happen sometime next year.

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Not settling for less

19 Apr

Peter A Bell

bbc_union_at_any_costIt’s like being promised a new house only to find that what you’re actually getting is a garden shed. Not a top-of-the-range garden shed, but the smallest, cheapest, flimsiest, most low-spec garden shed on the market. It looks great in the brochure. But the one you’re getting isn’t painted. And, if you look closely just below that image in microscopic lettering are the words “Not shown actual size”. The attractive young lady in the bikini pictured gazing up in delighted wonder at the imposing edifice is actually only four foot three inches tall. You feel disappointed. You feel cheated. You feel Scottish.

Even if you don’t fully comprehend all the stuff about budgets and production costs and all the jargon of the TV industry, it’s easy to understand the difference between standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Anybody who has a fairly modern TV can appreciate the fact that…

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Hard work, but not difficult work

18 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

The one-man whirlwind that is Robin McAlpine of CommonWeal has recently published a book which is an invaluable contribution to the independence debate and which provides many of the answers which we were struggling for during the first referendum campaign back in 2014. Called How to Start a New Country, a Practical Guide for Scotland, chapter by chapter, issue by issue, the book lists all the steps that Scotland will have to go through from the victory for independence in a referendum to the declaration of independence and Scotland regaining its rightful place amongst the independent nations of the world.

It’s one of those examples of nominative determinism, like someone called Baker ending up working in Greggs, or someone called Essenpeebad becoming the director general of BBC Scotland news. Robin’s surname is of course also that of Kenneth McAlpine, the king of Dalriada who founded the kingdom of Scotland…

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Let us be very clear

17 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

In an article for the Sunday Times this weekend, Jeremy Clarkson says that he doesn’t understand the need for Scottish independence, but then no one has ever knowingly accused Jeremy of having any sort of insight into anyone who doesn’t fully subscribe to the agenda of the right wing British nationalist press. Jeremy is now an expert on all things Scottish because he’s a privileged middle class pal of David Cameron who has just spent a week in the Highlands. So naturally he’s more deserving of a platform to air his views on the Scottish constitutional debate than people who have lived in Scotland all their lives.

But Jeremy was looking in the wrong place. One of the biggest reasons why Scotland needs independence won’t be found in the tenements of Glasgow or the hills of Torridon during a brief trip north of the border. It’s to be found in…

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16 Apr

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

If you read this, research it’s truth and STILL don’t like the SNP, I can only say “You are selfish and/or scared” EVERYTHING above is what the SNP Government provides for EVERY Scottish person. So next time you get paid, please look at the list above and TRY and understand how a Devolved Scotland is helping your bank account. So when you vote Tory or Blue Labour, understand the SNP are financially helping you, holding you up and supporting you. The lies will be believed, people will say things like “THE SNP SIDES WITH NAZI GERMANY IN THE 1930” as a pathetic time travelling ruse to make you dislike the SNP. Also Labour canvassers are TODAY telling people in Motherwell, pensioners in Motherwell that “If you vote SNP you WILL lose your Free bus pass” This is a Lie! This is one of many lies that the old might fall…

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An Agent of Influence: David Leask’s Job

16 Apr

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Rumour has it that David Leask is GCHQ’s man in the Scottish media. It’s only a rumour, but we can be absolutely sure British intelligence has its fingerprints all over the Scottish unionist press.

In two separate interviews with prominent independence supporting members of the Scottish media David Leask – a reporter at The Herald – was named in relation to “rumours” of his connection to the British Security Services. One described him as an “asset” and another as an “agent of influence.” There’s no proof of this of course, but rumours are still delicious. Apparently a number of journalists in Scotland have been whispering for a while that Mr Leask is one of GCHQ’s men in Scotland. This rumour only piqued my interest more when he blocked me on Twitter yesterday the moment I suggested his connection to a particular British government facility in Cheltenham.

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The Flow On Effect

15 Apr


Not many people out there will understand what it is like to manage to do things when you have Autoimmune disease/s, except other fighters.

When we get sick or our health declines (slowly or quickly) it doesn’t take away our will to do things with it. That can even grow stronger inside us.

It is one of the hardest facts, and the most common thing that healthy people will almost always take for granted, which is that we want so desperately to be able to achieve things and accomplish goals.

Some of the most talented, creative, motivated and intelligent people I know battle these diseases and yet it is rarely recognized, the tremendous difficulties we face each day; even by health care professions.

Everything we do, or try to do, has a price and a toll. We rarely ever tell people these facts and we do our best to hide…

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Mission accomplished

14 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

Remember when we said that Donald Trump would start WW3 on Twitter and we thought it was a joke? There he was the other day boasting about how smart his missiles are, which made everyone wonder if the missiles wouldn’t be a more intelligent American president, and now along with Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron he’s gone and blown up Syria. Or more accurately has blown up Syria a bit more than it has already been blown up.

At least I managed to get back home from my holidays before it broke out. Yay! I live just 25 miles away from the biggest nuclear arms dump on the planet and it is totally not a target for the Russians in the event of Armageddon. Thanks Jackie Baillie! I feel so safe now. In the seconds before the whole Clyde Valley is blown to pieces in the blast the people of…

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