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Positivity Journal

31 Mar

I bet you start singing and smiling!

Fibronaut At Home

I’ve just started writing in my journals again and had to share what I just wrote.  I was smiling and giggling when I finished writing it and then reading or singing or doing the motions, so I hope it makes you smile and giggle too.

Always look on the bright side of life!  (commence whistling part)

(repeat however many times you feel like)

(giggle and smile)

Chant while pointing your pointer fingers to the ceiling:

YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  YES!  

(This is the Daniel Bryan chant from WWE.  Even I do it with the crowd.  Sometimes my hubby and I look at each other when we aren’t watching wrestling and do this.  It’s contagious.)

BIG CHEESY SMILE!!!!  (was on my face so I wrote it down)

Cute and cuddly boys.  Cute and cuddly.  (One of the Penguins says this on “Madagascar” and I love…

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Independence is nothing for mothers to be feart of

30 Mar

A Burdz Eye View

Being a mum is both the best and worst job in the world.

I remember exactly how it felt when both my sons were born and deposited onto my chest.  Their big eyes full of wonderment and confusion, locked on mine instantly, in fear and expectation, and the bond was formed. I was exhilarated and exhausted – feelings which don’t diminish with time but rather, intensify.  Am I doing it right is the first and last question I ask myself each and everyday.

It’s not until your children are born that you realise the responsibility. That sense that this little person is dependent on you and for you to make the right choices at the right times from birth until you are no longer able to provide for them. The weight of that responsibility is enormous and while love – unconditional, heart bursting, lung stopping love – envelops you, so…

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Forgetting you can’t do things

29 Mar

Fibro and M.E

I was watching a zombie film with my partner and as it was a B movie it was ridiculous, but funny in it’s ridiculousness. There was a scene when all a certain lady did was scream and I said how ridiculous it was and not only portrays women as useless in these film situations and you wouldn’t see me screaming, I would be running across the car park shooting the things as i went with the machine gun, as would many women. My partner then pointed out that I couldn’t really as I can’t run, but we would equip my wheelchair up and we discussed ways of wheeling me straight through them shooting as I went. Silly convo yes, but very typical of our film thoughts and suggestions. The thing was, as soon as he said, well you’re wheelchair, I until that moment had forgotten I could no longer run…

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NHS data-sharing ‘a no-brainer’…

22 Mar

Ron's Rants...

NHS data-sharing ‘a no-brainer’, says health chief , in the Guardian, quoting Professor Sir John Savill, head of the Medical Research Council.

The same could be said of Savill, who is either terrifyingly disingenuous or, like his paymasters, couldn’t give a shit about patients’ rights to privacy. Given that he’s quoted as saying “only “consent fetishists” could object to the plans.” I’m going with the latter. “Smug

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None of the “cool” doctors want to treat fibromyalgia.

21 Mar


Fibromyalgia just ain’t cool. And there’s statistical research to back it up.

And I quote:

Respondents [senior doctors, GPs and final year med students] were asked to rank 38 diseases as well as 23 specialties on a scale of one to nine. …Myocardial infarction, leukaemia, spleen rupture, brain tumour, and testicular cancer were given the highest scores by all three groups. Prestige scores for fibromyalgia, anxiety neurosis, hepatic cirrhosis, depressive neurosis, schizophrenia, and anorexia were at the other end of the range.

It doesn’t show it very accurately in that quote, but the most “prestigious” disease to treat came up as MI, and the least was fibromyalgia. Colour me unsurprised. Two of the “popular” diseases occur mainly in men (especially as one of them involves have a specific set of genitals). Two of the least “popular” diseases occur mainly in women. All of the “popular” ones are dramatic conditions…

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Eyes down for a full house: The Striver/Skiver Binary.

20 Mar


I didn’t watch yesterday’s Budget announcement as I was too ill (unfortunately? Fortunately?) but I got the general gist of it from Twitter and so on. Especially the #torybingo hashtag that went floating round Twitter last night. (for the rest of this blog entry I recommend this as background music, to really get into the Tory idea of “hardworking people”)

bingo So the line the Tories have been pushing ever since they’ve been in power is the “Work hard and get on” idea. Now, this literally means nothing. It has no intrinsic value, which means people put onto it what they think it means. Your idea of “working hard” might well be very different from mine, which is probably very different from George Osbourne’s. His idea of “working hard” is hard grafting at a job 8 hours a day, possibly manual labour, definitely something that involves getting grimy. Mine is “managing…

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Want the Tories out next year? Only one way to do it…

1 Mar

Ron's Rants...

I can understand people not wanting to vote Labour – while Ed’s in charge I don’t want to, but I will – but the sheer wrong-headed stupidity of those who think not voting, or spoiling their ballot paper, will, in some magical way, punish the Tories (or possibly Labour – I’m not entirely sure what the logic is, if there’s any logic at all), displays a terrifying lack of political acumen. Voting for parties who have no chance of winning the election is no different to not voting/spoiling the ballot paper.

A general election is not the time for

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