Sleep – What’s that?!

22 Dec

I went to bed at around 11pm last night, shortly after hubby, but I didn’t feel sleepy so I read for a couple of hours, then I snuggled down, closed my eyes, and willed sleep to come – ha! who was I kidding?!  I rarely get to sleep before 3am, and I never nap during the day.  So about half an hour after putting my Kindle Paperwhite down, I pick it up again and read another few chapters.  Repeat cycle until around 3am.

I can tell when I’m getting sleepy, as my eyes get watery when I’m reading.  So last night, just after 2.30am, I decided not to try and sleep until my eyes started watering.  I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the clock, and it was 6.40am!  I’d been awake for almost 24 hours and was just feeling sleepy now.  The next thing I knew, hubby was shaking me and told me it was 1pm!

It doesn’t make sense.  I can’t do any proper housework without feeling exhausted, hell, I can’t do much without feeling exhausted, but I lie in bed at night wide awake for hours.

I’ve tried not reading, in case it was keeping my brain alert, but that doesn’t work.  I just lie there tossing and turning and waking hubby up.  If I get up, hubby wakens and can’t sleep until I go back to bed.

I’m just worried that this not getting to sleep until 7am is going to turn into a regular thing.  That thought really depresses me.


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