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The Mood is Changing

31 Jul

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

BORIS JOHNSON has really touched something in the Scottish national psyche. Theresa May, for all her awkward incompetence, managed somehow – quite inexplicably, considering her appalling record on immigration and her handling of the Grenfell tower tragedy – to keep the lid on the anger bubbling under the surface of British society. But, in his first few days in office, her replacement has lit the touch-paper, changing the mood in Scotland and Wales from an almost resigned simmering frustration to an enthusiastic outpouring of rage. When independentistas and ordinary folk who voted No in 2014 find common cause in their rejection of the British Prime Minister, it’s safe to say that something is changing – something is stirring.

Everything boiling across Scotland was etched in the cold glare of the First Minister yesterday as she unceremoniously welcomed the Prime Minister and his entourage to Bute…

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Section 30 is not Scotland’s salvation

30 Jul

So if not UDI and not a Section 30, then what way do we go?

Peter A Bell

I wonder if those who say things like “we are not at the end of the Section 30 order road” have ever stopped to think about what a Section 30 order actually is. When I hear people insisting that a Section 30 order is absolutely required for a referendum on restoring Scotland’s independence to be ‘legal and ‘binding’, I tend to wonder if they have considered what a Section 30 order is for and why this ‘loophole’ was made part of the Scotland Act 1998. After all, we know that the core purpose of the legislation is, not to empower the Scottish Parliament, but to keep it in check. We know that the devolution experiment never had anything to do with addressing the democratic deficit imposed by the Union or improving Scotland’s governance, but was always about creating a new and superficially more democratic framework within which powers…

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Brava, Nicola!

30 Jul

Peter A Bell

An “independence debate”? Perish the thought! There is, of course, no way that Boris Johnson’s operators will put him in a situation where he can be even more humiliated than he was today. The vignette at the door of Bute House as Johnson arrived for his meeting with Nicola Sturgeon offered a fascinating insight into the power dynamic between the pair. And the new British Prime Minister did not come out of it well. On the steps of her official residence, the First Minister gave a master-class in stamping authority. The body language in that brief video clip will be studied and commented on for years to come.

Boris Johnson desperately needed to be the boss in that situation. Especially after the competitive Jock-bashing he and his rivals engaged in throughout the Tory leadership contest. He failed abysmally. Bossing the situation meant being last through the door so as…

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Conservatives FAIL to close achievement gap as SNP school policies cut it by half!

30 Jul

Talking-up Scotland

Opposition politicians and media commentators
have been keen to suggest that the SNP has failed in its education policies.
Spurious data from, for example, PISA results, have been used. You might
remember ‘Brian Monteith: ‘Education failure’ will be the
Nationalist epitaph’
Theresa May’s accusations at PM’s Questions but from the BBC today:

Progress to close the achievement gap for poorer pupils in England’s
secondary schools is almost at a “standstill”, say researchers.

“For the
first time in several years, the gap between poorer pupils and their peers at
GCSE has stopped closing,” says report author Jo Hutchinson.

sharp contrast, we were able to report on real progress in narrowing the gap in
Scotland’s schools, in February 2019:

‘94.4% of pupils had a ’positive destination’ including work,
training or further study within three months of leaving school last year,
official statistics show. The figures also reveal that

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Waiting for worse

28 Jul

Agree 100%.

Peter A Bell

What’s going on in the upper echelons of the SNP? What is the current thinking on Scotland’s predicament? Is there a plan, or even an intention, to address the constitutional issue? When is the First Minister going to act, and what is she going to do?

These are the questions preoccupying many, perhaps most, people in the Yes movement. We are all looking for clues. We scrutinise every statement made by Nicola Sturgeon and every article written by senior figures in the SNP seeking some indication of what the immediate future holds. As often as not this turns out to be a disappointing and even a depressing activity.

