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Scottish democracy would be a good idea

11 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug

There are many reasons for Scottish independence. We each have our own individual reasons for wanting to see Scotland regain its place amongst the independent states of this world. One of my reasons is to remove the obscenity of weapons of mass destruction from the Clyde. I’ve wanted to see the back of them ever since I was a child and decades later they’re still there. Trident missiles only exist in order to boost the flaccid penis of a post-imperial state, and only independence will see Scotland free from the radioactive stain that the leave on our landscape. At least suspicious stains on bed sheets don’t have the ability to wipe out half the planet.

I want independence because it’s only with independence that Scotland can have a referendum on whether we should become a republic or remain a monarchy. The chances that the Westminster parliament will ever permit a…

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