Comments Policy

You might feel that this is a lot of rules for a blog.  I used to feel the same way, but experience has taught me differently, so now, especially as everything that appears in this blog reflects on me, for good or ill, I have rules. I don’t believe that they’re onerous. As you can see, this is a list of prohibitions, but this still leaves a vast amount of scope for posting a comment and getting it published.

In addition to the points below, I won’t respond to the type of comments which I have specifically asked you not to post.

1.  This is not a democracy – the only absolute right to free speech, here, is mine.

2. If you don’t like my blog, that’s fine by me, it’s your right to just stop reading it and go away. Don’t read post after post and leave comments bitching and whining about them (especially comments that show, clearly, that you haven’t actually read them at all, not with any degree of comprehension, at least), because they’ll be binned unread after the first one.

3. Please be brief. Over-long comments, especially those presenting a viewpoint diametrically opposed to mine won’t be published.

3a. Because I am not in the business of providing a platform for others – go write your own blog.

4. If you disagree with me, show me where I’m wrong. I want proof, not just your opinion which, after all, is no more valid than my opinion, with which you are disagreeing.  Show me I’m wrong, and I’ll correct my text.

5. This is a blog, not a forum. Comments soliciting the opinions of others won’t be published.

6. Comments that stray from the subject of the post won’t be published.

6a.  Comments which are incomprehensible will be binned.

6b. Comments which are libellous won’t be published, no matter how much the person libelled might warrant it! I value my blog too much.

7. Comments based on the premise that I’m wrong and you’re right will be consigned to oblivion, as there is no scope for discussion or consensus.

8. Pointless and irrelevant comments will be binned too, as will those submitted to the wrong post (with rare exceptions).

9. And it should go without saying that abusive and needlessly argumentative comments will never see the light of day.

10. Comments which are clearly grinding a personal axe won’t be published (again, with some exceptions, based purely on merit).

11. Comments, no matter how flattering, that are designed simply to publish a website or blog link, i.e. Spam, won’t be published. How dumb do you think I am?

Finally, more an observation than a rule, anybody who manages to track down my email address and emails me, uninvited, will earn my ire; the email will be binned and the sender tagged as spam and blacklisted (it’ll have to be pretty special not to be).

And do bear in mind that the opinions expressed by others in comments are not my opinions.