Spanish Supreme Court Violated its own Regulation Appointing Judge Llarena as Judge of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court

20 Sep

Josep Goded

One of the most important Spanish associations of Judges, Judges for Democracy, filed a lawsuit requesting the annulment of the appointment of Judge Llarena as Judge of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court for violating the regulation, the law, and the Constitution.

This illegal promotion would have occurred making Llarena the instructor of the special cause against Catalan leaders in prison and exiles, since the whole procedure would have been oriented to the judge occupying the vacancy of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court — which tackles special cases of politicians with parliamentarian immunity — clearly breaking the rules of distribution of the Special Causes approved by that same High Court.

As the Spanish newspaper Público revealed a few days ago, on March 18, 2016, Judges for Democracy filed a contentious-administrative appeal against the appointment of Llarena at the Supreme Court in defense of the legal and constitutional rights…

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You can’t have a Union Day if there is no Union

19 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

Yesterday, 18 September, was the anniversary of Scotland’s first independence referendum. Only the anniversary of the first one, mind. There will be another. However since the first one produced the result that opponents of independence craved, they are determined that Scottish democracy should be preserved in aspic, forever stuck in the hours after the 18th of September 2014 like some Groundhog Day without any laughs or star quality. But it’s worse than that, Bill Murray was at least an agent of his own destiny, trapped as he was in the same day repeating itself for ever.

The British nationalist ideal for Scotland is to be stuck passively watching a David Starkey documentary about the Great British monarchy on a loop for all eternity, while our eyelids are held open, our mouths are gagged, and the Tories and Labour scream “You’re happy! This is what you voted for! Smile or I’ll…

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Independence: Four Years On

19 Sep

The lion still roars!

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

NOWHERE WAS THE SICKNESS of unionism spelt out more starkly than in The Telegraph newspaper the day after Scotland voted No to independence. On the 19 September 2014, the morning no few independence supporters woke as if to a funeral, the right-wing Conservative paper was breathing a “sigh of relief” as its headline gloated to its readers “Scotland’s No vote: what it means for your money.” The campaign for independence in Scotland brought to the surface something we had always known, that this was a struggle for a better future – a better Scotland. Our independence referendum was nothing short of a national Titanomachy in which the powers of the British establishment, wealth and privilege, and big business were pitted against ordinary Scots who saw in this their last best hope for something better.

It came as no surprise that The Telegraph – as…

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Depression is not just a personal struggle

17 Sep

If it was as easy as pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps no one would suffer from depression.

Wee Ginger Dug

I’m not going to criticise Ruth Davidson for speaking publicly about her struggles with mental health issues when she was younger. There was, and is, a veritable epidemic of mental health problems, of depression, of low self-esteem, of self-harm, of self-medication on drugs and alcohol, and of suicidal thoughts, especially amongst young people, and especially young LGBT people. It’s not new. It’s been an issue for a very long time. All that has changed is the willingness of people to speak about their experiences in public.

I too experienced something similar when I was younger. Realising that you were gay in the 1970s when you are from a Catholic family in a working class community in the East End of Glasgow and going to school at a comprehensive in Coatbridge was no bundle of laughs. I used to cry myself to sleep at night, terrified that anyone would discover my…

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17 Sep

Scotland stands in solidarity with Catalunya.

Catalan Herald

I just want to say this, nothing else. Independence is something that the people of Catalonia asked for. The politicians could not achieve this independence, as it was to be seen. Let’s keep in mind that Catalonia is experiencing an exceptional and unsustainable moment that it will have to have a solution as soon as possible. What is the problem really?

