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The Scottish Tories’ self-harming obsession

6 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

Only two days to go now, and then the general election that no one wanted will all be over. It’s been the most dishonest election in memory, and some of us can still remember Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher. This is the election that no one wanted, and this is the election that will seal the UK’s demise. We’re standing on the edge of the white cliffs and the Tories are about to push us all off as Theresa May sticks up two fingers to the world.

The Scottish Conservatives will most likely gain some seats in this election, although they don’t deserve to. They will have won them by lying, cheating, and spending money they’ve received from secret donors. They will have won them by pretending that a vote in this election is able to change history, to undo a bill that’s already been passed by the Scottish Parliament…

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