If It Happened To You…

26 Apr


(- picture above from unknown author)

One of the saddest misconceptions about the chronically ill are that we are sad, morbid, whinging, boring people.

We are labeled that way due to other people’s if norance, misinformation and because many people couldn’t cope with the reality that we must deal with, so they deny it.

These are just some reasons, But I am sure there are more…

However, what if we could somehow turn the tables where the dialogue was aimed at the healthier people, ifsomething like thiswas said…

1. Why are you upset about losing your job? It’s just a job! It’s not like you are dying!

2. You are only divorced / unemployed / lonely / broke / busy … if you let yourself be.

3. C’mon. You can’t really be divorced or unemployed for this long. You are obviously doing something wrong!!

4. You need to tell…

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