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Chaos theory

11 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

There are dead cats with more bounce than this government. Are you feeling strong and stable? How are those broad shoulders of the United Kingdom working out for you, the ones that are now wearing an orange sash? Are you better together with the lodge? After spending the election campaign screaming that Jeremy Corbyn was a friend of Irish political parties with links to terrorism, Theresa May is inviting an Irish political party with links to terrorism into government. The government of the UK is waiting to hear the demands of sectarian fundamentalists who used to wear balaclavas and paramilitary uniforms.

According to an Irish newspaper, the DUP has a list of 45 demands to put to Theresa May in return for supporting her government. These include, in no particular order: no surrender, making it mandatory that prayers in the House of Commons end with a commitment to FTP, abolishing…

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