Pete Wishart’s latest musings and mutterings from Perthshire is a case in point. Anyone looking there for hints as to the SNP’s thinking would come away wondering if the party leadership is even aware of Scotland’s predicament. They might well suppose there…

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25 Jul


Diarmuid Breatnach

Recently the left-wing Spanish on-line newspaper, Publico, got a scoop on other media when it broke the story of the Spanish secret service and the terrorist1 cell in Catalonia, the one that carried out the killing spree in La Rambla in Barcelona in October 2017. Publico revealed that the head of the cell had been recruited as an informant while in jail on drug smuggling charges and that the secret service had helped him become an imam, a Muslim priest, in the province of Girona. Not only that but that they had the photos and mobile phone numbers of a number of the Ramblas terrorists and had been following them up to days before the attack.

Aftermath Rambla Attack Aftermath of terrorist attack in the Rambla, Barcelona in 2017. (Photo image sourced: Internet)

So why had the whole lot not been apprehended? It’s a question many people are…

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Doomed to Failure

25 Jul

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

On my last speaking tour around Scotland, at every event, I predicted exactly what Brexit means. This prediction proved to be frighteningly on target. Before taking up his Prime Ministerial office, Boris Johnson was briefed by Britain’s security chiefs on what a no-deal Brexit would cause. All cross-Channel trade would cease, sixty-six million people in the United Kingdom would be faced with dangerous food shortages and left without access to essential and life-saving medicines. Within days the currency would collapse; driving the British state to the brink of state failure, and the government would be threatened with widespread mass demonstrations, civil disorder, and rioting. Whitehall insiders reported that on hearing this Johnson turned a whiter shade of pale. With all his bluff and bluster, he had no idea how serious a situation Britain is in.

This too I predicted. After an extension, I said, the May…

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What the Yes movement is really anti

22 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Ally Farquhar

The man with the rapier-like wit, who always sees the big picture, turning political machinations as they relate to Scotland’s future into incisive language we can all understand, is taking a well-earned break with his hubby. Enjoy guys. Meanwhile the dug, we hear, is lording it up in blissful summer luxury (somebody turn him over before he gets sunburnt).

As a guest post I thought maybe perhaps it’s time, once again, following Ross Thomson’s throwaway comments last week on Politics Live about “anti-Englishness” in the Independence movement, to further address that old misconception that pops up almost on a weekly basis about the motivations and intentions of those who believe that Scotland would be best served by a government of its own people. (Indeed Paul himself, before his happy hols, has written on this very subject).

As regular readers of the weegingerdug are aware there…

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Is your MP on this List of Shame? The 274 MPs who voted to allow suspension of parliament

18 Jul

Yep, Ms Hair-brain is there.

Pride's Purge

Here’s a full list of the disgraceful anti-democratic MPs who voted against stopping the ‘proroguing’ of parliament.

In other words, they supported the suspension of parliament – and themselves – to allow a Prime Minister to dictate whatever he likes without the democratic controls and scrutiny of MPs and parliament.

Conservative (262)
Adams, Nigel
Selby and Ainsty

Afolami, Bim
Hitchin and Harpenden

Afriyie, Adam

Aldous, Peter

Allan, Lucy

Amess, Sir David
Southend West

Andrew, Stuart

Argar, Edward

Atkins, Victoria
Louth and Horncastle

Bacon, Mr Richard
South Norfolk

Badenoch, Mrs Kemi
Saffron Walden

Baker, Mr Steve

Baldwin, Harriett
West Worcestershire

Barclay, Stephen
North East Cambridgeshire

Baron, Mr John
Basildon and Billericay

Bellingham, Sir Henry
North West Norfolk

Beresford, Sir Paul
Mole Valley

Berry, Jake
Rossendale and Darwen

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Thoughts from afar

18 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by John Fitzpatrick

I haven’t lived in Scotland for over 40 years and now wish I had never left home. I’m ashamed to say that I actually wanted to leave my own country as so many did then. We were brought up to see Scotland as a forgotten corner at the edge of nowhere that no sensible person would choose to stay in. On the other hand we could get out. Nae problem. The world was our oyster and we could go to England, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand or Europe. I have relatives in all the above places although I ended up in Brazil.

I didn’t leave for economic reasons as so many did but because I was crazy about a lassie from Liverpool and when she headed back to England after finishing her university studies in Scotland, I followed her. I spent eight years…

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