Experts warn NHS at risk from Unionist media hysteria

5 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

In Scotland, the Unionist media went through the Wonderland mirror many moons ago into a land where up is down, black is white, arse is over elbow, and where good is always bad but bad is never mentioned. There are opiate addicts with a firmer grasp on reality, and indeed more teeth capable of getting a firm bite on a situation. Until very recently the phrase “Scottish Unionist media” was tautological, but despite the fact there is a pro-independence digital media and one Sunday and one daily paper which support independence, as far as the Constitutional debate is concerned the traditional media landscape in Scotland is still overwhelmingly dominated by adherents of the view that nothing at all can possibly demonstrate that Scotland is capable of doing things better by itself, unless it’s a photo opportunity for Ruth Davidson.

The result is that in Scotland we don’t get a comprehensive…

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