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“Scexit:” Language and the Psychology of Control

28 Nov

Propaganda – brexit, irexit scexit, sexit!

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

People like the former political editor of The Guardian, Michael White – the guy who claimed independence was about ethnic cleansing, want us to start using their words to describe our actions. Here’s what that really means.

There are about as many supporters in the Irish Republic for the idea of an Irish exit from the European Union as there are advocates for Ireland’s return to British rule – precisely none, and yet not so very long ago the BBC in London was making a big deal over “Irexit.” Britain’s strategy with regard to Ireland – a perpetual thorn in its side – in the Brexit process has oscillated between thinly veiled threats masquerading as a wooing and outright anti-Irish racist vitriol. At some stage in Whitehall’s developing game plan someone came up with the Trojan horse idea of Irexit, essentially a fake news item…

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Patriotic propaganda

27 Nov

Scotto Voce

In one of those glorious coincidences that must have brought a grin the width of Cheshire to George Kerevan‘s face, the announcement of yet another grand royal diversion came on the same day as The National published his column under the title ‘Patriotic propaganda is the order of the day for the British establishment‘. Did George know something we didn’t? Had the BBC’s Nicholas Witchell taken time out from being a professional sycophant in order to whisper in Mr Kerevan’s ear? Did Mr Kerevan thoroughly wash and disinfect said ear after it having been in such close proximity to lips more usually attached to aristocratic arse? The public deserves to know.

The grand royal diversion in question is, as you could hardly avoid being aware, the planned joining in holy matrimony of one Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor aka Prince Henry of Wales aka Prince Harry, and Rachel…

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Kill me, just kill me now

27 Nov

Harry, I’m sorry but you’ll have to get engaged/ The tories are making a total arse of things so we need to distract the plebs. Granny Lizzie.

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s here. The British government have finally come up with a solution to all the many problems facing this country. After much work, complex and taxing negotiations, and intensive effort, they have the answer to all the technical and political issues that bedevil Brexit. They have come up with the resolution to the poverty and growing chasm between the rich getting ever richer and the rest of us. They know how to deal with social injustice and inequality. They’re having another royal wedding.

Oh God. Kill me. Kill me now. I don’t know if I can cope with another six months of royal wedding preparations and Nicolas Witchellgasms on what passes for the news. It was bad enough with Willnkate. Now Meghanarry has already started, and it’s going to go on, and on, and interminably on for the next twelve months. North Korean state news is more critical about Kim…

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Not so daft

24 Nov

Scotto Voce

Is it possible that Murdo Fraser simply forgot what he’d said only a few weeks before? Could it be that, as he rose to his feet in the Scottish Parliament imagining he was about to embarrass the First Minister, he genuinely had no recollection of his earlier statement? Assuming he was sincere when he asserted that there was ‘no justification for a VAT refund’ for police and fire services and that this was a true reflection of his views on the matter, how credible is it that this conviction might just have slipped his mind?

Granted, this is Murdo Fraser we’re talking about. A man who, in all honesty, cannot be regarded as being among the towering intellects of Scottish politics. A man who, on occasion, has been known to make British Labour’s James Kelly look almost clever. But is it believable that he’d forgotten what his firm position was…

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Who’s fooling who now?

21 Nov

Scotto Voce

I wonder how many people are foolish enough to be taken in by this latest bit of clumsy politicking from the British government. I wonder how many have the wits to realise that the VAT charges affecting Scotland’s emergency services were never justified. That imposing those charges was always just another device by which the British establishment sought to undermine the democratically elected Scottish Government. That the the charges were always going to be ‘reviewed’ due to unrelenting pressure from the SNP administration and that crediting the British Tories from Scotland is no more than a blatant attempt to promote Ruth Davidson using Scottish taxpayers’ money.

