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The Unknown Fire

20 Dec


If you have been chronically ill or have Autoimmune illnesses you will more than likely have a slew of symptoms and challenges that have been undiagnosed for years and May remain that way.

No matter how much we search, or no matter how many doctors we speak to, we often have to face the fact that we may never find answers or relief. It’s one of the hardest facts to accept!

So many of us have faced some very painful and difficult symptoms that we have no answers for and we may have even began to doubt our own sanity. Why are answers so important? Because originally I thought that finding a name would help find relief. But after all these years I have found that answers to don’t come easy and more often than not do not come at all.

Many of my fellow Autoimmunes have been to many…

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Breaking up isn’t always hard to do

20 Dec

Wee Ginger Dug

Opponents of independence have got a new argument against independence. It’s not much of an argument, but then the British establishment is increasingly clutching at ever more desperate straws. The argument goes that Brexit has shown how difficult it is to leave a union, and therefore Scottish independence is likely to be even worse as Scotland is small and weak.

This argument is very like that other Brexit related argument against independence, which goes that we’d only be swapping control from Westminster for control from Brussels and that wouldn’t be independence at all. Serious people who really ought to know better have made this particular argument, but the truth is that if you really don’t understand the difference between the amount and quality of control exerted over a country by membership of the EU with the amount and quality of control exerted over a constituent part of the UK by…

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20 Dec
20 Dec
20 Dec
20 Dec
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