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The Body Beautiful

16 Jul


Body image is sucha difficult topic to deal with for many of us.

We are, essentially, a complex mixture of social norms, evolution, advertising, biology and self talk. All resulting in how we feel about ourselves and our physical appearance.

Everyone wants to feel attractive, healthy, confident, able and desirable. We want to feel like we are acceptable and admired for the way we look, think and behave. None more than women.

Women carry an extra weight of social scrutiny and I won’t even begin to go into the reasons for this within this short post, But the burden is real and it can be crushing.

Teenage eating disorders are at an all time high. Some even starting as young as 5. Teenage suicide and psychological trauma is climbing, and still we wonder what we can do about it all.

We judge our bodies for every line, every wrinkle…

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