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The rush to judgement

31 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug

I had a lovely couple of days in Wales, doing a talk for the Caernarfon branch of Yes Cymru. It was a fantastic evening, and the venue was packed out. In fact it went so well that now Yes Cymru is considering organising a national tour of Wales for the dug. I’ll get to tag along too. The news about Alex Salmond’s resignation from the SNP broke when I was away. That was what the British parties and the anti-independence media had been calling for ever since the allegations against the former First Minister came to light last week. You’d think that his resignation would have made them happy, but no.

Instead of being satisfied that Alex Salmond had done what the British parties and media had been demanding that he do, demands that were loud and shrill, they’re now working themselves up into a froth of indignation because he…

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Gerry Hassan’s House Divided

31 Aug

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

“THE BIG-TENT BROAD CHURCH Yes movement of [the] 2014 #indyref,” tweets writer, commentator, and academic Gerry Hassan, “was always going to splinter.” His comment came in the wake of the former First Minister, Alex Salmond’s, announcement that he had resigned from the SNP. While he sees the fragmentation of the Scottish independence movement as an inevitability, he questions whether this will come about over partisan disputes between what he classifies as “Salmond loyalists” and “non-Salmond believers.” Rather, he predicts that broader philosophical differences in the movement will ultimately bring this about; between the camps of “faith politics” and those with a “more pragmatic approach.” The superior attitude and sneering demeanour of how he has chosen to articulate this dire prediction are unmistakable, but is he right?

He goes on to support his assertion:

Yes has been in decline since the indyref. Some of this is…

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52 Reasons why folk in glass houses should not throw rocks! Especially when the target only faces allegations!

31 Aug

What a horrific line-up!


1.Brian Gate Labour Councillor & School Governor for child welfare, caught downloading child pornography.
2. Graham Pearson Labour Lord Mayor School teacher and Nursery School Governor caught with child porn images.
3. Richard Harris Labour Councillor candidate & School Governor arrested for offering children money for sex.
4. Ben Williams Labour Councillor & School teacher arrested over child porn internet searches.
5. Paul Diggert Labour Party Councillor Candidate & School Governor caught downloading child pornography.
6. Cyril Smith was a Labour Councillor and teacher at Cambridge House Boys Home in Rochdale (before he joined Liberals he was a Labour
councillor) depraved sexual acts upon little boys.
7. Timothy Edmeades Labour Party organizer/Lord Mayor assistant/School teacher helper/Scout Leader/ child rapist.
8. John Friary Labour Councillor & School Governor guilty of grooming a child for sex.
9. Keith Rogers Labour Party Councillor & School Governor making 2,000 child rape images.
10. Alec…

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Alex Salmond Resigns his SNP Membership

30 Aug

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

THIS IS INDEED THE SORRIEST indictment of where we are as a society, that a man with a decades-long record of unblemished public service feels compelled to resign his membership of the Scottish National Party or face expulsion following two unproven accusations of misconduct. It is utterly irrelevant whether or not these accusations are true. They are as yet unproven, and the assumption of innocent until proven guilty is – or should be – the bedrock of any understanding of justice. That Alex Salmond has found himself in this situation cannot but be seen as a terrible blot on the record of the SNP. If it lacks the moral certainty to defend this central principle of fairness for someone who has served and led it for so long and through so much, how can we depend on it to defend anyone else? This is deeply regrettable.

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Purnell the Labour Party plant with his hands firmly on the levers of power at the bbc – Cost the licence payer nearly £800k in year one of his employment.

30 Aug


Image result for purnell fake pics

2007: Labour Party – Fake News – James Purnell

Culture Secretary, and local MP, Purnell, turned up late for an event at a Manchester hospital, and missed the official photo opportunity, only to appear in group press photographs of the ceremony.

He denied any knowledge of a decision to fake the photographs showing him in a group shot with fellow MPs.  But correspondence issued later revealed that the hospital had sent official messages in advance advising details of a plan, if he was too be late, to “mock up” the group pictures by “dropping” him into them.

