Eyes down for a full house: The Striver/Skiver Binary.

20 Mar


I didn’t watch yesterday’s Budget announcement as I was too ill (unfortunately? Fortunately?) but I got the general gist of it from Twitter and so on. Especially the #torybingo hashtag that went floating round Twitter last night. (for the rest of this blog entry I recommend this as background music, to really get into the Tory idea of “hardworking people”)

bingo So the line the Tories have been pushing ever since they’ve been in power is the “Work hard and get on” idea. Now, this literally means nothing. It has no intrinsic value, which means people put onto it what they think it means. Your idea of “working hard” might well be very different from mine, which is probably very different from George Osbourne’s. His idea of “working hard” is hard grafting at a job 8 hours a day, possibly manual labour, definitely something that involves getting grimy. Mine is “managing…

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