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Johnson’s hot air

30 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

The one man political pollutant that is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson doesn’t want the Scottish First Minister anywhere near the climate summit planned for Glasgow next year. It’s a British summit for British people. Scottish people will only be allowed anywhere near it if they adopt an accent like Jeauw Sweynson’s or Michael Gove’s and produce photographic evidence that they attended last night at the proms wearing a union jack bowtie or frock.

The last thing that Lyin’ Bastert Johnson wants is the Scottish Government to get any credit for the steps it has taken to tackle climate change. I’d say that was because he’d be embarrassed by the fact that Scotland is miles ahead of the rest of the UK, thanks to Scottish Government policies, but that would be silly. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born without the genes for shame or guilt. He just wants to…

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Being odd

30 Sep

Peter A Bell

I attended an event yesterday (Sunday 29 September) organised by Yes Edinburgh & Lothian. Called ‘The Big Grassroots Conversation’, the even took the form of a number of workshops on various aspects of the independence cause and campaign followed by a Q&A session with a panel answering – or, at least, responding to – questions arising from the earlier workshops.

The following does not purport to be a factual account of proceedings. Neither, however, is it a misleading account. None of it is untrue. Most of it concerns my impressions of and reactions to what I saw and heard. I mention no individuals by name and do not attribute any comments to anyone other than those which may be attributed to myself.

If anybody who attended the event is reading this and recognises any of the attitudes and opinions to which I refer and is overcome by the urge to…

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Taking our fate into our own hands

30 Sep

But what would happen when Holyrood gets either suspended or closed by Westminster? How can we hold a referendum under those circumstances?

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s been a lot of discussion within the independence movement recently about the timing of the next referendum. There are those who are deeply suspicious of the SNP leadership, and whether Nicola Sturgeon is serious in her pursuit of a Section 30 order and a referendum next year. Some want a referendum right now, before Brexit starts to wreak its destructive effects. They warn that the momentum will go out of the movement, that the devastation of a no deal Brexit will drive EU citizens away. Others call for caution and point to the slow rise in support for independence in opinion polls as evidence that we can and should wait for support to rise to 60%. Then they say, when there is a referendum we can be certain of winning it.

It’s important that we never forget that this is not a disagreement about our goal, it’s a disagreement…

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Big Enough, Smart Enough, Rich Enough

29 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

We are a not for profit group aiming to promote Scotland and her resources to the people of Scotland. Our aim is to challenge the idea that we’re too small or too poor to be independent.

Our first campaign involved putting motion graphic adverts on televisions in pubs and clubs across the central belt, but we want to do more. We want to raise enough money to advertise on billboards, and we want to help other groups to advertise in their local areas.renewables

We want to raise funds with half to be used for a billboard campaign using Colin Dunn’s (Indy Poster Boy) designs such as the ones on this page. The rest will be used to match funding with groups across Scotland. Local people know best how to advertise in their area and we will help them do that, but we need your help.


The Crowdfunder has reached its…

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27 Sep


Diarmuid Breatnach

(Reading time: 5 minutes)

When ETA, the armed Basque Left pro-Independence group) abandoned armed resistance and decommissioned its weapons, many wondered at the absence of public dissent among its ranks. A dissident trend did appear in the Basque pro-independence movement but it took longer than it had in Ireland; it is in existence now and growing.

In using the term “dissident”, a description not always accepted by those to whom it is applied, I mean those who disagree with the direction taken by the leadership of the organisation and who have therefore separated themselves from the organisation. It becomes a problematic term when it is implied that the “dissidents” have diverged from the original path – on the contrary, those who have left the organisation would say, it is the leadership which has left the path and it is those being called “dissidents” who remain on…

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Explanations required!

27 Sep

Once again, spot on.

Peter A Bell

I take no pleasure whatever in comparing Nicola Sturgeon to Richard Leonard, but I cannot help but note the inconsistencies and contradictions in her own position.

