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Oh no EU can’t. Oh yes we can

28 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug


One of the EU’s most senior parliamentarians has said in an interview that the entry of an independent Scotland into the EU should be easy. The German veteran MEP Elmar Brock made the remarks while being interviewed by Alex Salmond on the latter’s show on RT. Since Scotland is, for the time being, a part of the EU by virtue of being a part of the UK, it is already in compliance with all the requirements necessary of an EU member state. That in turn means that should Scotland vote for independence before Brexit Britain has substantially diverged from EU norms and standards, Scotland will be able to rejoin the EU in sharp order, should it so decide.

Elmar Brock now joins Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian Prime Minister and the EU Parliament’s representative on Brexit, who said in June 2018 that it is “a simple fact” that Scotland would…

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The myth makers of Westminster

27 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug


I wouldn’t normally give the oxygen of publicity to anything published by the extremoyoons of the laughably misnamed A Force For Good. They’re the tiny wee group of far right zoomers who stand at independence rallies and shout abuse at indy supporters while thon guy with the manky shirt preaches with a megaphone. They make Ukip seem like open armed welcomers of all things Islamic.

You can get a good idea of the contents of their website if you imagine a bus full of wasps which is on fire and has been driven into a nursery school attached to a children’s hospital. Only without the zenlike calm which that mental image implies. My attention was drawn recently to an article which makes even the batshit zoomery which is the baseline state for this grupiscule seem like a sedate outing in scientific reasonableness. The claim that the union is really 5000…

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In less than a year Reporting Scotland has lied openly about at least school exclusions, crime gangs, obesity, infant school tests, hospital infections and violent crime

26 Feb

Talking-up Scotland


Going back to only June 2018, we can see a litany of lies from Reporting Scotland on, for example only, school exclusions, crime gangs, obesity, hospital infections and most recently on violent crime.

On June 4, 2018, I wrote on how RS were exaggerating gang violence in Scotland by failing to report on the data revealing that only a tiny proportion of the UK gangs were operating here.

How many GANGSTERS are preying on the financial fears of pensioners? BBC Scotland and Herald care not, as long as they can scare us

Also, in June, I wrote to protest their coverage of increasing rates of obesity which failed to note important recent research, revealing the forecast for Scotland to be more positive due to Scottish Government policy interventions and to point to an error suggesting that the growth in obesity was actually a growth in morbid obesity. In the case…

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16 Economic Experts Who Back A New Scottish Currency

26 Feb

The Stirling Wolf

The SNP’s Spring conference in April is going to be a big one. Party members will decide the future of the party’s independence campaign, either in support of keeping Sterling for an unknown amount of time, or to create a brand new currency for day one of our independence.

I’ve already stated my view multiple times on this blog and Bella Caledonia. For an independent Scotland to grasp our full potential we must create a new currency and maintain full control over our monetary powers. You can read my full view on this by clicking here.

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The secretary of state for temper tantrums

25 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug

Yesterday I wrote a blog article in which I compared David Mundell, the Scotland Secretary, to a union fleg branded supermarket bag, flapping uselessly in the branches of a tree. I would like to say now that this remark was unwarranted and utterly uncalled for. Plastic bags do have a useful purpose.

It is being reported today that the Fluffy one disassociated himself from a group of rebel cabinet ministers who had threatened to resign if Theresa May does not take a no deal Brexit off the table. The reason he did so wasn’t because he thinks a no deal Brexit wouldn’t damage Scotland that much after all, it’s because he didn’t want to give the SNP an “easy win”. So there you have it. It’s far more important to the Scotland Secretary that he avoids doing anything that might assist the SNP than it is to stand up for…

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The flapping plastic bags of Britishness

24 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug


It’s been reported over the weekend that three Conservative cabinet ministers have warned Theresa May that they are planning to support an amendment to delay Brexit and take a no deal Brexit off the table. The former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Heseltine, one of the grandest of the party’s grandees, also spoke out to say that cabinet resignations are likely unless MPs are allowed to block the most catastrophic aspects of Brexit and the Prime Minister ceases her dance of death with the zealots of the European Research Group and the DUP.

The three cabinet ministers who spoke out in an article in Daily Mail,what Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary, David Gauke, the justice minister, and the business secretary, Greg Clark, warned of the damage and chaos that would be produced by a no deal Brexit, and stated that it would wreck the UK’s economy and put national…

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International Trial Watch Warns of Irregularities in the Independence Trial

24 Feb

Josep Goded

International Trial Watch, an organization which is monitoring the trial against the Catalan political prisoners over the 2017 referendum, warned on Monday that the Spanish Supreme Court hadn’t admitted “crucial” evidence about the Catalan leaders which would clearly undermine the defendant’s rights to a proper legal defense.

In a press release via Twitter, International Trial Watch has explained that the outcome of the past week will be presented by 6 observers: William Mozdzierz, member of the American Bar Association; Dominique Nogueres, president of the French League of Human Rights; Alexandre Faro, advocate and member of the International Federation of Human Rights; Frédéric Ureel, advocate and member of European Democracy Advocates; Fabio Marcelli, lawyer of the European Association Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights; and Javier Pérez Royo, professor of Constitutional Law of the University of Seville.

2.PNG➡ The accusations do not take into account that the actions of the defendants may…

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How Reporting Scotland INVENTED a crisis of infected hospitals for us

23 Feb

Talking-up Scotland


‘After because of’ or ‘after just later?’

They don’t always report the news, though they like to pretend they do. Sometimes they just make it up. Consider these:

NONE of the five patients who died recently in two Glasgow hospitals died BECAUSE of hospital acquired infections from pigeon-droppings or from any other source.

ALL forms of hospital acquired infection are MUCH less common than they were only ten yeas ago

Surely that’s not true. We all saw the dramatic headlined stories repeated daily, on the deaths of three in the Queen Elizabeth, and on the two babies in the Princess Royal, in the last week of January 2019.

With regard to the three at the QEUH, Reporting Scotland, repeatedly but incorrectly, said that the deaths had been ‘as a result of’, ‘after’ or ‘from’ the fungal infections they did have. This was untrue. In one case the patient had…

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@YesDayScotland delivers best-in-world groundbreaking project architecture, blockchain democracy for global social good

22 Feb


Case study: First on Planet Earth.

Delighted to confirm that this ‘phase’ of what YesDayScotland does, is now coming to an end. This follows our submission to Scotland’s government, of the overview capability to initiate and then become the world’s leading digital society, via the security of distributed ledger technology #DLT – aka blockchain. In these circumstances, there’s literally nothing further that I can personally do. The digital ball, as it were, is now with our government.

A courtesy reminder, #BlockchainDemocracy is NOT itself today, a ‘Hey Presto!’ overnight capability for Scotland. It’s reliant absolutely, on confirmed funding, legality, national government approval of rollout of fit-for-purpose ID cards, and then the actual rollout itself. Costs of cards pro rata to Norway – £75million.

We submitted distributed ledger technology as SNP Member Policy back in February 2016. How time flies.


Fast forward, Scotland’s government confirmed that Scotland’s future democracy is to be…

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Wee Ginger Dugcast, Friday 22 Feb

22 Feb

Wee Ginger Dug

In this week’s dugcast, Callum Baird (editor of The National) and I discuss the BBC and its audience selections, the report of the Dug’s death being somewhat exaggerated, sectarianism in Scotland and its roots in British nationalism, and the defections from Labour and the Tories at Westminster and how the new grouping is going to get far more invites to appear on Question Time than the SNP will.

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