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31 May



Posted on Sat, 05/30/2020 – 11:46

(translated from Castillian published version by D.Breatnach 31/ 05/2020).

Amnistia demonstration (photo sourced: Internet).

Unfortunately, once again and contrary to what we would like, we are obliged to respond to an attack against our movement. On this occasion it has been the EPPK1 that, while applauding the institutional parties that are part of the system, has launched an attack against the popular movement in an attempt to damage what they do not control.

It does not go unnoticed that the day chosen to publish this attack is the Day of Mobilisations that we have called in support of Patxi Ruiz. In addition to being an electoral movement with its mind set on the elections, the EPPK note, written in one of the Sortu offices, aims to weaken today’s mobilisations. Despite referring to us…

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Vote to value humanity

31 May

Wee Ginger Dug

There are political scandals which are only of interest to a small number of politics geeks, and then there are political scandals which fundamentally damage the relationship between politicians and the public. Dominic Cummings and his trip to Durham and his excursions in eye exams are, despite the best efforts of the British Government, an example of the latter. Do you know anyone who has moved on from their anger and disgust? Do you know anyone who is happy to put this matter behind us and whose opinion of the British Government has been unchanged? No. Neither do I.

During a global emergency, the public will tolerate a lot. We’ve seen how people are prepared to forego what until just a few months ago were seen as fundamental liberties. People have been willing to give up on seeing their families. They’ve been prepared to weep as they lose family members…

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Who brought Covid-19 to the Edinburgh Nike event? Nike HQs announce deep cleaning before Scottish Government informed

31 May

The Tusker: 'Getting your news from BBC Scotland is like getting your drinking water from the toilet bowl' (after Mark Doran)

Image SNS Group

By Brenda Steele:

What the purpose of the event was remains unknown. A new product line? The upcoming Olympics (since postponed)? Who knows.

I would suspect that for the participants the event passed off as these things do – and it was only in the following days that they learned that all had not been as it seemed.

On Sunday March 1st an announcement in Business Insider reported on the closure of the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton Oregon for deep cleaning out of “an abundance of caution”. Mention was made of Covid19 cases in Lake Oswego Oregon which Googlemaps will tell you is just 10 minutes and 7.4 miles from Beaverton

The next day March 2nd reported “Nike Temporarily Closes European HQ in the Netherlands Due to Coronavirus Case” . That report does mention the World HQ closure.

On March 3rd the…

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Civil Guard Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos’ Dismissal Uncovers Anti-Government Deep State War

31 May

Josep Goded

Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos’ dismissal has aggravated tensions between the deep state and the Spanish Government.

Colonel De los Cobos was head of the Civil Guard Command in Madrid. He was the coordinator of the police repression against the 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia. And he also testified against (the) Catalan political prisoners during the independence trial in the Spanish Supreme Court, resulting in unjust prison sentences for the Catalan leaders. Amnesty International and several international human rights organizations have repeatedly called for their immediate release.

According to official sources, De los Cobos was dismissed for failing to inform his superiors of a report delivered to the judge about the alleged criminal responsibility of the Spanish government in authorizing a feminist protest on March 8. The official version, however, says that he was dismissed because the ministry had “lost confidence” in him.

The report, full of errors and…

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To counter today’s misleading reports, accurate measures of covid-related death levels in England are approaching THREE TIMES HIGHER than in Scotland

31 May

The Tusker: 'Getting your news from BBC Scotland is like getting your drinking water from the toilet bowl' (after Mark Doran)

Fig. 4 Excess Deaths (Z-Score) for England, Scotland, Wales, NI and Ireland Wk 10-20 2020.

From Professor Sean Danaher, Northumbria University, in Progressive Pulse on 29th May:

In Fig. 4 excess z-scores for Britain and Ireland are plotted. The average z-scores from week 10-20 are:

  • England 19.89
  • Scotland 7.63
  • Wales 7.07
  • Northern Ireland 3.31

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Strength. Power. Authority. Action.

30 May

Peter A Bell

The stubborn, unjustifiable and unconcerned response of the Prime Minister shows how untouchable he believes he and his cronies are. Ultimately, it is up to the public whether they are untouchable, or whether they will be held to account.