So that all political parties, regardless of whether some of them coincide with our idea of ​​independence, not only have particular interests, they also have party interests. We just have to look at the European panorama and realize that all European political parties are interconnected, regardless of their ideology. If this movement arose in Catalonia in recent years, it would have passed 100 years ago, Catalonia today would be an Independent State. Everything has to be said, at that time there was no Internet or social…

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Brexit Day blues

16 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s a belief amongst sections of the independence movement that after Brexit happens Scotland will lose its ability to hold an independence referendum and so we need to hold an independence referendum before March 2019, otherwise we’ll never be able to hold one at all. In a similar vein there are those who assert that after Brexit, the UK would never recognise the outcome of an indy vote, and so we need to have one before 29 March 2019 otherwise Westminster would keep Scotland a part of the UK even if a majority of the Scottish electorate has voted for independence.

I’m not sure where these ideas of Brexit Day blues for independence come from, but the good news is that they are not true. Categorically. Definitely. Absolutely. Not true. Brexit destroys many things, but it doesn’t destroy Scotland’s hopes of independence.

The EU was not and never was a…

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Please Do Not Forget Me…………

14 Sep

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

SO not the best of headlines, but YES it was click-bait 😀 Just watched a 3 part TV show on channel 5 called ‘Celebs In Solitary‘ – Really got me thinking about ‘Solitude’ and how I have basically been in solitary myself, against my own will now for the best part of 15 years. NO SYMPATHY OR I WILL SHOOT YOU ALL 🙂 None of that. Was an amazing 3 Part TV show you can get on 5 Catch-up here in the UK. 4 People went in, London-born rapper Professor Green, World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall, comedian Shazia Mirza and TV presenter Anthea Turner, all went in for 5 days, amazing programme on the Human mind if you care to watch it. For me it made me ask “COULD I DO THIS” The obvious answer from a medical point of view is ‘NO’ But from a psychological point…

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The confirmatory referendum

14 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

Sometimes you can’t help but feel sorry for the Lib Dems. There they are, devoting themselves to a career in politics only to discover that they are less relevant than Sydney Devine in a Lady Gaga soundalike contest. And then a Lib Dem goes and opens their mendacious gob, and immediately any residue of sympathy that you had for them goes the same way as the party’s reputation for telling the truth, flushed down the pan, never to return.

Wullie Rennie, the only Rennie on the planet who actually causes acid reflux, got the dung ball rolling a few days ago when he announced that the Lib Dems would vote down the next Scottish budget, even if they happen to agree with it. Lib Dem support for any future Scottish budget will be conditional on Nicola Sturgeon ruling out any prospect of another independence referendum forever. That’s a bit like…

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Over a Million Demonstrators Demand the Implementation of the Catalan Republic

13 Sep

I was there with my husband and friends from Girona. Proud to be a small part in this.

Josep Goded

Over a million demonstrators have flooded Barcelona’s streets to demand the implementation of the Catalan Republic and the immediate release of all Catalan political prisoners, according to figures provided by the police.

People of all ages were seen in the protest, many of whom were wearing flags for independence, banners calling for the freedom of political prisoners, and T-shirts with the slogan: “We make a republic.” 

The atmosphere was festive. This is the seventh consecutive mass pro-independence demonstration held in Catalonia on September 11th, becoming the only country in the world that has been able to mobilize such a large number of people year after year. 


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Reporting Scotland lie about their own documentary to ‘beef-up’ the bad news for Scotland

13 Sep

The Lone Blogger Writes again Talking-up Scotland

Veal? Yes please!

(c) BBC

  • The documentary does NOT say that ‘Scotland is at the heart of a supply chain’ nor that it is a ‘key link’ in one
  • Reporting Scotland made an editorial decision to insert their own words to make the report seem worse for Scotland and the Scottish Government
  • Neither Reporting Scotland nor the documentary mention that young calves are not exported from England and Wales because of the BSE ban
  • The documentary is deeply compromised thereafter when the reporter finds she has been following older calves to Spain and not the young ones which left Scotland
  • Their inclusion of horrific practice in an Egyptian abattoir cannot be convincingly connected to Scottish exports and then they don’t have the courage to explain that this is ‘halal’.

 BBC Scotland have been having a go at that investigative journalism again with their fearless exposé of the export trade…

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