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20 Dec

I’ve just signed up to Mastodon. Thanks for this information, Jason. I’ll spread the word.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

IT HAS BEEN CARNAGE on Twitter for the past twenty-four hours, but, sure, what would I know – my account was locked for twelve. Our feelings are mixed on the subject of Wings Over Scotland’s permanent ban from the platform, but its deletion is a sign something sinister is happening to the Scottish independence movement on social media, and this I should know – my own account was successfully targeted in a sustained campaign by unionists reporting the content of my tweets, the result being that I was briefly suspended for posting “hateful content.” What constitutes hate speech on Twitter is something of a mystery, and the decision-making process is a mix of an automated algorithm and the personal bias of Twitter’s human employees.

Ultimately, this was the same tactic deployed against Wings Over Scotland. When Stu Campbell, the owner of the website and Twitter…

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