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The message and the language

28 Feb

Peter A Bell

I note the now standard indignation quotes from Pete Wishart and Mhairi Black. The outrage seems very routine these days. The language has grown dull with overuse. The same stock phrases deployed for every new outrage. Had they not specified the British political elite’s proposal to gerrymander the Scottish Affairs Committee it would have been impossible to tell which iniquity the two SNP big-hitters were talking about. In short, it’s boring! Mind-numbingly boring!

I am an unabashed political anorak and proud keyboard warrior in the battle to restore Scotland’s independence. If I find these rote renderings of scandalised sensibilities ditch-water dismal imagine what effect they might have on a wider public purposefully alienated from politics and disengaged from the democratic process. I’ll tell you what effect it will have. None! Joe and Jane McPublic were switched off before either Pete Wishart or Mhairi Black opened their mouths to speak…

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Norway’s sovereign wealth fund gains £140bn in one year – £26,400 for every citizen

28 Feb

Princes, Prostitutes, Politicians and Bribes 💰 Welcome to the Most Corrupt Industry in the World…

28 Feb

The democratic deficit

27 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s a looming freight train coming down the tracks. But don’t worry. It won’t hit us because it will end up stalled in customs for days. That’s essentially the pitch that the Conservatives are making to the UK about the trading future between Brexit Britain and the EU, and all this is going to be negotiated on our behalf by a part time prime minister. In the meantime we also have coronavirus, flooding, snow, xenophobia, Trident renewal, the MoD dumping radioactive waste in the Clyde, and soaring homelessness. We have a governing Tory party which raked in over £37 million in donations over the general election period and which still refuses to publish the report into Russian interference and meddling in UK politics. Здесь нечего видеть. That’s Russian for there’s nothing to see here.

Meanwhile the guy in charge of dealing with the UK’s response to a pandemic is Matt…

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No baby steps!

27 Feb

Peter A Bell

Chris McEleny is on the right track with this. But he goes neither far enough or fast enough. Holding a series of events to discuss alternative strategies would have been a great idea four or five years ago. And it might have been OK to drag things out until October and beyond if it was October 2018 we were talking about.

It’s pointless presenting Boris Johnson with an ultimatum in any case. Why would we give him a second chance to spit on Scotland? And an ultimatum only works if you have some sanction or penalty that you can impose in the event of the ultimatum not being met. What is Chris suggesting? Nicola Sturgeon goes to Johnson and says give us a Section 30 order or we’ll hold some meetings! Cough up, Sunshine, or we’ll form another group to look at ways of exploring new ideas for forums…

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Taking Johnson’s bullheadedness by the horns

26 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s being reported in The National today that the SNP councillor Christopher McEleny, leader of the SNP group on Inverclyde Council, has called on the Scottish Government to give the British Government a deadline for another independence referendum. He has suggested that Boris Johnson should be given until Easter to accept demands for a Section 30 order, and that if he refuses after the deadline then alternative steps should be taken.

He’s right, perhaps not on the details of the timing, but certainly on the general principle. Boris Johnson is not going to accept demands for another independence referendum unless it is made clear to him that the political cost of refusing is greater than the political cost of agreement. Johnson is most certainly not going to accept calls for another independence referendum when support for independence is at 50% or over in the polls. The more that support for…

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Britain’s Broken Economy is holding Scotland back…

26 Feb

New Scotland

Today the UK economy is weak and vulnerable to economic shocks. It sits in a precarious position, especially as the damage from Brexit won’t be felt till after the 2020 transition period. Right across the board the risk of recession and possibly even depression has never been greater in the UK since the 1970s when Scottish oil revenues saved the UK from requiring a bail-out. Every year since then, Scottish revenues have been underpinning the UK economy through paying the cost of UK debt that was not generated by Scotland’s economy rather than being reinvested in the nation and this continues to hold Scotland’s economy back.   

But still, the myth that the powerful and large UK economy somehow protects Scotland is still maintained by Unionist politicians and in the mainstream media. The stark truth is that the UK economy is not strong enough to…

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The Barnett Formula Myth Destroyed – It does not subsidise Scotland…

26 Feb

New Scotland

Make your family and Friends read this if you are Fed-up arguing with them that Scotland is England’s Cash-Cow…and always has been…

Written by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Arguably the most misunderstood part of the UK public sector budgeting mechanism is the Barnett Formula. The vast majority of people, politicians and the media seem to think that Barnett represents a subsidy to Scotland. Many Westminster MPs (mainly Conservatives) have described it as English taxpayers subsidising Scottish public spending, and the mainstream media have run headlines along those lines. There is just one little problem with that idea – it’s complete and utter nonsense.

The Barnett Formula was introduced as a funding mechanism containing a mathematical formula that aimed to reduce Scottish funding in comparison to England’s. To understand why it exists, and how it was supposed to reduce Scotland’s public spending, we need to understand the…

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“Let’s Not Forget” about clearing people from their land by force…

25 Feb

Search for the play The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil and go see it.

New Scotland

“Using ‘cleansing’ is condemned as out of context, erroneously contemporaneous, too emotional because it was often Scot against Scot that did the dirty work.

Well, I have news for slimy proselytisers. It was Jewish guards given temporary preferment who hustled Jews to the gas chambers, less their belongings and clothes. They had no choice. It was do or die. Who would dare not call that barbarity a cleansing?” Read more:

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David Steel quits over shocking Cyril Smith child abuse report…

25 Feb

New Scotland

David Steel had always known about activities of prolific paedophile Cyril Smith.And said and did nothing…

LIBERAL Democrat peer Lord David Steel has quit the party after investigators found that he “did nothing” despite knowing of the activities of prolific paedophile Cyril Smith.

The peer, who was an MSP and Scotland’s first presiding officer, has also announced his retirement from the House of Lords. A report published today by the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) stated: “It is clear that Lord Steel assumed from what Cyril Smith told him that he had committed the offences which Private Eye had reported, yet he did nothing about it.” READ MORE

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