Time for some tough talking

31 Jul

Well said.

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s been a bruising and bloody week in the world of Scottish independence. Not because of anything that the Unionists have done, they’ve been sitting back with the popcorn while they watch the independence movement tear itself apart with mutual recriminations, insults, abuse, and aspersions being cast like stones. I’ve been attacked. The National has been attacked. It seems that everyone is attacking everyone else. Yet all of this was sparked off, not because of any matter of great import to the future of Scotland, not because of an existential threat to the cause of independence, not because of anything that the vast majority of Scots who don’t use social media either know or care about. It happened because someone said something on Twitter that some people took exception to.

It’s time for some tough talking here. A movement which descends into such paroxysms of anger and spite over something…

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One Response to “Time for some tough talking”

  1. Bobby McPherson 31,July 2017 at 18:37 #

    I see Common Space has published another dirty, filthy attempt at further discrediting this most excellent and vital pro Scottish Indy blogger and his supporters. Yawning at the pathetic “I’m gay and I’m offended” rubbish. What’s wrong with offending people? It’s your right and mine. What bugs me is what some might term as offensive is being manipulated to become something much more serious as homphobia. Oliver Mundell is an idiot list TORY MSP in Scotland’s parliament. To wish he had never been born is perhaps a wee bit unkind. But that’s all this is about. A storm in a teacup, a smokescreen to divert attention from the real news in Scotland like Brexit and it’s implications for our health and economic well-being is just one example of something worth shouting about. Columnists like Haggerty and Daly etal are entitled to question and challenge, but I believe something bigger and more sinister is at hand here and it is dividing us at a time when we need to unite. First the air brushed angelic picture of Dugdale herself and the headline, “Why we should back Kezia and send Wings Over Scotland packing” is not just an opinion article it’s a call to shut down Stuart Campbell who is NOT our enemy. He’s a genius loud moth pro indy blogger who won’t lie down to those who really are our enemies. The real enemies are Tories, the bankers the corporate media and corporate businesses and the filthy rich landowners in Scotland. They are all owned, funded, and controlled by an interconnected network of large corporate conglomerates and international bankers who manipulate and filter out everything and anything that does not fit their corporate and pro unionist agenda. Wings Over Scotland is one guy who draws our attention to what they are up to. A spoke in their wheel. Wings and those like hime are vital to the Independence movement. Anybody and everybody in the YES camp calling for him to be shut down have in my books highly suspect credentials. I’m older and i think wiser and have watched the same thing happen throughout my life in politics. People allegedly pursuing the same agenda – Scottish Independence, turn on each other. It’s self defeatist. My suggestion to CS and their seemingly know nothing “journos” is this – please, know your true enemy and pick your battles.

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