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Not keeping calm and carrying on

28 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

Safer. Are you feeling safer? More secure. Are you feeling more secure? Those were the key promises of the Better Together campaign in 2014. Why risk independence when you can continue to enjoy the safety and security of the UK, they told us. It was their key selling point, the single point that more than any other persuaded the switherers to vote against independence. All that uncertainty. All those unknowns. All that doom, gloom and McArmageddon that opponents of independence forecast, all of it could be avoided by the simple expedient of a no vote, and then Scots could continue as a part of the UK, a part of the EU, and no one would have to worry.

Only now we’re confronted with a greater insecurity than anyone forecast with independence. We are less safe than we have ever been. Not even Alistair Darling warned that independence might mean the…

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Should We Demand Another Section 30 Order?

28 Sep

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

ACHIEVING INDEPENDENCE IS THE GOAL of the Scottish independence movement. This much is a no-brainer, but the achievement of this end presents a veritable plethora of challenges. While I believe a referendum to be the best option, there are other ways; namely, a simple declaration of independence and a dissolution of the union. Each one of these has its historical precedents and each, under the right conditions, is at least theoretically capable of delivering independence. But returning to my preferred option – the referendum, Martin Keatings published a remarkable article in New Direction on Monday expertly exploding the fissure in the referendum camp; whether or not to request a Section 30 order from the British government.

Keatings does not want us to go down “the ‘we don’t need permission’ line of thought,” zetetically arguing the logic of adhering to the legal framework expected by Westminster. In…

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Saying what really matters

28 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

Theresa May is scared. She gave an interview to Reporting Scotlandshire and instructed us to forget about another independence referendum and told Nicola Sturgeon to concentrate on the day job. Which is pretty rich coming from Theresa May. Nicola Sturgeon manages her day job rather well, presiding over a government which manages – on the whole – to achieve what it has been tasked with achieving. A government which is united and focused on the job at hand. Theresa May on the other thinks that her own day job largely consists of going to war with other parts of her own party and making just enough in the way of concessions to one or other of the warring factions in order to keep her in her post.

In the Gospel According to the Unsaintly Theresa, delivered unchallenged to the BBC’s Department For Keeping the Jocks In Order, the issue of…

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