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Getting a grip

31 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s always a lot of talk online amongst independence supporters about the nefarious activities of the British state and the intelligence services. For the most part, these stories are nothing more than the speculations of those who know that just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you. The aim of the intelligence services is to counter threats to the state, the Scottish independence movement is not a terrorist organisation, it’s not illegal or law breaking, but it certainly represents one of the biggest threats to the interests of the British establishment. In terms of risk assessment to British interests, there are few greater than the Scottish independence movement. Ours is a movement which spells the end of British rule over 32% of the land mass of the UK, taking with it the great majority of the UK’s natural resources. And despite a constant barrage…

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The baby and the bathwater

30 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

If you follow social media, you’re probably aware that there’s considerable anger and dismay amongst independence supporters about The National’s decision to give publicity to the post-verdict statement from the anonymous women who were the complainants in the Alex Salmond case. I’ll be blunt, it’s an anger and dismay that I share. It was, to put it mildly, deeply misguided for the only pro-independence newspaper to further publicise what many in the independence movement perceived as an attempt to appeal to the court of public opinion after an actual court had thrown out all the allegations against a man who is hugely popular and influential amongst independence supporters. It sparked off a wave of anger and suspicion about the motives of the sole independence supporting newspaper within an independence movement which is already reeling from months, indeed years, of repeated assaults from the British nationalist media.

As we all know…

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Leadership, not management

29 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s a new Scottish opinion poll out today commissioned by the Sunday Times which must have come as a massive disappointment to the British nationalists who produce that newspaper. The Salmond trial has had precisely zero effect on Scottish voting intentions. Fieldwork for the poll was carried out between 24 and 26 March, after the verdict had been given. All that SNPbaddery has had precisely zero impact. You’d almost think that the British media didn’t understand what’s driving support for independence.

Shock horror as the voters prove themselves to be far more sophisticated in their understanding than the press, and are able to distinguish between the actions of individuals on the one hand and political goals and governance on the other. After all this time, the British media still persists in thinking it’s all about the SNP. It’s not and it never has been. It’s about the British state and…

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Juan Carlos I, Former Spain’s King, Closed a Bank Account in Switzerland Because the Government Tightened the Anti-Corruption Legislation

29 Mar

Josep Goded

Juan Carlos I, Spain’s former king, closed an account in a Swiss Bank in June, 2012, because the government had tightened the anti-corruption legislation. This is stated in the international letters rogatory that the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office sent to the judge of the Villarejo case, Manuel García-Castellón. It was reported by El País newspaper on Monday.

The prosecutor Yves Bertossa declared that the account of the Lucum Foundation, whose first beneficiary is Juan Carlos I, was closed “due to the new Swiss tax legislation” and adds that the then head of state “signed an order to transfer the balance of Lucum’s account to Corinna Larsen (the ex-lover of Spain’s former King) in the name of Solare Investors Corporation at Gonet and Cie Bank in Nassau, Bahamas.”

In this way, Corinna Larsen kept the funds of the Lucum Foundation, whose second beneficiary is the current head of the Spanish State, Felipe…

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28 Mar


By now the whole world is learning what it is like to be isolated, cut off and housebound through no fault of their own; and they don’t like it.

We are constantly told how people are having their wedding, holidays and parties disrupted or cancelled and everyone seems to be able to empathize with these unfortunate circumstances.

Some people are also losing their jobs and facing an unknown and worrisome future until the covid virus is finally contained and controlled. It’s an anxious and stressful time for those who do not know how they will survive and how they will earn a living.

This is an all too familiar experience for those of us with chronic illness but it has also been something that very people can comprehend and rarely give a second thought to.

As I look across social media I read accounts of people who say how hard…

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Updated regulations for dog owners

28 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

We have a result. Following the plea on this blog yesterday for the needs of dogs who live in flats to be taken into account, this morning the Scottish Government issued updated regulations relating to those of us who own or are responsible for animals. The upshot is that it’s now accepted that taking a dog out to do the toilet is accepted as a valid reason for going outside if you do not have access to a garden. Of course you must maintain social distancing, remain at least two metres away from anyone else, and wash your hands upon your return home.

This may seem a trivial issue to many during this crisis, but to dog owners, especially dog owners who live in flats, not being able to take your dog out for the toilet without having to worry about being stopped by the police was a very big…

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Dugs, self-employment, and the white van man

27 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

Lots of coronavirusy related news today. Like Charles Windsor, Boris Johnson has miraculously morphed into one of those high risk patients who qualify for a coronavirus test and has tested positive. To be fair, we always knew that Boris was one sick puppy, and anyway he was always going to qualify for a test on account of being much richer than plebs like you or me.  Health Secretary Matt Hancock has also been tested positive.

Dominic Raab is supposed to take over in the event that Johnson is incapacitated and unable to perform his usual duties of fnaugh-fnaughing and telling inappropriate jokes. Dominic Raab. Dominic. Raab. The white van man of government. The man who exudes the permanent air of a low level business executive who has his ex-girlfriend buried under the patio and who has just realised that there’s a broken drainage pipe that’s going to need the entire…

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The R-word

26 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

The independence referendum campaign of 2014 might not have succeeded in leading Scotland to independence, but it did succeed in normalising the idea of independence and making it the most important issue in Scottish politics. This coronavirus outbreak is a human crisis, but it also has political ramifications. During the crisis, of course our focus needs to be on ensuring that people are safe and well, that medical staff have the protection and resources that they need, that people who are ill receive the care and treatment they depend on, and those who cannot work receive the financial support they require. However those of us who are stuck at home now have plenty of time to think about the kind of country we want to live in once this epidemic has run its course. We have plenty of time to make note of the selfish and entitled behaviour of those…

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We’re not all in this together

25 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

Prince Charles has tested positive for the coronavirus. It’s possibly the closest he’s got to the crown. We were told by a Nicolas Witchell who was even more gushingly sychophantic than usual that Charles had been tested positive for the coronavirus but is experiencing only mild symptoms, and is – I quote – “continuing to work while he’s in self-isolation”. There’s a whole lot to unpack in that sentence.

For starters, Nicolas Witchell upping the sychophancy is rather like a mountain of sugar covered in syrup having several litres of treacle poured over it because it was judged not to be sickly sweet enough. There are many people who can’t get tested, and widespread concerns about the difficulty of access to testing, but we are informed that Charles was tested on Monday after qualifying for an NHS test due to his age and his medical condition. I never knew that…

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Boris Johnson’s Cull

25 Mar

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

BRITAIN’S PRIME MINISTER, Boris Johnson, last night put the people of the United Kingdom on lockdown, introducing a sweeping set of measures and restrictions on the population designed to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These measures, unprecedented outside of wartime, are to be welcomed and are entirely urgent and necessary, but it simply cannot go unsaid that these steps have come late – and perhaps too late to avoid a catastrophic loss of life across Britain and the north of Ireland. Yet, in his address Mr Johnson was at pains to convey that this lockdown is consistent with the approach ‘the UK has been taking.’ This is not true. This is not the approach the British government has been taking, in spite of early warnings from the Chinese government, the actions of other European states, and the sharp criticism of the World Health Organization.

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