Much a’Doo’ About Nothing!

19 Jun

The Scottish word for Pigeon is Doo, as in Dove.

Hubby came in from the garden today and said to me “There’s a doo just lying in the garden.  You’ll need to see to it.”  So off I trot, to see said doo.  He was right.  It was just lying there, between the wall and the watering can.

I managed to pick it up easily.  It didn’t move at all.  So I checked it’s legs and wings and they seemed ok, not broken, and the doo didn’t flinch.  As ‘he’ had been lying in direct sunshine, I put him down under shrubs, against another wall, and I went in to get some sunflower seeds we keep for feeding the birds.  I scattered the seeds around our doo, and put a saucer of water in front of him, which he lapped up thirstily, and I soaked bits of bread in water for him.  I then went inside to Tweet a pigeon loving friend about what I should do about our doo!

My friend, Lou, asked me questions about our doo – colour of eyes and beaky questions, which I duly related back after inspecting ‘Lou the Doo’.  She advised me that Lou the Doo was a fledgling, as he has brown eyes and no white mark on his beak.  (Adult pigeons have orange or red eyes.)  He could move, as he had moved from when Hubby found him, to where I found him, and he could fly a little way, but crash landed.

As Lou the Doo was in a safe environment, had food and water, it was just a case of waiting to see if he managed to fly properly, once rested, fed and watered.  If not, Lou, my friend, had found a wildlife rescue place near us that I could phone.

The good news is that Lou the Doo is okay 🙂  Here’s a picture of him with his dinner!


2 Responses to “Much a’Doo’ About Nothing!”

  1. meinsideandout 21,June 2011 at 22:05 #

    Lovely Post Tricia and Im glad Lou The Doo is doing ok 🙂 x

  2. Foxy 29,June 2011 at 20:22 #

    My Helios has a strange rapport with birds. Once we rescued fledgling Great Tits and one of them hopped up his arm to stand on his shoulder. I started to leave him to get a camera but he shouted at me to quickly get the shoebox – as we were advised to put the chicks in a shoebox overnight by the RSPB. The neighbours said he looked like an effeminate pirate standing there with a Great Tit chick on his shoulder. They weren’t wrong. LOL

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