Forgetting you can’t do things

29 Mar

Fibro and M.E

I was watching a zombie film with my partner and as it was a B movie it was ridiculous, but funny in it’s ridiculousness. There was a scene when all a certain lady did was scream and I said how ridiculous it was and not only portrays women as useless in these film situations and you wouldn’t see me screaming, I would be running across the car park shooting the things as i went with the machine gun, as would many women. My partner then pointed out that I couldn’t really as I can’t run, but we would equip my wheelchair up and we discussed ways of wheeling me straight through them shooting as I went. Silly convo yes, but very typical of our film thoughts and suggestions. The thing was, as soon as he said, well you’re wheelchair, I until that moment had forgotten I could no longer run…

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