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The Buidling

12 Jun

I’m sure all chronic pain suffers will relate to this – and the guilt.


My friends have been asking about me lately and I wish I knew a better way to thank them for their love and support, but because the battle is so hard right now it is difficult to know what to say…

I wonder if other chronic fighters feel the same?

I want to say that I am ok, truly I do! … but do I owe them a lie or the truth? Is it kinder to say “… I am ok, thank you…” or “it hurts so much I am barely hanging on?”

What do you tell the people you love? It’s like a double edged sword. Both sides painful and neither are easy.

I am mostly saddened that after all these long years that I had hoped that I would be stronger at coping through such desperately difficult times. Such painful times. Such debilitating times; but I am not.

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