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Being exceptional

6 Aug

Wee Ginger Dug

If you want a bomb proof career, if you want to sail through life without being negatively affected by the consequences of your professional choices, then get a job in Conservative politics. For a bunch of people who are always banging on about how the market rewards success and penalises failure, they’re very good at ensuring that precept doesn’t apply to themselves. This is precisely why the Benighted Kingdom is in such a mess, because the British establishment has rewarded itself with immunity.

George Osborne and David Cameron ruin the country by putting their party interests before the nation’s, and they walk off into lucrative positions. Theresa May’s advisor Nick Timothy, who advised her disastrously poorly, spends a fortnight in the political wilderness nursing his wounds with a compensation payout of £35,000 then bounces back with a very paid column in the Telegraph. That stickler for correct titles The Disgraced…

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