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The gravity of theory

22 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

On Friday, Theresa May gave her considered response to the entirely predictable rejection of her Chequers Plan by the EU. The rejection should not have come as a surprise to anyone who was paying attention. The EU has been signalling ever since the Chequers Plan was cobbled together that it wasn’t going to be acceptable. For the past two years it has been patiently and consistently explaining that the four freedoms are indivisible, and the British Government can’t pick and choose those parts of them that happen to suit the interests of maintaining some sort of semblance of unity within the British Conservative party.

It’s just unfortunate that the British Government counts amongst those who weren’t paying attention, and so it reacted to the EU’s refusal in much the same way that a toddler reacts when it goes in a huff and knocks its sippy cup off of the high…

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When they try to silence us it means we’re winning

22 Sep

Wee Ginger Dug

The National is reporting today that a number of newsagents have cancelled their orders for the Sunday National, despite selling out the copies that they previously received. The news has been received with the usual contempt and dismissal by opponents of independence, some of whom have openly accused the newspaper’s staff of consciously and deliberately inventing an outright lie in order to mislead and deceive – you know, as if it were a right wing tabloid which specialises in stories about Diana’s ghost telling a medium that she supports Brexit.

It’s a sad reflection of some people Scotland that they are so terrified of independence that they will attempt to prevent other people from talking about it and reading about it. It’s a perfectly legitimate point of view to oppose Scottish independence. It’s not a view I share. It’s a view that I believe is wrong on multiple levels. But…

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There is No Plan A

22 Sep

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

BRITAIN IS RUN BY MORONS. Not exactly the most professional or journalistic way to put it, but it’s true nonetheless. Britain is currently under the management of a shower of supercilious, incompetent bampots. They are morons. Finally managing to nuke the Russians in a days-long marathon game of Civilization IV is about as close as I have gotten to running a country, and even I knew the “Chequers deal” was going to go down like a lead balloon. The only time anyone should be getting behind this Prime Minister is when behind her is up-wind from her. Theresa May sticks.

Firstly, let’s get this right; the Chequers deal was never a deal. Deals are the result of negotiation, compromise, and agreement between competent parties. What was shouted at the British Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s pile in the country was a proposal, and a…

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The Predictables

22 Sep

Peter A Bell

scotland_euBy way of comment on the latest developments in the Brexit farce, I refer to something I wrote nearly two years ago. If nothing else, this demonstrates just how predictable it all was.

“I continue to be perplexed by British politicians and political commentators talking as if the manner of the UK’s departure from the EU was a matter of choice. Many of these people seem to genuinely believe that the UK Government can, on behalf of the various vested interests that it represents, tailor Brexit in such a way as to avoid much of the deleterious impact. They really seem to imagine that the institutions and remaining member nations of the EU are just sitting there waiting for Theresa May to tell them what it is that she wants so that they can helpfully accommodate her.

First there was “soft Brexit”, and the notion that the UK could…

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