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Faith without Works is Dead

29 Mar

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

We are a baw hair’s width from independence. But the road has been long and people are exhausted. We all want a good wee moan, but this is the time to stand up, dust ourselves down, and get it finished.

Give me a penny for every time I have heard a scunnered independentista say we can’t do it, that now isn’t the right time, or something similarly defeatist and I would be a wealthy man. I’m fed up listening to people tell me we can’t do it. We have listened to people our whole lives telling us what we can and can’t do, and if you really want to be part of that miserable chorus then my advice is that you either take a wee break or go and ask Scotland in Union if they are looking for cheerleaders. There are too many people in this…

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As others see us – com les altres ens veuen

28 Mar


Wee Ginger Dug

A Scottish court has had the good sense and common decency to free Clara Ponsatí on bail while she fights the extradition order brought against her by the Spanish government seeking to prosecute her on politically motivated charges which could potentially result in the former Catalan education minister facing up to 30 years in a Spanish prison. Scotland’s courts have in this instance proven themselves to be more humane and to have a greater respect for human rights than the German court which refused bail to Catalan president Carles Puigdemont.

Despite the fact that senior figures in Labour in Scotland like Ian Murray MP have tweeted that they support the arrest and extradition of Clara Ponsatí, some in that party are, gob-smackingly hypocritcally but entirely predictably, trying to use her arrest as an excuse to indulge in some SNPbaddery. Some in Labour, like Labour Youth, are trying to claim that…

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Getting pecked to death by a chlorinated chicken

28 Mar

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s a lot of very serious stuff going on. It’s being alleged that Cambridge Analytica and the Vote Leave campaign stole the EU referendum and it’s entirely possible that the UK is being dragged out of the EU on the basis of a fraud. It’s bad enough that the Conservatives have decided after the event of the vote that it was a vote for the hardest possible Brexit, outside the customs union and outside the EU single market. It’s bad enough that the campaign was characterised by lies and mendacity. But now it seems that the entire leave campaign was fought unfairly and it is being alleged that the leave result was only obtained because electoral law was broken. All of our futures have been negatively affected because of data that was collected by Facebook against our knowledge and which was used by Cambridge Analytica without our consent because the…

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Tommy Sheridan: Use the Mandate

27 Mar

Butterfly Rebellion

by Jeggit

Tommy Sheridan – Glasgow’s own “Citizen Tommy” – has been, for as long as I can remember, a big voice at the heart of the independence movement. Love him or hate him, Sheridan will always be one of the pillars of the cause. “Some people hate my guts,” he said to me over coffee in a Jamaica Street bar, “but others love me.” His take on how he is received in the movement and in wider Scottish politics is that you just can’t please everyone all of the time. In fact, as he puts it, “anyone who doesn’t divide opinion in politics isn’t doing a very good job.”

As the temperature gauge on the next independence referendum rises; with a date later this year on many people’s minds, I wanted to catch up with Sheridan to get his take on things. We met up at the Crystal…

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Defending democracy

25 Mar

Solidarity with Catalunya.

Wee Ginger Dug

Today, Sunday, came the news that the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has been arrested by German police acting on a European warrant issued by the Spanish authorities. Puigdemont had fled to Belgium after Spain announced that it was seeking to arrest him and members of his pro-independence government. Spain filed an international arrest warrant against him, but he appealed the warrant in the Belgian courts because Spain had charged him with rebellion, a crime which does not exist in Belgium. This resulted in the Spanish authorities withdrawing the warrant. As the warrant had been withdrawn, he felt free to travel elsewhere in Europe, however the Spanish authorities reactivated the warrant upon hearing that he was in Finland. He was rearrested on his return to Belgium as he was travelling through Germany.

