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Oh do fuck off!

31 Mar

Well said!


Unionist politicians are desperate to tell us what our movement is, they are beside themselves in describing our peaceful movement as the same nationalism they witnessed yesterday (Friday) when the Brit-Nat’s marched to London town, compete with their anti-Catholic flute band.

The twenty-ninth March has come and gone, and we are still in the European Union, something many in England disliked immensely if the ugly scenes outside parliament are anything to go by. That is British Nationalism at play, and that is what we in the independence movement have had to put up with. Yet unionist politicians are blinkered to it; they seem to see it as, one in the same, faults on both sides. However, there was only one group stood in George Square doing Nazi salutes on 19th September 2014, only one group held back by police as the independence movement walked peacefully past. Only members of…

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The fork in the road

30 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

The SNP’s Joanna Cherry was told by a pro-Brexit protester that she was a traitor and that she should go back to her own country. I’m quite sure that Joanna would be more than happy to return to Scotland, however the issue here is that until Scotland achieves independence, Westminster rule, Brexit, and a government headed by whatever careerist climbs to the top of the Tory greasy pole, will only follow her, bringing all the myriad problems and neuroses of the British state with them to visit upon Scotland too.

The government is close to collapse. The sclerotic British political system is deadlocked and in crisis, and there’s no clear route out of a mess that’s been created because the features of the British state which were once seen as the strengths of British democracy have now turned into its greatest weaknesses. A first past the post electoral system no…

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Taking Umbrage

30 Mar

Grouse Beater

389Kezia Dugdale (Labour), David ‘Fluffy’ Mundell (Tory), Stuart Campbell (Not SNP)

Wings versus Dugdale

The court case of Stuart Campbell, editor of the pro-independence website Wings Over Scotland, suing Kezia Dugdale, the former leader of the Scottish branch of the Labour party, is small potatoes in the annals of political cause célèbre. The Dreyfus Case it is not, nor is it a check on a British cabinet minster’s honesty requiring five upstanding judges to settle the issue. This is a civil matter requiring one judge, a sheriff. If the case has any significance it lies in the novelty of a new wave blogger establishing legal precedent. 

I attended all three days of the case in Edinburgh’s plush Sheriff Court, keen to judge matters at first hand. Another reason for my attentive attendance was, I am a casualty of the collective malignancy dished out by Labour party hacks…

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An open letter to Brexiteers from Scotland

29 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

Usually, this blog is written for a readership of Scottish independence supporters, a majority of whom support Scotland remaining within the EU, just as a majority of Scotland’s voters as a whole supported remaining within the EU. This article is different. It’s intended as an open letter to those both within Scotland and elsewhere in the UK who voted to leave the EU. The argument made in this article is not a intened as a warning, it’s not meant as a threat. It’s simply a statement of the consequences of what you voted for if you voted for the UK to leave the EU. You’ve also voted to end the United Kingdom.

Those of us in Scotland who voted remain, which is a large majority of the electorate, often hear leavers tell us that the UK voted as one country and so it shall leave as one country. That’s your…

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Just Let it Burn

29 Mar

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

England is burning. England has been engulfed in a conflagration fuelled by the bitter wax of resentment from a melted empire, from the countless blood red tapers of imperial and colonial outrages committed in every corner of the globe. Once the swaggering bullyboy of the world, the butcher of tribes and tongues and peoples and nations, little England, long smouldering, has burst into raging flames. As its Prime Minister now blames Europe, her own party, and anyone and anything within reach for her own spectacular failures, so too does England blame everything but itself. Its greatness, it vainly imagines, has been eclipsed because of the poor, because of the foreigners, and because of all the ill it itself created.

Brexit is not the problem, as so many seem to believe. England’s decision to leave the European Union is a symptom of a much more profound sickness…

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The dreadful prospect

28 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

Theresa May has, finally, told us that she’s going. Well sort of. She’s told Tory MPs that she’s going to go if her deal gets passed by the Commons, although that wish of hers remains as elusive as her reputation for human warmth and conviviality. Some of the Jacob Rees Mogg fanboys and girls have reluctantly decided to back her because they fear any sort of Brexit is slipping from their grasp. Jacob Rees Mogg said he’d back the deal if the DUP either backed it or abstained. But the DUP are still not keen and have let it be known that they’d prefer a long delay to Theresa May’s deal, they’re going to vote against. Others in the ERG remain as impacably opposed as ever. Steve Baker told a meeting of the ERG that he’d prefer to see the Palace of Westminster bulldozed into the Thames. So much for…

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28 Mar


Tonight I supported the amendment to support the revocation of article 50 and I opposed all measures that would possibly lead to a no deal Brexit.

I could not in full conscience support the motion which asked for a confirmatory referendum and I set out the reasons for that here. No motion secured a majority in the House.

Supporting this motion would mean that the Prime Minister’s deal (or some undefined version of Brexit) would be allowed to pass in return for some sort of unspecified confirmatory public vote. It is a measure in which we would be asked to allow a Brexit deal to proceed with the hope that those throughout the rest of the UK would then reject it. It also greatly concerns me that it does not contain a commitment to have a remain option on any future confirmatory vote ballot paper.

This problems with this were…

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What is Scotland’s ‘Nuclear Option?’

27 Mar

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

IN THE PAST FEW DAYS Craig Murray and myself came under considerable fire online for our criticism of the First Minister’s role in the People’s Vote rally in London. Craig and I came at this from quite different angles, and, of course, as pro-independence writers, we have an obligation and a duty to express our thoughts and conclusions – as do we all – even when these do not perfectly chime with the party line. Our criticism does not mean that we are against Nicola Sturgeon or the Scottish National Party or even independence. It does not mean that we are “plants” or “fifth columnists.” All that it means is that we are engaging in a national discussion in which we all have a responsibility – as is the case in every healthy democracy – to share our concerns and sound alarm bells when our conclusions…

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Not in This Day and Age?

27 Mar

Sadly, I have to agree.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

BEFORE EVERY SOCIAL and political calamity, and without exception, there are those who, when warned of the dangers on the horizon, say ‘it can’t happen here – not in this day and age.’ This was as true of Germany before the rise of the Nazis as it was before the conflicts in Ireland and the Balkans. In fairness, this state of denial says something wonderful – but dangerously naïve – of human nature. We are, in the main, optimists; we are wishful thinkers conditioned by the peace and stability of our past experiences. We hope and therefore assume the future will be as normal as our past. Periods of relative peace and social and economic stability lull us into a false sense of security, persuading each new generation that it has passed into the millennium of tranquillity, and forms the opinion that in these times…

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When Sauron met Mr Bean

27 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

According to reports, the small elitist group of arch-Brexists in the Tory party who attended a meeting with Theresa May at Chequers over the weekend have taken to calling themselves the Grand Wizards. You know, what the leaders of the Ku Klux Klan call themselves, so that’s terribly reassuring. Only it’s not so much a burning cross on the lawn as it is a binfire in parliament.

But it’s true that the Grand Wizards of the European Research Group are magic, their intransigence has managed to make the UK’s reputation for stable democratic institutions and pragmatism disappear, along with their own preference for a no-deal Brexit. They’re what you’d get if you mated Sauron with Mr Bean. Jacob Rees Mogg was forced to admit on Tuesday that it was now looking like a choice between Theresa May’s deal or no Brexit at all. He was forced to concede that he…

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