Local groups’ conference in Dunblane

23 Oct

Wee Ginger Dug

I don’t usually publish articles which I’ve written for the National on the blog. However the National’s editor Callum Baird has given me permission to republish the article I wrote for Saturday’s edition of the National because it’s important that this gets to as wide an audience as possible.

The core of independence is independence of thought and action. If we want an independent Scotland in which citizens are empowered, in which ordinary people have voices that are heard, we need to put those principles into action in the campaign which achieves Scottish independence. Independence begins with independence of mind, and any independence movement worth its salt seeks to encourage and facilitate the independence of mind and action of the citizens of the country for which it’s campaigning for self-determination. That means we don’t sit back and wait for permission to campaign for another referendum and for an independent Scotland…

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El cop d’estat

21 Oct

Scotland stands with Catalunya in solidarity.

Wee Ginger Dug

Madrid has pressed the constitutional nuclear button and has announced that it’s going to dissolve the institutions of Catalan self-government and impose direct rule. The pro-independence Catalan media is describing it as a cop d’estat – a coup d’etat – against Catalonia by a Spanish government which is already holding two high profile independentistas as political prisoners. Today the streets of Barcelona were filled with half a million demonstrators protesting against Rajoy’s unilateral abolition of Catalan self-government and against the imprisonment of Jordi Cuixart of Omnium Cultural and Jordi Sanchez of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana. Both have been denied bail on charges of sedition for helping to organise October’s independence referendum. Due to the slow and labyrinthine workings of the Spanish legal system, they could be imprisoned for four years before coming to trial.

The Partido Popular minority government in Madrid has announced that the Catalan Parliament will now have…

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Time for a Truly Scottish TV station?

17 Oct

Hopefully, the younger generation will watch TSTV and maybe even get their grandparents to watch with them.

Rock and Rhetoric

One of the most depressing problems of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum was the mainstream media. With the exception of the Sunday Herald, the mainstream media was blindly supporting the Better Together campaign.  The worst example of this was the supposedly impartial BBC which used every trick in the book to put down the Yes campaign and its supporters.

london calling freebieI could go one forever providing examples of how the BBC used its influence to lie, manipulate and distort the news to suit the Better Together campaign but this has been done by G A Ponsonby who wrote the excellent London Calling: How the BBC Stole the Referendum which chronicles the descent of the BBC in Scotland from a once trusted broadcaster to an organisation so despised that thousands of ordinary Scots marched on its Scottish HQ in protest at what they saw as its anti-independence bias.  This book was the basis…

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Scottish Government will say NO to any power grab in the EU withdrawal bill. Up to 111 powers are at risk. Will it make any difference though?

17 Oct

Talking-up Scotland


In the bill, as it stands, powers currently devolved to Scotland would be handed back to Westminster from the EU, in the first instance. Westminster would then devolve these again to the Scotland or perhaps they wouldn’t. There would be no guarantees and already we’ve had Michael Gove refusing to guarantee that the current £700 million of funding for forestry, hill farmers and crofters would automatically be devolved. This is only one of many devolved powers in the areas of agriculture, environment and economic planning which the Scottish Government suspect the centralist-minded Tories would prefer to see returned to Westminster. David Mundell has also said that not all powers would be returned to Scotland. It has even been suggested that the ban on fracking in Scotland could be reversed as powers return to Westminster.

The Scottish and Welsh governments seem likely to refuse consent unless the bill is amended to…

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TV Schedule – Monday 16th Oct

16 Oct

New online Scottish TV channel.

Truly Scottish TV

FM @ Arctic Circle 2017
St Kilda
London Calling
Sawney Bean
France 24 – news
Al Jazeera – news
Scottish BREXIT minister
Comedy – Gavin Mcinnes
Inside Glasgow’s underground party scene
Documentary – The football war
Brexit – Britain’s great escape
Using the ‘ on demand ‘ controls
Who killed Willie Macrae
Finger on Scotlands creative pulse
FMs full speech from snp conf.
The lowland clearances
Tom Devine on the Highland clearances
When I was a child
The Great Castles
Living in Scotland changed me

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SNP Voters are the Light in a Darkening UK

16 Oct

Totally agree, as do most of Indy folk on Twitter and Facebook. Someone’s ego is getting in the way, me thinks.


It’s not often headlines grab my attention and take me aback.  Like many of you in Scotland you will have seen them all and most do not surprise you, however, they will, like me, make you laugh!

Pre-2014 and right through to present day we see the most obscure and wildly inaccurate headlines anywhere, so when one does take me aback, I pay attention to it.

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Good morning – TSTV Viewing schedule

15 Oct

Independence! Nothing less!

15 Oct


This is the slogan that I believe should always be our rallying call.

I know the clever folk think for each election ,each Conference we need a new sound bite, a new strapline, personally I don’t think that is necessary.

I think we should have never stopped using this slogan, you can carry below it a subtext,however this slogan should always be for us the prime focus.

It was an SNP Campaign theme in the 70s, and very successful one it was too.

The 70,000+ that joined the SNP in the aftermath of the Independence Referendum ,or the voters that increased our vote share to 50% +in 2015 GE didn’t do so because of our Housing /Education/Transport Policy.

The reason they joined and voted for us was ,

Independence! Nothing less.

I am what the Unionists term a Fundamentalist, the other ones are called Gradualists.

The Foreign owned Media in…

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Beware of the Brexit NO DEAL to stop Independence!

10 Oct

Is this not what Nicola is already doing? She’s been getting on with the day job and is seemingly putting independence on the back burner, after saying that another referendum will be called at the will of the people of Scotland.


Simply put, that is what the current UK Government are going to do to stop the independence ‘threat’.

The current ‘negotiations’, if you can call it that, are locked in a stale mate with the EU saying the ball is in UK hands and the UK saying the ball is in the EU’s hands.

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The worst panto ever

9 Oct

Wee Ginger Dug

We’re lurching ever closer to the precipice, crashing out of the EU with no deal being struck. Theresa May claims that the ball is now in the EU’s court. The EU looks back and says, “Eh, no. Your problem. You fix it. The ball is in your court.” It’s a whole load of balls as the UK and the EU tell one another, your court, no your court, no your court. This is what all the fine words and grand promises of the Brexiteers have come down to, the batting back and forth of oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t. It’s like the worst panto ever, and I’ve been to one with the Krankies in it.

The UK is desperate for the EU to say that enough has been done in the preliminary negotiations to allow talks to move on to the post-Brexit settlement…

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