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Welcome to Tory Britain

18 Jun

Keep holding on to the hope.

Wee Ginger Dug

The alarm goes off and you drag yourself out of bed. Drudge, trudge, nursing a grudge against the alarm clock that rules you. You got through another sleepless night, tossing, turning, sitting upright at every sound at every creak at every voice in the distant night. The nightmare of fire burns in your mind. You open the blinds and the fire risk rubbish remains piled up against the side of your block. You’d reported it to the council and the woman in the housing office shrugged her austerity shoulders. We all have to tighten our belts said the Tory MP, as his party tightened its belt around the neck of the poor. We need to free up business he said, as he slashed through the regulations that keep us all safe. Chances for the rich to make more money are more important than the opportunity of the poor to rest…

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18 Jun


As I sat aching and numb with my tears

My eyes showing pain
after all of these years

What will happen? What lies ahead?

My heart beating loudly with the fears in my head

Will I recover? Is my life at an end?

She touched my hand gently

and then softly she said

What lies ahead we can’t know for sure

We don’t have answers

and we don’t have cures.

The pain can be endless,

so much will be changed.

But as you can see

there are worse things than pain.

some diseases are accepted

But with some it’s quite clear

With ‘these’ awful diseases

you will slowly disappear

In time you are forgotten

and in time you will see

That all you have worked for

or may have wanted to be

May be taken from you,

although know one may know

How painful it is

Because you can’t let…

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The Buidling

12 Jun

I’m sure all chronic pain suffers will relate to this – and the guilt.


My friends have been asking about me lately and I wish I knew a better way to thank them for their love and support, but because the battle is so hard right now it is difficult to know what to say…

I wonder if other chronic fighters feel the same?

I want to say that I am ok, truly I do! … but do I owe them a lie or the truth? Is it kinder to say “… I am ok, thank you…” or “it hurts so much I am barely hanging on?”

What do you tell the people you love? It’s like a double edged sword. Both sides painful and neither are easy.

I am mostly saddened that after all these long years that I had hoped that I would be stronger at coping through such desperately difficult times. Such painful times. Such debilitating times; but I am not.

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Chaos theory

11 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

There are dead cats with more bounce than this government. Are you feeling strong and stable? How are those broad shoulders of the United Kingdom working out for you, the ones that are now wearing an orange sash? Are you better together with the lodge? After spending the election campaign screaming that Jeremy Corbyn was a friend of Irish political parties with links to terrorism, Theresa May is inviting an Irish political party with links to terrorism into government. The government of the UK is waiting to hear the demands of sectarian fundamentalists who used to wear balaclavas and paramilitary uniforms.

According to an Irish newspaper, the DUP has a list of 45 demands to put to Theresa May in return for supporting her government. These include, in no particular order: no surrender, making it mandatory that prayers in the House of Commons end with a commitment to FTP, abolishing…

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The birth pains of a better country

9 Jun

Please let this come true.

Wee Ginger Dug

Welcome to Tory Britain, you’ll have had your democracy. The Tories in Scotland came a distant second to the SNP, but they’re acting as though they’re the largest party. There was only one party which lost its majority this week, and it was Ruth Davidson’s. Theresa May has lost, but she’s acting as though she won the crushing majority she called the election for. Her speech on Friday morning was an exercise in denial. It was a remarkable speech, the speech she was going to deliver anyway. It’s a speech that called for unity without compromise, even though the electorate had stripped her of her majority. It was a speech that showed she has learned nothing, a speech that illustrated how unfit she is for the office that she clings to. Theresa May delivered her words but all she told us is how arrogant and out of touch she is…

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It’s fine to change your mind

7 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

On Tuesday evening STV broadcast its Scottish party leaders’ debate. Although the programme should have been more accurately titled the STV Some Party Leaders but not Patrick Harvie Debate. This meant we were treated to the Scottish media’s favourite kind of political show, a wee gaggle of Unionists ganging up on a single supporter of independence. Maybe one day Scotland’s broadcasters will understand that support for independence is not equal to support for the SNP, and that in the Venn diagram of Scottish politics, the SNP circle is a smaller circle than the independence supporting circle within which it sits. But we shouldn’t hold our breath, otherwise we’ll end up more blue in the face than Adam Tomkins screaming “It’s the law!”

We didn’t learn much that was new from the debate. Actually, we didn’t learn anything that was new. We learned that Ruth Davidson is a shameless creature who…

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The Scottish Tories’ self-harming obsession

6 Jun

Wee Ginger Dug

Only two days to go now, and then the general election that no one wanted will all be over. It’s been the most dishonest election in memory, and some of us can still remember Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher. This is the election that no one wanted, and this is the election that will seal the UK’s demise. We’re standing on the edge of the white cliffs and the Tories are about to push us all off as Theresa May sticks up two fingers to the world.

The Scottish Conservatives will most likely gain some seats in this election, although they don’t deserve to. They will have won them by lying, cheating, and spending money they’ve received from secret donors. They will have won them by pretending that a vote in this election is able to change history, to undo a bill that’s already been passed by the Scottish Parliament…

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