It is a humiliation for Mr Purnell, who, in a speech to the Royal Television Society, said: “In both politics and television you devalue the only currency you have if you forfeit the trust of the public.”

Ardent Blairite Purnell, is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford, and first worked for Tony Blair…

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‘The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath’

29 Aug

Andrew Redmond Barr

DoApanel1DoamockbooksmallIn 2020 Scotland will celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, one of the most significant artefacts in our nation’s history.

I am looking to raise funds to produce an illustrated book, published by the Saltire Society, which will also be adopted as the official commemorative book for 2020 celebrations. Click here to donate.

“It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.​”

The History

smalldoaThe Declaration of Arbroath, also known as the Declaration of Scottish Independence, was a diplomatic letter from the Scots to the Pope in 1320, calling for Scotland to be recognised as an independent kingdom against English claims of overlordship.  It is thought to be one of the earliest written arguments for popular sovereignty and one of the most significant statements…

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What’s the Plan for Independence?

29 Aug

I couldn’t agree more.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

IT HAS BEEN A WHILE since this site has gotten its teeth into the working out of the idea of independence. The wider context of independence politics means that much of the thinking of the our movement is caught up in the cut and thrust of national and union politics, leaving us little time to focus on the specific questions of independence. In fairness, Brexit and the fallout from the Westminster government’s chaotically inept management have kept us mired in the mucky politics of London – and this, as it all affects Scotland, is important. But this is silly season; the parliamentarians have gone off on their holliers, leaving us to tear lumps out of one another from sheer boredom or revisit the central issue of why we are here – independence.

Are we actually still heading in the right direction? Yes, of course we…

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That was then and this is now

27 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug

Herman Van Rompuy, the former president of the European Council and no big supporter of the Scottish independence movement, has warned Westminster that a no-deal Brexit means that Scottish independence becomes more likely. This is a welcome indication of how the mood music from Brussels is going to be radically different during a second Scottish independence referendum compared to the first.

In the run up to the first Scottish independence referendum, Van Rompuy was one of those EU figures who, at the behest of David Cameron’s Conservatives and the EU-wide anti-independence machinations of the Spanish Partido Popular, lined up to makes statements designed to damage hopes of independence. As a member of the rightist Belgian CDV party, Van Rompuy’s party is a part of the European People’s Party in the EU parliament along with the Spanish Partido Popular, which had targetted other members of the European People’s Party in an…

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BBC Scotland misreport it but every homicide and domestic abuse case in Scotland now treated in same way and to same highest possible standard.

27 Aug

Talking-up Scotland

Police Scotland’s new chief constable said today of the national service’s performance:

‘That approach has brought benefits. For example, we can now say with certainty that every homicide in Scotland is dealt with to the highest possible standard. Every domestic abuse case is treated in the same way regardless of where the victim lives.’

These are important, newsworthy achievements which BBC Scotland mention only in passing at the end of the website report and not at all in the broadcast. Instead BBC Scotland essentially lie with a headline twisted from the chief constable’s words:

‘Police chief admits mistakes made in setting up national force’

What he actually said was:

‘I acknowledge that we didn’t get everything right at the outset of Police Scotland.’

The word ‘mistakes’ was not used. Now some might argue that they’re saying the same thing but the decision to drop the actual words, insisting by implication…

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27 Aug


Image result for brexit campaign

2013: Christopher Wylie opens a can of worms

Canadian Wylie, claimed to be a central figure in the setting up of the Canadian digital company, AggregateIQ, (AIQ) which played a pivotal role in the official 2016, Vote Leave campaign, led by Michael Gove and Boris Johnson.

Wylie explained:

“When I became research director for SCL (the parent company of Cambridge Analytica) we needed to rapidly expand our technical capacity and I reached out to a lot of people I had worked with in the past.

That included Jeff Silvester, my former boss, who lived in my home town, Victoria, in British Columbia.

I told him SCL was mostly involved in psychological warfare work for Nato, including many projects involving a socio-political element. I then suggested he should come and work for SCL, in London. But he had just had a family and didn’t fancy living in the UK”.

Silvester, in…

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