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The arrogance and hubris that ends the UK

30 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s a very important point which has been raised by Ruth Davidson’s return from maternity leave. It’s an issue she raised which was also raised by David Mundell, and one whose implications have – entirely predictably – not been explored by the Scottish media. Both the Scotland Secretary and the leader of Ruth Davidson for Ruth Davidson’s Ruth Davidson party have insisted that not only should the current British Prime Minister refuse to accede to a demand for a Section 30 order for a Scottish independence referendum, but so also should the next British Prime Minister. They go even further, and have stated baldly that this refusal should continue past the next Scottish elections in 2021, and indefinitely into the future.

This is nothing less than a fundamental and unilateral rewriting of the political understanding of Scotland’s constitutional place within the UK. It is, in effect, a constitutional coup and…

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Fantasies from the Ruthiverse

29 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

Get out the red white and blue bunting. Arrange the Great British patriotically themed street parties. Bake a cake in the shape of a tank. Huzzah and hurrah! Ruth is back to save the union and to tell us that we can’t have a referendum, not now, not before 2021, and not afterwards.

Ruth is angry that Nicola Sturgeon is calling for another independence referendum. In the Ruthiverse this is because the SNP is failing on policing, education, and health. It certainly has nothing to do with a British state which is failing on everything, up to and including basic competence in government, and which has abjectly failed to fulfil the promises and commitments which it made to the people of Scotland in 2014. Oh no.

Ruth wants us all to believe that we’d be far better off entrusting her with control of Scotland’s police, education and health systems, because…

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The Nightmare Scenario!

29 Apr


I’ve been thinking over the past couple of days since my last blog post on how I see the independence process ending, and sometimes I just wish I didn’t think so much as I occasionally wonder down a rabbit hole that raises concern.

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The way out

28 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s been some commentary in the weekend papers to the effect that Scotland isn’t going to get a referendum before 2021, and possibly not after that, because the British government is going to remain implacably opposed to a Section 30 order. They suggest that what Nicola Sturgeon has done with her announcement this week is an attempt to let down the party faithful, because the only way in which she will go for a referendum is with a Section 30 order. Since there is no current sign that the UK government is going to allow one, then we’re never going to have a referendum, or at least we’re not going to have one any time soon.

David Mundell in an interview this weekend doubled down on the refusal from Theresa May, and suggested that no Conservative government would ever grant a Section 30 order under any circumstances at all. Clearly…

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They ain’t seen nothing yet

27 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

On the weekend of the SNP party conference, The Times newspaper published a poll commissioned from YouGov which shows that even before an official campaign for independence has begun, while we’ve been subjected to a constant barrage of SNPbaddery in the overwhelmingly anti independence media, support for independence continues to rise. When you remove the 10% who don’t know, 49% of the Scottish electorate want independence, 51% are opposed. There’s a 3% margin of error in opinion polls and this result is within that margin, so support for independence is now statistically tied with opposition.

I don’t know if the poll questioned 16 and 17 year olds, who aren’t able to vote in UK elections or European elections but who will be able to vote in a Scottish referendum. If it didn’t then the true support for independence could be even higher.

The poll also confirmed what Scotland in Union’s…

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How will it End?

26 Apr


As most are aware, the First Minister made a statement to Parliament on Wednesday setting out her thoughts on Scotland’s constitutional future.

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Things which are predictable

25 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

Well no one saw that coming, he said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. David Lidington,Theresa May’s bag-man, came to Scotland today because the UK government felt that a spot of patronising was in order following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement yesterday. David wanted to let us know that the British government is not going to grant a request for a Section 30 order, adding for good measure that the 2014 referendum had settled the matter for a generation. So that’s you telt, Scotland. Tories that Scotland didn’t vote for know better what Scotland wants than you do.

I’ve said this before, but it’s an important point which the British media in Scotland and in the rest of the UK is hellbent on ignoring, a Scotland which has to ask permission in order to ask itself a question about its future within the UK is not a part of any kind of…

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Update on Scotland’s Future

25 Apr

My only fear is that Westminster would rather hold on to Scotland than Brexit.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

YESTERDAY, ADDRESSING HOLYROOD, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out her thoughts on the way forward for Scotland. It fell considerably short of the expectations of many in the independence movement. This was not “the announcement” we were led to believe she would make when she said a number of months ago that she would shortly make an announcement on another independence referendum. Social media has doled out a few slaps in recent weeks to pro-independence writers, myself included, for daring to question “Nicola,” but, having come to expect little from the current leadership of the Scottish National Party, what we have discovered is that we have been given more than we expected. Sturgeon’s update to the Scottish parliament was not quite the “nothing burger with a side of fries” per David Hooks’ assessment. Yesterday, Sturgeon gave us something rather than nothing. Albeit not what we wanted…

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Support The National’s 10,000 steps campaign – and get your own Wee Ginger Dug!

25 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug


The National launches ‘10,000 Steps’ Independence Campaign


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared that indyref2 should take place before 2021 – and Scotland’s only pro-independence newspaper is going into campaign mode. We need to make sure we’re in as strong a position as possible to influence the national debate – and here’s how you can help.

We want to achieve 10,000 subscribers as quickly as possible – and for every 1000 that we sign up we will pledge to invest in the paper and boost the campaign for independence.

Right now, we have 5813 subscribers in print and digital – and it’s growing fast. Here’s what we’ll commit to launching when we hit our ambitious targets.


We will produce a new series of monthly supplements targeted at No voters

ABOVE 6000
Building on the success of our landmark publication of the full McCrone Report earlier…

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We have work to do

24 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

As Nicola Sturgeon prepared to make her statement on independence to the Scottish Parliament, a spokesscoffer for Downing Street put out a statement saying that the Prime Minister has “bigger things to deal with” than the future of Scotland. Well, if we’re that unimportant she won’t mind if we leave then, will she. I don’t know about you, but Scotland’s future is my top priority as it should be for everyone who lives in Scotland, and the fact that it’s so casually dismissed by a British Prime Minister is all by itself a pressing reason for independence.

The statement, so long awaited, so keenly anticipated, so important to the constitutional future of Scotland, so crucial for the shape of Scottish politics for the next couple of years, was ignored by the BBC Parliament channel and wasn’t broadcast live on BBC Scotland. BBC Scotland only broke into the coverage of the…

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