When You Are Not Looking

9 Apr

Auld Acquaintance

When you are not looking as your attention is fixed elsewhere, that is exactly the time that you need to be looking at what is being done and slipped through behind your back and out of your sight!

An article by a Scottish Solicitor in the Scotsman grabbed my attention.
The matter it pertains to has not been commented upon elsewhere in the media as far as I am aware. Yet it is such a matter that potentially could drive a coach and horses through a major part of the Acts of Union! That of the Independence of Scots Law!

Michael Sheridan, a Glasgow solicitor says in the article
“Last week, the CMA launched an astonishing attack upon the solicitors profession in Scotland. According to reports, I and my colleague solicitors may not be delivering good outcomes, need to do a better job, do not provide high quality, good value…

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5G and tin foil hats

8 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

You can tell that the lockdown is getting to some people. Maybe it’s a displacement activity from the fear of actual death that causes some folk to fear all sorts of other weirdness instead. And so it has come to pass with an utterly bizarre conspiracy theory which is doing the rounds that the virus epidemic is caused by the roll out of 5G, and it’s going to suck all the oxygen out of the air and the real reason that people who are ill with the virus are struggling to breath is because 5G has reversed the polarity of the oxygen atom or some other such Star Trekkish sci-fi babble. You know, like when the solution to the problem facing the crew in every episode is to reverse the polarity of the confinement beam. Or something. Only in reverse. A sort of reverse reversing then, but one where you…

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Scotland’s position on the Labour party has never been clearer

7 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

I dislike Boris Johnson intensely. I think he’s a thoroughly contemptible human being. He’s a liar, a charlatan, a fraud, and a smirking entitled buffoon who is nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is. But I don’t wish death on him. Humiliation and political ruin, sure, but you’d have to be even more immoral than Boris Johnson to wish a slow agonising death from coronavirus on a person. If we seek to condemn him and his like, we need to be better human beings than they are. Admittedly this isn’t difficult, as they have set the bar extremely low. There are gall wasps which inject a paralysing poison into the bodies of caterpillars and then lay their eggs on their victims condemning them to a slow agonising death being slowly eaten alive by the wasp’s grubs – which carefully eat their way around the caterpillar’s vital organs to…

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Coronavirus guidelines – Scottish media hypocrisy version

6 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

Last night there was a party political broadcast on behalf of Boris Johnson presented by Elizabeth Windsor. I didn’t watch it. There was no need, as the speech was already given in advance in assorted soundbites by the BBC’s resident sychophant, Nicholas Witchell. Well, I say ‘speech’, but that’s only because the word is one syllable long and takes considerably less time and effort to say than “a content free run through of mealy mouthed platitudes uttered by a rich and privileged woman who doesn’t see any need to hold her family’s entitlement in check”. Which would be considerably more accurate, although somewhat lacking in brevity.

If you were waiting for something useful from the Queen’s well-I-say-speech, you’d have been wasting your time. She could have given us useful tips on self-isolation, like suggesting that one made sure that one’s servants kept their distance from one’s husband’s servants. At the…

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The Declaration of Barlanark

5 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, the first time that the sovereignty of the people of Scotland was articulated, the first time that we see the dawning of realisation that all of us who belong to this ancient collectivity that constitutes this nation should have an equal say, an equal right, an equal voice. All those many hundreds of years ago, our ancestors stood up and declared that it would be the people of Scotland, not a king or a monarch, who had the ultimate right to decide the path that their nation treads. In magnificent words that still resonate down the years, they declared that there’s a limit to the power of a monarch, that a king may only rule as long as the people allow it. They told us in words that still ring loud and true that they made their declaration not for what…

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The Betty Windsor Show

4 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

Rejoice! Let the bunting fly, for Betty Windsor is to address us. Well that solves all our problems, said no one ever. The BBC and assorted other crawlers, sychophants, and brown nosers insist on telling us how unusual it is for Mrs Mountbatten to address the plebs when it’s not Christmas, as though this should somehow make us think that we’re in for a treat as we watch an elderly and extremely privileged and wealthy woman mouth some platitudes in a plummy accent.

It would be nice if she apologised for the behaviour of her son, who buggered off to rural Aberdeenshire after the Scottish government had expressly said that people shouldn’t travel to their holiday homes in rural areas of Scotland. In doing so he spread the virus locally, and in his entitlement deprived the local population of the services of a much needed acute respitory infection team who…

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Unnecessary words and rightful anger

4 Apr

Peter A Bell

The decision by the Voices for Scotland board to “pause” their campaign during the Covid-19 crisis has served only to reignite my anger at Nicola Sturgeon’s cease and desist order to the SNP membership and the Yes movement. It is a decision which is disappointing if not deplorable. It is a choice which would almost certainly been very different had our First Minister not been so inadequate and inept in her role as de facto leader of the independence campaign. She has an army of apologists, of course. None of whom seem to understand how badly she has betrayed Scotland’s cause. Precious few who are prepared to listen to any criticism of someone who, I regret to say, is at the centre of what looks more and more like a cult of personality. I am not a member of that cult. I’m just angry.

Voices for Scotland (VfS) is, as…

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Declaration – a letter of liberty

4 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

2020 marks the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, widely regarded as Scotland’s most iconic document; probably the first declaration in medieval Europe to promote the idea that people are above Kings, that a nation is its people and that any nation has the right to self determination.

Written in 1320, its evocative sentiments about freedom and independence have given it special distinction, not just in Scotland, but around the world.

But the coronavirus has effectively cancelled all live celebrations of the event in Arbroath and across Scotland, and sadly no UK broadcasters have scheduled any significant TV coverage, though Billy Kay has produced a three-part series for Radio Scotland.

At the last minute, filmmaker Charlie Stuart and Lesley Riddoch decided to make a 30-minute video for web release, so the anniversary does not go completely unmarked.

DECLARATION, the letter of liberty includes interviews with historians Fiona Watson, Tom…

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What’s wrong with British nationalists?

3 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

Few of us are surprised that the British government could have locked down earlier but didn’t, that it could have tested more but didn’t, that it could have provided protective equipment but didn’t. What is truly amazing is that there are still British nationalists on social media who are getting upset by Scottish things having Scottish names. They’re not going to be happy until Scotland is abolished and becomes The North North of England. And if you are unhappy with that idea they’ll scream at you it’s because you’re an anti-English racist. Amazing eh, the all-powerful all-conquering Brits, oppressed by a hospital name.

It seems that the closer we get to independence, the more that it becomes an acceptable and mainstream idea in Scottish politics, the more that support for an independent Scotland spreads amongst the public, the more intense that the cringe becomes in that minority who define themselves…

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What’s in a name

2 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

The new temporary hospital to be opened in Glasgow’s SECC is to be called the NHS Louisa Jordan, after a Glasgow nurse who is a national hero in Serbia because of her efforts in working in field hospitals in that country during WW1. Not everyone was happy though, because this is Scotland and calling anything after someone from Scotland is going to be denounced as a political act by British nationalists. You’d think they’d just go the whole hog and demand that it’s terribly divisive and nationalist for places in Scotland to have Scottish names. So let’s stop calling Glasgow Glasgow and instead call it Birmingham on Clyde in order to show that we’re better together.

Wee Dougie Alexander – remember him? – took to the Twatters to complain that the Scottish government has had the temerity to name the new temporary hospital in Glasgow after a nurse from Glasgow…

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