Mhairi Black: PM’s mask has slipped … he doesn’t care about the public

Why would he not believe he’s untouchable. He is! That is the reality. The next UK general election is by default scheduled to be held on Thursday 2 May 2024 – slightly less than four years from now. Or roughly 200 of Mhairi’s columns in The National. She can devote every single one of them to redundantly informing us how terrible Boris Johnson and his cronies are and how terrible it is that they get to dictate so much public policy in Scotland despite having no democratic legitimacy, and it won’t make a blind bit of difference.


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Government by smirk

30 May

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s little that’s attractive about the Conservatives at the best of times. They’ve always been the party of privilege and the interests of the wealthy. Once upon a time, they covered their patrician entitlement under a thin veneer of appeals to British patriotism, and a proclaimed belief in gentlemanly behaviour and honour. But now they don’t even bother to hide their contempt. The days when a Conservative minister resigned because of a scandal are long gone. Nowadays, even when they’re sacked, they just pop up back in government a few months later. The Tories have been accused of acting as though they don’t give a toss about public opinion. That’s not true. They’re not acting.

We are governed by smirks. It’s the smile that says, well well, look at the consequences of my own actions, and there’s nothing you can do about it. To be a part of the British…

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The Nike kilts were fitted two days BEFORE the virus is though to have arrived in Edinburgh

30 May

The Tusker: 'Getting your news from BBC Scotland is like getting your drinking water from the toilet bowl' (after Mark Doran)

Image Sky News

Ian Murray is getting a lot of press mileage out of the  Nike Conference “Cover-up”

Murray continues to probe over Nike conference in Edinburgh

More than 70 Nike employees from around the world attended the conference in Edinburgh on 26 and 27 February 2020, and a BBC investigation found that at least 25 people linked to the event contracted Covid-19, including 8 in Scotland.At the weekend, in the Mail on Sunday, it was reported that several workers who came into contact with delegates, including kilt-fitters in Edinburgh and staff who shared a building with Nike in Glasgow, who also became unwell with flu-like symptoms a short while later – but were not contacted by health officials or told about the Nike link.

Mr Murray is concerned about the case of Gillian Russell whose concerns are described here and in several other articles in the Scottish…

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The lock-down more respected in Scotland

30 May

The Tusker: 'Getting your news from BBC Scotland is like getting your drinking water from the toilet bowl' (after Mark Doran)

Image BBC Scotland: Aberdeen yesterday

In a report by BBC Scotland ‘Data journalist’, Marc Ellison, Google ‘community mobile’ reports are used to compare the movement of people before and after the lock-down in March and before and the divergence between England and Scotland’s policies on 10th May.

The data is harvested from smartphones which as fans of crime shows will know, bounce signals off every mast they pass near.

Comparing trips to parks in Edinburgh with 5 English locations you can see both a greater tendency to stay at home even in the first days of the combined lock-down in Edinburgh and, dramatically, after the divergence and the Boris Johnson speech, a surge to above normal movement in the 5 English areas but not in Edinburgh:

Ellison seems a little confused about the nature of the divergence when he writes:

So what does the data actually tell us? Overall the…

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The next steps to indy

28 May

Wee Ginger Dug

A new poll shows that a substantial majority of voters in Scotland want another independence referendum. 63% of the Scottish public want to see another independence referendum, only 34% are oppose to another referendum. The 34% is that majority that the British nationalists are always telling us that they speak for in a perfect example of British exceptionalism, where 1/3 is bigger than 2/3. More details of the poll are given here –

It’s a remarkable finding, given that we’re currently in the middle of the biggest international crisis since WW2 and we’ve been deluged in British nationalist propaganda from the media dressed up as VE Day nostalgia and lies about how we’re all in this pandemic together. Although someone clearly forgot to make sure that Dominic Cummings and the Conservative party understood the message.

Usually in times of crisis there is a “rally round the flag” effect, this…

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The Tusker: 'Getting your news from BBC Scotland is like getting your drinking water from the toilet bowl' (after Mark Doran)

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