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Speaking power unto truth

6 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s some welcome news in today’s The National, the final confirmation of the death of the Spanish veto myth. A letter from the Spanish Consul General in Scotland has confirmed that Spain would not veto Scottish membership of the EU, and confirmed that in the opinion of the Spanish government there is no membership queue that Scotland would have to get to the back of behind Turkey or Albania.

For years, this blog was ploughing a lonely furrow, pointing out that there was no such Spanish veto and there never would be, only to be ignored by the Scottish media. It was always obvious to anyone with even a modicum of understanding of Spanish politics that Spain would never countenance vetoing the EU membership of an independent Scotland which had achieved independence constitutionally and legally as has always been proposed. The reason is simple, and flows inexorably from Spain’s well…

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‘Gleichschaltung Gaslight’ – The Eradication of Scots Historical-Cultural Identity

6 Jun

A simple choice

6 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

The Tory party ERG learns nothing. It listens not at all, and it doesn’t understand the difference between engaging and navel gazing. All its proposals for leaving the EU basically boil down to descriptions of unicorns. However today, lost amongst the wall to wall coverage of the D-Day commemorations – that’s Donald Day in case you were wondering – the ERG published its carefully thought out and extensively researched paper on leaving the EU on 31 October without a deal. Well, I say carefully thought out and extensively researched. What I mean is that they asked Mark We Won the War You Know Francois, Iain Duncan-Smith, and Jacob Rees Mogg. Together they’ve come up with something that represents a radical and innovative breakthrough on thinking about Brexit. It is still a description of a unicorn, but the cunning bit is that now it is in a different font.

Brexit papers…

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Lies and laziness

6 Jun

Well said.

Peter A Bell

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the fact that the Spanish government’s true position – as outlined in the statement by Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo – was known throughout the 2014 referendum campaign. It was known by the SNP. It was known by Yes activists. It was known by anybody who cared to find out.

More importantly, it was known by the British politicians who were peddling the notion of a ‘Spanish veto’. It was known by the journalists who colluded with those politicians in pushing the scare stories about Scotland’s post-independence status in relation to the EU. The information about Spain’s official policy with regard to independent Scotland’s EU membership was purposefully suppressed by the British establishment. All the apparatus of the British state – including tame journalists – was deployed to keep from Scotland’s voters information that was crucial to their ability to make an informed choice…

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