The choice we’re facing

3 Apr

Gotta love Ginger!

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s been a full weekend. We’ve had threats of war with Spain. We’ve had Theresa May’s government cutting benefits payments to bereaved families. Life expectancy in the UK is falling for the first time since the last world war. We’ve had the UK turn into the laughing stock of the world, as a report in a Dutch newspaper put it, Brexit is founded on lies and racism. There are supposedly serious commentators waxing lyrical about blue passports and reintroducing imperial measurements. It doesn’t matter what colour a British passport is, pretty soon we won’t be able to go anywhere with it without being ridiculed. The UK has sunk so low that even the citizens of Trump America are able to look down on us with feelings of pity. Things are so bad now that we really wish that Theresa May would stop doing her day job.

The UK has turned…

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