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Telling Theresa the time

30 Nov

Wee Ginger Dug

According to an article in The Times today, Theresa May will refuse to agree to any request from the Scottish government to hold another independence referendum. Well that’s a relief, because no one in Scotland has the slightest intention of requesting anything from Theresa May. Scotland will be informing Theresa May that it’s going to have a vote on independence, that will be at a time which suits Scotland, and Theresa May’s permission is not required.

I’ve laid out the points in this blog article before, but they are worth restating, given the willingness of the media in this country to go along with the mistaken notion that Scotland requires the permission of the Prime Minister before it can have a vote on independence.

The reality is that if Theresa May really believes that the UK is a “precious Union”, then she has no moral grounds for refusing to allow…

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Are These Guy For Real?? Surely Not!!!!

30 Nov


The Weapon of Mass Migration – The US War on Europe – Open Gates: Coerced collective suicide of European nations

Artificial mass migration as imperial policy has a long history, and the current mass migration into Europe is the brain child of US military grand strategist Thomas P.M. Barnett.

He was a strategic advisor to former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and currently works with the Israeli military consultancy firm Wikistrat, a close collaborator of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) in Stuttgart, Germany.

Barnett’s books ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’ and ‘Blueprint for Action’ (2004, 2005) have had a major influence on US and Israeli global military geostrategies.

Today Wikistrat is heavily involved in the development of ‘crowd sourcing’ and ‘crowd leveraging’ technologies, and most of the Twitter entries encouraging migrants in the Middle East and Africa to travel to Austria, Germany and Sweden come from the UK, US and…

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Scotland? What Scotland?

30 Nov

Peter A Bell

Theresa May has ignored Scotland throughout the whole Brexit process, and excluding The National in this way simply underlines how she is running scared of answering tough questions.

The stuff about Theresa May “running scared” of difficult questions makes for great political rhetoric. But, as I’m sure the First Minister is well aware, it doesn’t quite reflect the reality.

Theresa May is not afraid of tough questions, for two reasons. Firstly, as a professional politician, she is trained to deal with hard interrogation. And, as the British Prime Minister, she has a small army of advisers whose task it is to ensure she is thoroughly briefed and equipped with well-rehearsed responses for any question.

This, incidentally, is how she will deal with Jeremy Corbyn in the proposed TV .debate’. She will be armed with a sword of stock phrases and a shield of glittering generalities. Corbyn will have nothing but…

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30 Nov

Weaponised Gender Politics

30 Nov

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

“I TELL YOU THIS EARLY MORNING,” said the Irish rebel Michael Collins shortly after concluding the Anglo-Irish Treaty, “I signed my own death warrant.” It has become a studied habit of mine never to discuss feminism and gender politics. It has always seemed to me that, as a man and as a man who belongs to not one but two exclusively male institutions, venturing into the world of gender politics is like seeing a sign that reads: DANGER! LANDMINES and still thinking clambering over the wire fence to pick the flowers on the other side is a good idea. So, this decision to comment on the political weaponisation of gender politics feels like the signing of my own death warrant. Let’s see how it goes.

First, a preamble of sorts: When I engage with women online to address statements they have made or articles they have…

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We shouldn’t be afraid to speak Scots

30 Nov

Thick skin in a leather factory

29 Nov

Wee Ginger Dug

Theresa May appeared before the House of Commons Liaison Committee this morning to speak about her Brexit plans. Committee members were keen to ask her what her Plan B was in the likely event that her deal would not attract the support of sufficient MPs in order to pass through parliament. Remember Plan Bs? There was a time when pressing politicians on their Plan B was all the rage, but that was before Brexit happened and the realisation that no one had a Plan A, least of all the Conservatives.

She was asked by a Conservative MP on the committee what she’d learned from the past two and half years. There are many accurate answers to that question. She could have said that having a Plan A before pressing the Article 50 button might, in retrospect, have been a good idea. She could have said that she now realised that…

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A PM on the run……

28 Nov

A Heinous Crime

28 Nov

Grouse Beater

394.jpgWill blood letting on the alter of political expediency cause the sun to shine again on Scotland’s independence and the crops to grow?

Anti-Semitic? Who is the accuser?

This part of the article calls upon Fiona Robertson to resign, the SNP’s Women’s Rights and Equalities convener. I am of the opinion she is unfit for the important post she currently holds. I shall return to this issue later.

Legal experts might correct this observation: I do not think Rhea Wolfson libelled me. In all the manufactured hullabaloo that emanated from the GMB union’s bosses and Labour’s blundering Scottish branch, calculated to deflect criticism from their anti-Scotland antics, no one appears to have noticed that Wolfson expressed mere anger at my questioning of her behaviour and comments. Her lack of a specific allegation of malice aforethought begs the question: why did the SNP react so ineptly and cowardly in assuming there was…

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28 Nov
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