British Nationalists will, of course show their usual eagerness to be duped. It doesn’t matter how inept and transparent the ploy, anti-democratic BritNats will seize on anything that serves the project to delegitimise Scotland’s democratic institutions. But those not afflicted by this blind…

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London or Moscow: It’s Time to Pick a Side

20 Nov

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Having a talk show on a Russian television channel has become an act of treason. It was never treason until Alex Salmond did it though – telling us that the real act of treason is daring to give Scotland a voice.

Well wasn’t that something?! Regardless of the unionists and their wee media storm and the friendly advice from the Prime Minister in London, Alex Salmond went ahead with the launch of his show and interviewed – of all people – Carles Puigdemont. Now the cat is very much among the pigeons. As Stuart Campbell at Wings Over Scotland pointed out on Twitter, this was the longest Puigdemont has been interviewed uninterrupted – and in English. It certainly seems Scotland’s former First Minister; the man who brought the United Kingdom to the brink of non-existence, is doing the job the British media has been failing…

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Nasty nasty

19 Nov

Wee Ginger Dug

The past week has been a bit confusing. Isn’t it independence supporters who are supposed to be the nasty ones? That’s what the British press and political class keeps on telling us so surely it must be true. I’m a case in point. I’m certainly no saint. I can be exceedingly rude, especially about Wullie Rennie, and let’s be fair, in the cosmic scheme of things he’s relatively harmless. He’s not wreaked a fraction of the damage on this country that Boris Johnson has.

There are however limits to the nastiness. I specialise in rudeness, in cutting remarks, and invective, but I never ever drag the families and life partners of the targets of my ire into the proceedings. I can be extremely sweary, but never use words that are demeaning to women like the c-word. My stock in trade is hyperbole, but I’d never dream of accusing an opponent…

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Chronic Behaviours 

18 Nov


It has become very clear to me that just because someone is chronically ill they don’t stop being human, and we still have all the human flaws and weaknesses that anyone else has in life.

There is still a lot of difficult behaviors out there in the chronic world and you may even encounter them from time to time; for example…


There are so many small support groups out there for the various illnesses and diseases that there begins to develop cliques which can often feel unwelcoming to strangers and exclusionary. Even those groups who share similar challenges and struggles.

These cliques, once formed, can be impenetrable and can isolate people who are already struggling with feelings of rejection and isolation.

Beware of the Chronic Cliques!

Chronic Competitiveness

This describes a person who views their illness or disease as a competiton and other chronics as potential competitors…

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I’m a Labour ex-leader, get me out of here

18 Nov

Very witty and somewhat cutting, as usual!

Wee Ginger Dug

So there you are, thinking that there can’t possibly be anything to top Alex Salmond presenting a chat show on Russian telly, and then along comes Kezia Dugdale going – Haud ma drink. Kezia has decided that she misses Scottish Labour’s diet of repellant, unpleasant and suspicious things that reek to high heaven, so she’s going to go on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Still, at least it distracts attention from the car crash that is the party’s leadership. It doesn’t even have an interim leader, just an interim interim leader, although to be fair even once the results of the leadership election is announced on Saturday it will still only have an interim leader, because that’s the only kind of leader that Labour in Scotland has ever got. There are small insects without mouth parts with a longer life expectancy than a leader of the Labour…

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In a good place

15 Nov

Scotto Voce

So, filtering out all the diplomatic fluff, what is the substance? No change! After the meeting that was never supposed to happen, all we know is that Theresa May continues to be locked into a ‘One Nation’ British Nationalist project that is all ideology and no ideas, and that Nicola Sturgeon remains content to let Theresa May bounce from gaffe to faux pas to scandal like the ball in a pinball machine – only without the same degree of control. Which is precisely where we were before.

We saw Nicola Sturgeon strut the stage of political theatre like a seasoned professional. We saw Theresa May tread that same stage like it was her gallows. Just as we’ve seen so many times before.

It’s not difficult to imagine what went on in the meeting. Theresa May unable to move. The First Minister refusing to blink. The British Prime Minister, stiff…

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