The Catalan digital newspaper Vilaweb is reporting that leaders of Junts Pel Sí, the leading Catalan pro-independence party…

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Aye Fyne: Everyone has their Boots On

25 Mar

Butterfly Rebellion

by Jeggit

“Have you ‘landed’ yet,” asked Ken’s message as my coach pulled into Buchanan Street Bus Station in Glasgow. “So not twelve o’clock then?” read Peter Bell’s message. He was obviously not too happy I was half an hour late. The plan was to meet up at Buchanan Street and begin the drive up to Lochgilphead in Argyll for an event organised by Aye Fyne, but the mood was low. It had been a tough week blogging, social media was a war zone, and I had just finished a thirteen hour journey – including a six hour wait out on the streets of a freezing Belfast.

It would have been easier had I taken a flight, but I wasn’t going to do that. If anything happens at sea, I can swim. I’ve never been good at the old flying. Anyway, this was how our trip to the…

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Multi-million-barrel oil discovery in North Sea

24 Mar

Talking-up Scotland


(c) Amulf Husmo | Getty Images

Hot on the heels of BBC Scotland’s gloomy warning headlined:

North Sea oil and gas exploration ‘at lowest level since 1970s’’

we see in Energy Voice today that US firm Apache has made a 10 million-barrel discovery in the Garten field 155 miles east of Aberdeen. Production will begin in 2019.

According to analysts Wood Mackenzie in Energy Voice:

‘Hot on the heels of Callater, Corona and Storr, that’s more than 85 million barrels discovered in the area since 2015.’

So, just from that one well, with crude trading at more than $60 per barrel that’s $600 million minus production costs of at most $150 million or $450 million to be shared between the shareholders, the staff and the treasury. At a 20% corporation tax rate that should be at least $90 million or £64 million.

Add this to the £75…

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Cambridge Analytical & SCL – Chiels Wha Winna Ding, and Canna Be Disputed – Remember the 2014 Referendum – A Stitch-up

23 Mar


“Better Together” Gains Unfettered access to Experian’s Database

Experian is one of the largest data collection companies in the world, and provides credit worthiness reports for its subscribers.

Blue State Digital, a US data-mining agency that had worked for US President Obama on his successful election campaigns was asked by “Better Together” to devise an enhanced data management tool further developing its “Patriot” software which had contributed so much to Obama’a election.

Experian extracted extensive personal data of millions of Scots from its database and supplied it to Blue State Digital who then developed a data-mining software programme which they titled, “Mosaic” and sold it to the UK government supported “Better Together” campaign for use in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. Cost £500,000.

“Mosaic” allowed “Better Together” to identify lifestyle indicators, categorize voters and link them with activists of a similar age or with similar social media friends in order…

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Is May yet again having to bite one of the hands that feeds the party?

22 Mar


Not really being a conspiracy theorist (although I’m pretty sure my cats have it in for me) it’s somewhat refreshing to find cast iron evidence that a government watchdog is for some inexplicable reason giving notice of a warrant to raid SCL Group (formerly Strategic Communication Laboratories) who are the parent company to Cambridge Analytica parent company.

The company has exposed as manipulating elections using underhand methods and was caught on surveillance camera as confessing to inter alia ‘honey traps’; filming folk accepting bribes; spreading misinformation; and gaslighting on an eye watering scale.

Who were this company’s clients? Well they boast about engineering the entire Trump campaign, which rather answers the question many have since his election “How?”

But, I’d aver of greater concern to the British electorate is Ian Blackford’s exposure of the link between the Tories in Prime Minister’s Questions

“I thank the Prime Minister for that answer…

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The Great British Boak Off

21 Mar

Getting on with the day job of promoting Scotland in a positive light, unlike the MSM.

Wee Ginger Dug

You might be forgiven for thinking, given that the promise to stand up for the interests of the Scottish fishing industry was the only commitment made by Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ during last year’s General Election that consisted of saying more than “We don’t want another referendum”, that the Scottish media would now be hounding St Ruth Davidson the Messiah of Britishness and Saviour of the Union over her party’s abject failure to do so. All the more so since Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives™ were consistently branded as Ruth’s party and answerable to Ruth and to Ruth alone. However this is Scotland.

In Scotland there are 38 daily and Sunday newspapers of which 36 are constantly seeking stories to undermine the SNP and the cause of independence, and a broadcast media which takes its news agenda from that 94.7% of the press that is British nationalist. That would be the…

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