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And then we will win

24 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

I have a long standing policy of refraining from attacking other people in the Yes movement. If we are to win Scotland’s independence, we can only do that with a broad based movement which encompasses a wide range of opinions, and a diversity of viewpoints. We need to attract those who disagree with us, and we can only do that if we contain within our ranks people whom those wavering No voter can identify with. That means that, by definition, our movement will contain voices which I individually don’t agree with. After all, if the Yes movement only contained people who agreed with me, it wouldn’t be a very broad based mass grass roots movement, it would be a fan club.

In this blog post I’m about to do something I never do – criticise certain parts of the Yes movement. I love this movement. I am committed to the…

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Spread The News !!

24 Jul

Spoonies unite!


This is a not for profit initiative and all proceeds will go to #Autoimmune #research and causes

Please consider.
Here is the merchandising link!
It will be available to international buyers and new designs will be added all the time.
E X C I T E D!!!!!!
Gentle hugs,


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Charity News 

23 Jul


Omg we are excited!!
For a long time now D and I have been trying to put together a charity which would help raise funds for research and support…
It’s been a long journey and has stalled sometimes due to many different factors…
But today we had a step forward and spoke to a wonderful lady about getting some merchandise together a ready for sale.
All profits to go to the charity!
This is a big thing for me personally as for as long as I have been sick I have also wanted to make a difference. Do something helpful. Make a small contribution rather than just suffer on.
The blog Autoimmunitygirl, the support groups and this charity has all been part of that plan to make a difference.
I am so grateful for the people I have met along the way, the ‘family’ I have connected with, and the…

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Meeting with the tea boy

22 Jul

Love the description of the Daily Fail.
Hate the way Scotland’s Parliament is being treated.

Wee Ginger Dug

The Daily SiegHeil is the favourite newspaper of the frothy tendency of the British right. The British press is renowned around the world for its extremism, its bile, and a dedication to the truth that makes Walter Mitty seem like the editor of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, but the Daily Mail is the worst of a bad bunch. Although it does have to be said that there’s a lot of competition. When you manage to be the most vile right wing tabloid in a field that includes the Daily Express, you have to be as appetising as a wasp byke in a cup of vomit soup, flavoured with the essence of bile and spiced up with the sour decay of lost Empire. Only in a society where the checks and balances on media ownership have gone seriously awry could the Daily Mail be a major organ. In this case it’s one…

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The row of the summer

18 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

Well that went well. After loudly proclaiming that it’s time to get down to business with the EU, David Davis, the Secretary of State for Thick Vain Lazy Toads, spent less than 15 minutes with Michel Barnier in Brussels followed by a cursory meeting involving senior officials lasting an hour before heading back to London in order to leak something embarrassing to the newspapers about his colleagues. Who wants to be in Brussels ensuring that the country isn’t turned into an economic basketcase worse than the worst predictions made for Scotland by the frothiest of frothing Unionists during the independence campaign when there’s very serious business in London to get back to – shafting fellow members of the government as they all jockey for position once Theresa May has been tossed off the Brexit cliff along with the economy.

You’d have thought that 110 days after his boss pressed the…

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The Body Beautiful

16 Jul


Body image is sucha difficult topic to deal with for many of us.

We are, essentially, a complex mixture of social norms, evolution, advertising, biology and self talk. All resulting in how we feel about ourselves and our physical appearance.

Everyone wants to feel attractive, healthy, confident, able and desirable. We want to feel like we are acceptable and admired for the way we look, think and behave. None more than women.

Women carry an extra weight of social scrutiny and I won’t even begin to go into the reasons for this within this short post, But the burden is real and it can be crushing.

Teenage eating disorders are at an all time high. Some even starting as young as 5. Teenage suicide and psychological trauma is climbing, and still we wonder what we can do about it all.

We judge our bodies for every line, every wrinkle…

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The repeal bill that will repeal the Union

14 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

According to our Unionist media, the big news of this week is not that Westminster is attempting the greatest power grab since Henry VIII changed England’s religion so that he could get his end away with Anne Boleyn after ransacking some monasteries. It’s not that Theresa May has been saying for months that she would listen to and consult the devolved administrations, but it now transpires that her listening consists of her sticking her fingers in her ears and repeating Brexit means Brexit and clicking her kitten heels together as she sets off down the yellow brick road that ends in a plummet off a cliff.

It’s not even that the devolution settlement is about to be blatantly trashed by a Westminster that’s taking devolved powers back to itself and placing restrictions on what Holyrood and Cardiff can do, and only then deciding what if anything it’s disposed to give…

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10 Jul

I want to live in Denmark!


To quote the BBC’s Brian Taylor on BBC Scotland’s 26th October 2016 6.30pm news, ‘Scotland is a devolved section of a bigger state’.

This explains why Scotland doesn’t even merit listings on the world ranking tables for Press Freedom, Democracy, or Population Happiness.

We’re lumped in with ‘the bigger state’, of the UK.

– World Press Freedom, UK is 38th

– World Democracy Index, UK is 12th

– World Country Happiness, UK is 23rd

In all of these constructed rankings, Scandinavian countries feature annually in the top 5, or at worst in the top 10. So, what is is about Scandinavian mentality, that creates this consistent benchmarking of worldwide excellence? How can one geographic area comprising of Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark, so consistently lay down the standards which other countries can aspire to replicate and seek to achieve?

Scotland will clearly…

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Experts warn NHS at risk from Unionist media hysteria

5 Jul

Wee Ginger Dug

In Scotland, the Unionist media went through the Wonderland mirror many moons ago into a land where up is down, black is white, arse is over elbow, and where good is always bad but bad is never mentioned. There are opiate addicts with a firmer grasp on reality, and indeed more teeth capable of getting a firm bite on a situation. Until very recently the phrase “Scottish Unionist media” was tautological, but despite the fact there is a pro-independence digital media and one Sunday and one daily paper which support independence, as far as the Constitutional debate is concerned the traditional media landscape in Scotland is still overwhelmingly dominated by adherents of the view that nothing at all can possibly demonstrate that Scotland is capable of doing things better by itself, unless it’s a photo opportunity for Ruth Davidson.

The result is that in Scotland we don’t get a comprehensive…

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