The First Minister recognises that the British parties will try to ‘rig’ the referendum in any way they can. Nothing at all surprising about this. We know them to be totally unprincipled and shameless. We had evidence enough of that during the 2014 referendum campaign, and since. That British Nationalists will do anything to preserve their precious Union and further the ‘One Nation’ cause is a truism of Scottish politics. They will rationalise absolutely any conduct – however deplorable this might be in any other context – if it is in furtherance of their anti-democratic aims and in defense of the British ruling elites.

The First Minister knows all this. She knows as a matter of incontrovertible fact that the British parties squatting…

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The Etonian Erdoğan

26 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

We’re living in dangerous times. The UK has a government of liars, of charlatans, of law-breakers, who are totally shameless about their disregard for the law, for the courts, for parliament, and for anyone who does not agree with their naked power grab. This is a government of posh boy bullies who display their entitlement as a badge of pride. This is a government which broke the law and which reacted by using the language of contempt and disdain, and acted as it were those who had found them out who were the moral transgressors. Yet perhaps even worse than any of that, this is a government which has signalled that it is quite prepared to break the law again.

We saw Attorney General Geoffrey Cox boorishly boom that it was the opposition parties who were morally bankrupt even though it was his own faulty legal advice that encouraged the…

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I do not consent!

26 Sep

I, also, do not consent.

Our FM has said that she’s waiting on the outcome of Brexit but more than enough has happened in Westminster for her to go ahead with what she has three mandates for!

Peter A Bell

I doubt if many reading this would change a word of the excoriating assessment of Boris Johnson’s character and competence offered by Nicola Sturgeon; unless it was to use less politic and more expressive language. Johnson is, indeed, disgusting, craven, reckless and, above all, untrustworthy.

But we already knew that. The First Minister was perfectly well aware of how untrustworthy and duplicitous and dishonest Johnson is long before he became British Prime Minister. And yet she did not modify her ‘strategy’ accordingly when he was maneuvered into Downing Street by whatever shadowy forces conrive such things. While she denounces Johnson on Twitter, in her day-to-day dealings with his regime she continues to behave as if he were just a run-of-the-mill British politician – arrogant, vacuous, venal, corrupt, incompetent, but not downright malicious and wanton and irrational.

Our First Minister acknowledges the uncontested fact that Boris Johnson cannot be trusted…

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Never Saw That Coming

26 Sep

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

ONCE THE DECISION of the Edinburgh Court of Session and Gina Miller’s appeal were referred to the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court – both contesting the suspension of the Westminster parliament, the eyes of the world were fixated on the eleven members of the highest judicial body in the British state. My own prejudice, both of the legal process and of Britain’s attitude to Scotland – which the ruling of the Supreme Court has not changed in the least, did not inspire much hope for a positive outcome for those hoping for the resumption of parliament. The ramifications of such a ruling, besides the mere legality of the government’s actions, were to far-reaching. Not that it would cost me much sleep, but today’s ruling puts the British monarch in a bit of a pickle – it puts Mrs Saxe-Coburg und Gotha firmly in the frame and explicitly…

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Police Acquire New anti-Riot Equipment for this Autumn’s Demonstrations

25 Sep

Fascism is alive and well in Spain.

Josep Goded

The Mossos (Catalan police) have acquired new anti-riot equipment to use in the demonstrations which are expected in the aftermath of the announcement of the Independence Trial verdict in October.

New Equipment 

– Pepper Spray: It has never been used by Mossos. It is directly thrown into the eyes of the demonstrators, causing a strong burning feeling. Although Mossos affirms that this doesn’t cause injuries at all, several human rights organizations have pointed out that it can actually provoke serious permanent injuries, especially for those who suffer from illnesses such as asthma.

– Anti-Riot Police Fences: They are used to separate demonstrators from anti-riot police officers. The fences are 150cm high and have a platform which makes it hard for protesters to get up and jump over them. They also have doors from which anti-riot police officers can enter and leave.

– Anti-Riot Nets: These nets are reinforced…

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