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That EU reply in full

30 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

Can we renegotiate the Irish backstop? The EU’s reply in full.
ní féidir leibh


Both Jean Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier have now officially responded to the UK’s demand for a reopening of negotiations and the removal of the backstop to ensure that the Irish border remains open. They said no. They said that vague aspirations for an unspecified alternative do not make a plan. They said in the clearest possible language that they are not going to renegotiate. They said that those who are now demanding a reopening of negotiations are those who themselves negotiated this deal. So why should anyone believe that the UK will adhere to any future deal that can be agreed too. They said that they did not understand the blame game…

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What a Spurious Bunch!

30 Jan


Last week I received a message from a gentleman, ex-military who had been bombarded with abuse because he dared voice his opinion on what was being said regarding Alex Salmond. As news broke last week of Mr. Salmond’s arrest those in a closed military facebook group of which Mr. Deckard is a member took to social media to have a ‘jolly good laugh’ however, what was posted Mr  Deckhard took umbrage to. On the whole the group are pleasant, however there is an element within this group that thinks it’s perfectly okay to post offensive memes as Mr Deckhard explains:

“This is a closed group for ex members of the Armed Forces, and on the whole it’s a pretty good group of people. However, there is an element within this that I have come across that thinks it’s acceptable to post racist, homophobic and anti-Scottish memes. Most of them just wash over me…

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Tories plan to strip holiday pay, workers’ rights, employer pension contributions after Brexit

30 Jan

Pride's Purge

raab brexit workers rights.png

Why is Theresa May’s former-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and other top Tories – so hell-bent on a hard Brexit?

In 2011, Raab said in a policy paper for the rabidly right-wing think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies that holiday pay, the minimum wage, maternity leave and pension contributions for British workers are all ‘strait jackets’ for British businesses and should all be scrapped.

All of which are currently guaranteed under EU regulations.



Here’s a copy of Raab’s shocking policy paper if anyone wants to read it:


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The red white and blue unicorn tattoo

30 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

Writing in his memoirs the French wartime leader Charles De Gaulle said about la perfide Albion and his distrust of the British establishment which led to his refusal to permit the UK to join the EEC in the early 1960s,

Pour l’Angleterre … il n’y a pas d’alliance qui tienne, ni de traité qui vaille, ni la vérité qui compte.
For England … there is no alliance which holds, nor treaty which has worth, nor truth which counts.

We’re now witnessing De Gaulle’s words come true. Today in the Commons Theresa May argued for a change to her deal which the EU has already said, repeatedly, that it’s not going to accept. She’s arguing for the renegotiation of a deal that she herself said that wasn’t up for renegotiation that was the only deal on the table. But that doesn’t matter to this government. All that matters is that she…

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Furry Relief

30 Jan


Anyone who knows me will no doubt know what an animal lover I am and have always been. Years ago I found a joy and companionship in animals that I never found in other human beings and today that has only increased a thousandfold!

Animals have an innate ability to bring out the best in people and to show us all what we should aspire to be. Calm, relaxed, loving, authentic, loyal, devoted, affectionate and grateful for little thing. What mentors!

As my health has worsened, and in times of flares and terrible pain, there has been no relief and support to rival that of my furry little family. Ask any chronically ill person how they cope and ninety percent of the time you will hear the word pet mentioned repeatedly. They are almost synonymous the words chronic illness and companion animals.

I would never have made it this far…

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More Scottish tax revenue to be hidden or frittered away as Total finds £2 billion plus of gas in North Sea

29 Jan

Talking-up Scotland

In Market Watch today:

‘Total SA said Tuesday that it made a significant gas and condensate discovery on the Glengorm offshore prospect in the U.K.’s [sic]North Sea. Recoverable resources are estimated at around 250 million barrels of oil equivalent, Total said. The companies now plan to conduct further drilling and testing to assess the reservoir’s productivity.’

I know many readers favour a carbon-free future, but I feel obliged to use any weapon available in talking-up the case for independence:

Those who know are betting on high prices for Scottish oil in 2019

Another Trillion dollars plus in new oil field West of Shetland

Cameron’s Great Scottish Oilfield Cover-up of 2014

$2 trillion in Scottish oil still to be extracted just from North Sea!

Scottish oil heading for $41 billion profit in 2018 alone, BBC Scotland? Yes, yes, BUT, BUT what about rising costs?

Of course, much of this revenue is currently being given away…

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What happens next

28 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

On Sunday on the Marr show, Nicola Sturgeon stated the obvious. The case for independence is not affected by legal difficulties faced by any individual. If indeed it were the case that personal legal problems had constitutional implications, then given the number of legal issues which have been faced by British politicians, Westminster would be indistinguishable from a smouldering crater in the aftermath of a nuclear strike.  The only certainty in the British state these days is that almost everything is uncertain.

Nicola Sturgeon has reiterated her intention to provide some clarity about her plans for an independence vote in a few weeks’ time. I don’t know what Nicola is going to announce. I only know what I’d announce if I were the First Minister. Admittedly if I were First Minister there would be a whole lot more swearing and sarcasm in public life, so possibly it’s just as well…

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Populism and the SNP

27 Jan

Grouse Beater


The response among liberal governments and their press to the rise of neofascist groups in Europe, England and the USA is to call the development ‘populism’. Fixed in the mind of the electorate, populist is synonymous with hoodlums, thugs, Nazi salutes and wild-eyed, bomb throwing anarchists. The dishonest, the malicious use the term to denote a political movement or cause they dislike, SNP a prime target.

Defining populism

Populism arrives on the page without definition. Like the anti-intellectual banality of ‘Brexit means Brexit‘, we are supposed to know what it means.

When a politician tells you a grass-roots movement is populist he is telling you to steer clear of it, it is toxic. That infamous phrase comes to mind, “no right thinking person” would join such a group. Suddenly, the SNP is placed on the same level as Greece’s burgeoning Nazis party, Golden Dawn.

UKip and the Tory’s 1922…

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The week in Brexit

27 Jan

Wee Ginger Dug

While certain sections of the British nationalist press in Scotland have been very insistent this week that it’s all over for the independence movement, back in the real world the reasons for Scottish independence just keep getting stronger.  Brexit hasn’t gone away.  Scotland being sidelined and ignored hasn’t gone away.  This week has seen yet more reasons for independence being piled onto the stinking heap of putrid British politics, a heap which already rivals Mt Everest in height.

Theresa May is complaining that Jeremy Corbyn won’t come and speak to her about things that she’s already said she won’t do. One of the businessmen who was most vocal in his support for Brexit is taking his business to Singapore. Jacob Rees Mogg tells us that the only way to save democracy is to close down parliament. The Conservatives insist that it would be an attack on democracy to allow the…

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Warm Home Discount – DWP being Conservative with Truth

26 Jan


Well  folks they done it again…… For many years I have been entitled to the Warm Home Discount to help those on struggling to cover utility costs to the value of £140 off the Electric bills. Many Suppliers have different criteria with Pensioners  coming first as rule of thumb.

So this year I dutifully filled in my application to be told all of a sudden I wasn’t entitled when I had checked that I was. I challenged this with the supplier only to be told that it was because I was on Contributory ESA  you have to be on Income Related to qualify and that the DWP had told the supplier to the contrary.

Now I knew I got CB ESA plus a IR top up should have made me eligible. so I call DWP as suggested by supplier for letter of proof, that I was indeed eligible and posted…

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