My Sleep Apnoea – part 3

2 Sep

So today I had to return to the Sleep Clinic, to find out the results from the CPAP machine.  This machine had a microchip in it, which recorded how many times I stop breathing during the night, for the past 7 nights.

The nurse connected the microchip from the CPAP machine to her computer, and it wasn’t good news I’m afraid.  I still have to use the dratted thing.  During the past week, I stopped breathing, on average, 14 times an hour.  That’s approximately every 4 minutes.

It looks like Darth, my hubby’s nickname for my CPAP mask, and I will continue to be bed buddy’s for at least another year.


One Response to “My Sleep Apnoea – part 3”

  1. Michael 17,January 2012 at 23:11 #

    I thought I ought to return the favour and so came to check out your blog. I’m impressed with your ability to adapt and go with the flow. I can’t imagine trying to sleep with Darth attached to my face (there’s a sentence I never knew I’d write).

    Maybe you could freak out fellow passengers when you next fly by quickly slipping your mask on and then turning to the person next to you and asking “didn’t yours drop down too?”

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