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Scotland’s Pulitzer Prize #Blockchain Democracy Submission

25 Apr


ARTICLE DRAFTING AS AT 25.4.18 – please wait till we’re finished, before sharing …

Noted, submitted content for a #PulitzerPrize needs to have been of news to USA readers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 09.34.30Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 09.33.09

USA is the second highest ranking country readership, on our ultra niche wordpress. If in the meantime, you are a USA journalist who want to help underpin our 2018 Pulitzer case further, please publish something!

In any event, our source subject matter will probably be the underpinnings for all future USA democracy.

After all, the United States of America was somehow able to elect a President who had 2,868,691 FEWER votes than the eventual runner-up.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 13.51.09

Your Presidential vote took place in a society, in which 44.3% of people never voted. Democratic exclusion klaxons people!

And for the people who did vote, they experienced ‘significant issues with digital desktop counting machines’.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 14.15.42

Were the Russians involved in your Presidential elections? Russia hacked voting…

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Standing firm for Scotland’s interests

25 Apr

Wastemonster has called wolf too many times for Scotland to be fooled again.

Wee Ginger Dug

Westminster is using Brexit, something that Scotland didn’t vote for, in order to undermine something that Scotland did vote for. Those were words which Mike Russell used in Holyrood yesterday, words which I’m proud to say first appeared in this blog. That’s the fundamental issue here. Westminster is using the results of the Brexit referendum, which Scotland voted against, in order to undermine the result of a referendum which Scotland voted for, the devolution referendum of 1997.

There are a couple of ways of describing what’s happening with the matter of negotiations between Holyrood and Westminster about the EU Exit Bill’s power grab of devolved powers. You could follow the bulk of the Scottish media and say that the SNP stands alone in its opposition to a deal with the Welsh government has accepted. All of which kind of implies that Theresa May is considerate and conciliatory and the current…

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Pete Wishart: The Worst Type of Defeat

24 Apr

Butterfly Rebellion

by Jeggit

Having read Peter Bell’s thoughts on it in his article “The ‘Sweet Spot’ of Catastrophe” on Sunday, I was aware Pete Wishart had written more on his preference for a strategy of waiting for the “optimum conditions” for another independence referendum. Last night, while I should have been preparing for today’s geometry lesson, I read what Mr Wishart had to say. Once again the drama around my desk became like that scene in Downfall where Adolf removes his specs with a trembling left hand before throwing a complete man-child tantrum in the Führerbunker. I was livid.

Now before turning to what the MP for Perth and North Perthshire says I have to make something clear. The last time myself and other pro-independence bloggers criticised Pete Wishart our words were widely taken as an endorsement of the belief Wishart no longer supports independence…

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Things worth despising

24 Apr

Well said, Paul.

Wee Ginger Dug

Some British nationalists are trying to stir up some controversy because SNP MSP James Dornan said on Twitter that he despises being a part of the UK. Cue major harrumphage from the usual suspects, those British nationalists who are always the first to claim victimhood status in defence of the right of the British state to rule unchallenged. That vile cybernat MSP says that he hates every single person in the UK. He hates the baby prince. He hates little babies! Help, help, we poor British nationalists who are not nationalists at all are being oppressed by that horrible and nasty separatist. He’s saying nasty things about us!

It’s perfectly justified to say nasty things about a state which does nasty things. When someone condemns the actions of the British state, only a self-serving fool would believe that the condemnation extends to every single person in the British state. But…

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Scotland is Political Occupied Territory

24 Apr


Personally speaking, I define that as territory under the authority and effective control of a contentious Political Party or Parties.

The three main Unionist parties in Scotland, the Labour Party, Conservative and Unionist Party and the Liberal Democrat Party are all political parties registered in England but they field candidates in Scotland, England and Wales (I’ll leave out Northern Ireland as its politically different).

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Sage advices

23 Apr

Peter A Bell

then_whatHaving dealt with the matter of the relationship between the Yes movement and the SNP in an earlier article, I should probably address Carolyn Leckie’s ‘sage advices’ on the matter of when the new referendum should be held. At least this gives me the opportunity to heartily agree with one point that she makes.

I suspect the main reason why Ruth Davidson, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie are so hostile to a referendum during this parliamentary term is because they fear defeat. They rate their chances of ousting the SNP from power at Holyrood higher than their chances of winning a second No vote.

Absolutely correct! And one of the reasons I find the position taken by Pete (Wishart) and the Postponers so unacceptable. The idea of indefinitely delaying the referendum feeds all too neatly into the British parties’ anti-democratic campaign to deny Scotland’s right of self-determination.

Of course…

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Sticks and Stones!

23 Apr


I couldn’t care what people call me, I couldn’t care what connotations it brings and I certainly couldn’t care whether someone believes in my motives for supporting Scottish independence.

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Al-Assad: Britain Getting its Story Straight

23 Apr

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Okay, I can understand why folk are worried there’s something of the tinfoil hat about the eagerness of so many to accept the Russian claim that the video footage of an alleged chemical gas attack on civilians in the town of Douma in Syria was staged by British intelligence. Surely if a cruel Arab tyrant murdered our loved ones with chemical weapons we’d want people around the world to believe us and put pressure on the governments of the free world to intervene. We assume that our government – the British government – is one of these free world good guys. It’s difficult to imagine that our government might be the baddies.

Before pulling at the threads of the British government’s decision to bomb Syria, I would like for us first to consider – knowing that in fairness we know next to nothing about the conflict…

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The Sorrow and the Shame

22 Apr

Scotland’s history – I never got taught about this at school.

Grouse Beater

508Vast tracts of the Highlands offer arable land, fit for modern farming methods

If clearing people from their land by force is not cleansing what is it?

The term ethnic cleansing to denote over a hundred years of clearing Scots from their land is a phrase rejected by those who see Scotland by weather, strange culinary habits and language, a little too inclined to be chippy. It is full of tiresome complaining people. In any event, ‘cleansing’ is condemned for being out of context, erroneously contemporaneous, too emotional because it many cases it was Scot against Scot.

Well, I have news for slimy proselytisers. It was Jewish guards given temporary preferment who hustled Jews to the gas chambers less their belongings and clothes. Who would dare not call that barbarity a cleansing?

Evictions, deportation in all weathers cause deaths, especially of children, pregnant mothers and the elderly. Many Scots died from the vicissitudes that…

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We’re all bastards from Newsnet now

21 Apr

Wee Ginger Dug

When independence campaigners who are compelled to pay a licence fee on pain of criminalisation complain about how the BBC doesn’t reflect their views, and demand that the Corporation refrain from its anti-independence bias, they’re accused of trying to silence journalists and being enemies of democracy. It now transpires that it’s the BBC which has been silencing journalists, and if silencing journalists makes you an enemy of democracy then that would be the BBC.

The broadcaster and comedian Hardip Singh Kohli has reported that during the independence referendum campaign that he was told by a BBC Radio Scotland manager that his name appeared on an email list of Yes supporting individuals whom the Corporation would not invite onto its news and current affairs programmes. There is naturally no bar on appearing on BBC news and current affairs programmes if you oppose independence, because opposing independence isn’t bias at all. Oh…

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