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Vileness in waiting

1 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

Yet another wannabe Tory leader has joined the Tory leadership contest. This time it’s someone you’ve never heard of, which could be considered a positive attribute given that the only reason you’ve ever heard of any of the rest of them is because they’re vile. Sadly we can be pretty certain that Mark Harper – see, I told you you’d never heard of him – isn’t really some saint, he’s just vileness in waiting. Proof of this resides in the fact that when he was Minister for Immigration, he had advertising lorries drive around areas with a high migrant population telling people to grass up their neighbours for being in the country illegally. Then he had to resign because he employed a cleaner who was in the country illegally.

Before we get into this article, I should, in my defence, point out that I did try to write a serious…

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Social Media

1 Jun


As a blogger every time I press the publish button or write a piece of work I know that it will invariably invoke some sort of reaction from the reader. I can never be sure what I hat reaction will be but I can decide how much credence I give it.

Putting yourself out there will always mean you are also subject to who is out there. Whether they are friend or foe, they will have open access to read and comment about your work and your life. The only thing that can vary will be how much I engage with others comments and how much I let it mean to me.

My soul reason for taking up blogging was to add a voice, and hopefully some context, to the awful misconception and lack of information regarding autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses around today. There was so much patient shaming…

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1 Jun

Grouse Beater

Image result for darling, rennie, davidsonTruly lovely people: four paid handsomely to block Scotland’s democratic progress 

There is a lot of clearing up to be done when a nation throws off its colonial masters, banishing traces of the old order from indigenous institutions, reopening old mysteries, firing the inept. One among many tasks is to organise ways of purging individual and national guilt without jailing thousands of people. The therapeutic benefits are the same as those we are expected to derive now, told Scotland must atone for its past sins exploiting the slave trade. 

‘Collaborator’ need not be a dirty word

There are good reasons for mounting truth sessions: they reintroduce betrayers and flaky placemen into society ensuring the worst are neutralised from repeating their behaviour in a liberated Scotland, and it stops the unscrupulous blackmailing them.

Nelson Mandela was not the first to advocate public confessionals as a means of allowing those who had…

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