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England as a Colony

8 Dec

Grouse Beater

393England’s saddest hour

What a strange time we live in. Narcissistic celebrity MPs strut and pose for personal gain. The times are precarious, the scene nauseous, the principal characters repulsive.

Tory serial dissembler Boris Johnson describes the United Kingdom as a colony of Europe. England, the nation that possessed the greatest empire known in civilisation, a colony? Scotland is a colony and to some extent Wales, but England? What could he mean? He meant England is a colony of Germany. We are privy to a wave of English self-absorbed unhappiness over their self-inflicted troubles.

Boris and his ilk get off with mouthing nonsense because Theresa May is not a strong leader. In fact, she has no personality at all. To this day, I have no idea who she is or what she stands for, her principles are apt to switch week by week.

Who’s the colony here? Us or you?

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