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It’s fine to change your mind

7 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

On Tuesday evening STV broadcast its Scottish party leaders’ debate. Although the programme should have been more accurately titled the STV Some Party Leaders but not Patrick Harvie Debate. This meant we were treated to the Scottish media’s favourite kind of political show, a wee gaggle of Unionists ganging up on a single supporter of independence. Maybe one day Scotland’s broadcasters will understand that support for independence is not equal to support for the SNP, and that in the Venn diagram of Scottish politics, the SNP circle is a smaller circle than the independence supporting circle within which it sits. But we shouldn’t hold our breath, otherwise we’ll end up more blue in the face than Adam Tomkins screaming “It’s the law!”

We didn’t learn much that was new from the debate. Actually, we didn’t learn anything that was new. We learned that Ruth Davidson is a shameless creature who…

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